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Claudine (claudinerenee) | 1 comments Mod
Hey Krannert Grads! Hope things are going well for all of you. I am seeking book recommendations for incoming MBA and MSHRM students. The books do not have to be a management book. Anything goes! Looking forward to your input.


message 2: by Aatira (new)

Aatira | 1 comments Added a few to the list.

message 3: by David (new)

David Howarth (dohowarth) | 1 comments Added my selections as well! Feel free to remove any that are covered elsewhere:

- The Hard Thing About Hard Things - Great inside baseball look at how hard it is to handle all the responsibility that comes with leading people

- Homo Deus/Average is Over - Good books that cover in part how to properly prepare and train for the future of what jobs will look like and how to stay ahead of the tech change that is coming

- Capital in the 21st Century - Maybe more for economics students, but a good look at how capital and growth rates have influenced eachother over the past 300 years

- Deep Work/Essentialism - Two sides of the same coin on how to focus in the work world and ensure you are spending the bulk of your time on the work that is most impactful

- Zero to One - In a way similar to Deep Work/Essentialism, as part of what Thiel subscribes to is a return to thinking about how we can do work that will truly change the future

- Thinking, Fast and Slow - Fantastic psychology book on decision making, which is obviously what business school is all about

- Elon Musk biography - More on the list because I remember how popular he and his companies were, and this book might help provide structure to the conversations

- Good to Great - Classic, but pairs well with Thinking as Kahneman essentially tries to undermine the entire premise of G2G

- Mindset: The Psychology of Success - A great look at essentially a leadership philosophy for anyone that will one day become a manager

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