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Divergent (Divergent, #1)
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Divergent Series (Spoiler Alert!)

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Victoria (justvictoria175) | 21 comments Talk about the series with other people who read it!

Victoria (justvictoria175) | 21 comments How did y'all like the end???

Charlet | 11 comments Mod
I only read the end lol tris dies …. WHY>?

Victoria (justvictoria175) | 21 comments Thank goodness, you actually read the end. Now I finally have someone to grieve with! But you should still read the rest of the book first. I cried for 3 DAYS after reading!!!!

Charlet | 11 comments Mod
LOL - I don't get how they can kill of a main character and leave Tobias like that!

AWWW that's sad. I felt bad for Tobias but I never really connected with Tris.

Charlet | 11 comments Mod
Have you read the Selection ?

Charlet | 11 comments Mod
I do not have a life lol my life is BOOKS :3

Charlet | 11 comments Mod
JK but books are a big part of my life

Victoria (justvictoria175) | 21 comments Yes. It is pretty good, it kept me reading, you should read it!

Charlet | 11 comments Mod
Ok :)

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