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message 1: by Mr. Flame (new)

Mr. Flame (mrflame) | 6 comments Got any good ideas for a plot? Any canon characters involved?

message 2: by Kody (new)

Kody | 11 comments I was thinking of involving Rize, but a plot where she did not get into the steel beam incident. So she's still being hunted, but also attempting to assemble allies of her own to protect her. Sort of something along the lines of her showing them the joys of binge eating, and creating other "monsters" like her.

That's just one idea. What about you?

message 3: by Mr. Flame (new)

Mr. Flame (mrflame) | 6 comments It sounds like you want you want Rize to be like the main attraction of this Rp? Based on that, what should we do with Aogiri? I assume she'll be as big of a target that Kaneki was?

message 4: by Kody (new)

Kody | 11 comments Yeah I was considering that too. We could create our own character(s) for Aogiri charged with hunting her down.

message 5: by Mr. Flame (new)

Mr. Flame (mrflame) | 6 comments Okay, seems fine. Should we create our characters first? Or decide who'll Rp who?

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