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Maryam. Miley Cyrus, star of the TV teenage drama series "Hannah Montana", is fed up with speculation surrounding her love life. Recently, the celebrity press has been claiming that she is a relationship with Justin Gaston. It just isn't true!

The young starlet has therefore just hammered it home one more time on her blog: yes, she is well and truly single! She added that she found it really boring to be the target of all these unfounded rumours.

But the poor thing will have to face up to a new wave of gossip. It is now rumoured that she fallen for the heartthrob of the moment, the dark and handsome Robert Pattinson from the "Twilight" saga. Miley recently sent a Twitter message in which she mentioned she had hugged him and that she thought he was really cute. That's what we call throwing someone a line...

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Maryam. Ok that did not become A link


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