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What was going on with Lucy?

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Sandra Hofmann What was up with Lucy?
I hate it when side characters get used as a plot device and then just disappear when they are not needed anymore, even though everyone else gets a happy end. Or maybe I missed a line that explained what was up with and happend to Lucy?
Or maybe someone has a theory?
Was she really struggling with her sexuality? Did she have a crush on Zoe? What happened to her after the pastor accused Zoe of molesting her?
How can Picoult bring up a depressive suicidal teen and then never tell us how life went on for the girl? Am I the only one annoyed?

Bobby Karmakar This was my first Jodi Picoult book and I loved it! Although at times I guess I was annoyed but it was a wonderful journey that I was on. I couldn't stop thinking about the book and was happy to read more of her novels.
Now that you bring it up, I think Picoult will actually one day bring back Lucy's story and maybe give her a novel or bring her side profile into a bigger broader daylight (she's done it before). I was surprised to see Lucy as a lesbian but glad it came into this story because it adds so much emphasis for the meaning of the book itself.
Was she really struggling? I think so for sure, especially with the conflicts of the plot. Crush on Zoe? Definitely not :) Afterwards? I would think she became stronger after such an emotional roller-coaster she's been on.
How can she do such a thing? I think it's to shadow teens coming out and also for some teenage readers who may be struggling to come out as well. I heard she always adds a teenage character because they're so honest with themselves (I think) but also I'm going to say it's because of her other audience that has a different age range :)

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