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message 1: by Diane S ☔ (last edited Jun 28, 2018 05:06AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Diane S ☔ Staring August 1st

Angela M (On a little break) There are 57 chapters. I have kindle copy so no page #’s . Do you want to comment around 30% or at around 50% and then end ? I’m okay with either way.

Lise , haven’t seen you much . Hope all is well.

Diane S ☔ That sounds good, Angela. Just heard from Lise and sent her the link. Think this is going to be a good one!

Angela M (On a little break) Starting this tomorrow. So around 30 %, 60 % and then end . ( I meant 60 not 50 ). Looking forward to this one too .

Esil Thanks again for sending the link, Diane. This one looks like it’s getting good reviews. 30% and 60% works for me.

Angela M (On a little break) I have read Chapters 1-16 (30%)

I love the writing , fabulous descriptions of the swamp. I feel gutted already as she wonders why no one takes her with them . Not wanting the gulls to leave her too - so sad! Heartbreaking how she is neglected and abandoned now , remembering the beatings. Love how kind Jumpin’ is to her and Tate. I loved the scene when she reads the Bible and learns her family’s names.

“And the marsh became her mother .” Wow !

A murder mystery, not my usual fare but something about the description appealed to me , made me think that this would be so much more and so far it is. I’m anxious to find out what happened.

Loving this so far !

Diane S ☔ Im there too. It's breaking my heart. The writing is wonderful. I understand why her mother left, but don't know if I could leave my kids like that. Especially her, couldn't she have taken at least her youngest, Kryra with her? Wonder what was in the letter that sent her father off? All those years alone, raising herself. Gutsy little one! Wonder why none of her brothers or sisters came back to see how she was? Love that she learned to read. As for the murder, doesn't seem as if Chase was a very nice man. Wonder is she is involved somehow? Does Chase do something to her?

Esil I’m up to 30% too. The story is definitely heartbreaking so far. Even if Kia learns to fend for herself with a bit of help from generous people, it’s impossible to understand how both parents and all four siblings abandoned her. I’m finding it really well written and very readable. It is hard to see where the murder aspect is going but I assume it will tie in with Kia’s story.

By the way, I must tell you about the crazy thing that happened at our cottage early this morning. We were all woken by noise in the kitchen. I assumed someone got up early and was hungry. When I went into the kitchen, the screen had been pulled out of the window, most of the food on the counter was gone, and the garbage bin had been dragged on to the counter from the floor and was empty. We quickly figured out that a bear — yes a bear! — came in our kitchen window to get at our food and garbage. A few minutes later we saw the bear coming back toward the cottage. We were able to scare it away. We’re now back in the city, but I’m still shaking my head in wonder. Thankfully the bear was not in the kitchen when I walked in. I hate to think what would have happened if it felt cornered. That’s the last time we leave the kitchen window open at night no matter how hot it is!

Angela M (On a little break) Omg , Lise ! How scary ! Thankfully no one went into the kitchen when the bear was there . What did you do to scare it away !

Glad everyone is home safely. Were you planning on being at the cottage longer ?

message 11: by Esil (new) - rated it 4 stars

Esil We just made loud noises. It’s a black bear. They don’t usually attack humans unless they feel cornered.

We were planning to come home today, but we certainly left quickly!

Diane S ☔ Wow, Lise! Kind of scary, even if they usually don't attack. They are still big and wild. He certainly made himself or herself at home in your kitchen. Yep, would have left quickly too!!

Glad we're all liking this one. Hope it continues to be good, but I have a good feeling about this one.

message 13: by Esil (new) - rated it 4 stars

Esil I’m just up to 60%. I still like it, but I feel like it’s becoming a bit more typical, with the focus on Chase and how he took advantage of Kya. And Kya’s sudden financial freedom through the book and land seem unrealistic and too easy. To me, the first third was stronger but I’m still enjoying it. I am very curious about who murdered Chase and why.

Angela M (On a little break) I finished through 60% also. I also thought the publishing of the book happened kind of quickly. I’m still liking it too and I continue to enjoy the writing. It’s still heartbreaking to see how everyone leaves Kya. I’m not surprised that Tate came back, but I can’t quite forgive him either for not bothering with her all these years even though he says he has loved her .
Chase was a real creep and I want to know who killed him too . I’m anxious to read the last third and I’m wondering already about the ending- I want Kya to be happy but a pat ending might dilute the story. On to find out .

Diane S ☔ Agree, the book being published came out of nowhere but loved when she told, Jumpin, thanks and to thank Mabel. Then put her book in his window. Chase is a creep but he at least didn't rape her, which I thought might have happened. Do like Tate, even though he left, I think he does love her. Maybe Chases wife killed him?

I won't finish this today, though you both probably will. This reads quickly. I'm trying to finish another book that is so slow, I just want to be done with it.

Angela M (On a little break) Diane , what is the slow going book ? Just in case I have it , i can think twice .

Angela M (On a little break) I just finished, having spent the afternoon reading the last 40% and I was engaged every step of the way. I cried when Jodie comes back and tells her their mother’s story and cried when they look at her paintings of them . The courtroom scenes held me, but I had a feeling she would be found not guilty . I loved that she and Tate made a life . And wow what an ending! After the trial I really didn’t think that it was her.

I was thrown a little that she was Amanda Hamilton. While I enjoyed the poems through the book , this felt a bit much to me .

Having said that, I thought this was a terrific read - beautifully written, heart grabbing and I was into it the whole way . Can’t wait to see what you will both think about the ending and whether you guessed it or not .

4.5 stars . I can’t decide if I’ll round up or not. 1/2 star off mainly because the quick publication of the books didn’t feel realistic, although maybe I’m being picky and the Amanda Hamilton felt a little contrived . But overall a fantastic read , heartbreaking in so many ways, with wonderful writing and characters. Loved Jumpin’ and Mabel and my heart was always broken for Kya.

message 18: by Esil (last edited Aug 02, 2018 06:01PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Esil I’m likely going to finish tomorrow morning and will circle back to your comment then, Angela.

message 19: by Esil (new) - rated it 4 stars

Esil I just finished too. A lot of tears. I agree that it was hard to put down in the last 40%. I thought the trial was especially well done. Her lawyer pleading for the members of the jury to recognize their own prejudices. The different people sitting in the courtroom and their different reactions, And I wasn’t surprised that Tate found the shell necklace at the end. It was clear to Kya that no one could protect her other than herself.

I’m going to land on a 4+ star rating. I loved the story and the writing, but I too was thrown off a few times by unrealistic aspects of the story, like her books and poems.

Angela M (On a little break) Sounds like we pretty much agree , Lise . In spite of the unrealistic things , which I agree with you on, I decided to round up to 5 stars because I woke up thinking about this book .

Definitely, tears !

Diane , looking forward to your final thoughts.
I have written my review but haven’t posted it yet.

Diane S ☔ No sure where my rating will fall yet. I did guess she had klilled Chase, she had no choice, she was right when she said he would never have given up. She would have always had to look over her shoulder. Yes, tears, plenty of tears, such a wonderful story. I found her writing the poetry fitting, she was alone so often where else could she express her feelings? Loved that Tom came out of retirement to defend her, and of course adored Jumpin and Mabel, Tate and even hid dad Scupper who so loved his son, that he supported him even in something he didn't understand. Loved all the nature talk, facts about insects, feathers. Funny I'm reading The Feather Thief: Beauty, Obsession, and the Natural History Heist of the Century, which seems like another book coincidence. Think the only thing I can read right now, until this emotional, beautiful story settles is non fiction.

Any ideas for next month?

Angela M (On a little break) Sounds like this is one we felt pretty much the same about.
Earlier on , I thought it may have been Kya , but Tom was so convincing!
I honestly woke up thinking about this book . Doesn’t happen that often.

I’ll post my review in a bit .

How about Virgil Wander or A Cloud in the Shape of a Girl for next month ?

Diane S ☔ Either or both are fine with me. Still thinking about the book too.

Angela M (On a little break) onevof my favorites so far this year . My review:https://www.goodreads.com/review/show...

message 25: by Esil (new) - rated it 4 stars

Esil Both books look good. They are both October books. Perhaps we could read one in September and one in October. There seem to be a lot of promising books coming out this fall.

I’m also thinking a lot about Where the Crawdads Sing. The author did such a good job of showing the effect on Kya of being abandoned over and over again.

Angela M (On a little break) I was trying to find one that we all had marked to read . If there is something for September that I missed , that would be good too .

Otherwise these two for Sept and October sounds great .

message 27: by Esil (new) - rated it 4 stars

Esil I'm happy with both of these choices. Why don't we start with Virgil Wander because it will be published earlier in October. I hope to get my review of this one done a little later today.

Diane S ☔ Sounds like a plan! Won't post my review until tomorrow. Still thinking about it.

Diane S ☔ Link for our next read Virgil Wander

Angela M (On a little break) Thanks , Diane ! Can’t believe it’s almost September! Looking forward to this one .

message 33: by Esil (new) - rated it 4 stars

Esil Thanks indeed! Looking forward to this one.

Diane S ☔ Im so tired of this heat, looking forward to Fall. This one does sound good.

Angela M (On a little break) We have a heat advisory on . 92 and humid tomorrow. I’m staying in !
Esil , I’m guessing you have similar weather?
Diane , these temps must be unbearable for you !

Diane S ☔ I've been in the house for three days. Can't breathe out there, even to just get the mail. Sme here tomorrow but then storms and a cooling. Thank goodness I don't work until Weds.

message 37: by Esil (new) - rated it 4 stars

Esil Yup, it’s really hot and humid in Toronto. The air feels like mud. Fortunately we have air conditioning at home and at work.

message 38: by H (new) - added it

H S At 60% of the way through I've given up on the anachronisms and logic in places and attributed it all to "poetic license" in the same way one might read Calvino or Marquez. Either that or I have to question the lack of ability of her editors for not questioning a few entries like putting a gallon of gasoline in a 1950s era outboard or filtered Camel's before they were invented. the other seemingly impossible things I can accept as necessary to the tale she is weaving and an author's position of deity over her own world. The writing has moments of divine inspiration and descriptions that rank among the best in any book I've ever read. I can't say enough in that regard. It is destined to be a classic as a literary work and it has so much to say on a social level as well.

message 39: by H (new) - added it

H S Angela M wrote: "I finished through 60% also. I also thought the publishing of the book happened kind of quickly. I’m still liking it too and I continue to enjoy the writing. It’s still heartbreaking to see how eve..."
rview helped clear up the liberties that the author took in this work. I think, having written a novel some years back that i failed t pursue publishing that I can understand. The very reasons that I didn't pursue it is the conflicts with logic and historical twisting because of the. The realist in me beat the artist down about them despite being a fan of Marquez and Calvino and Terry Pratchett. I love th eway she puts it and at 72 I am feeling a bit of inspiration that might lead me back to my own work. https://zibbyowens.com/transcript/del...

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