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message 1: by Reeder (new)

Reeder | 3 comments Dixie Browning's Stormwatch has an incorrect description. (The blurb currently in place seems to be from The Caretaker's Son by Yvonne Lehman.)

I found the correct blurb on fictiondb:

* * *

But Willy Silverthorne Faulkner had kept on going--now sadly widowed, but still possessing that same lazy, loose-jointed walk that drove men wild. Her independent life on the Carolina coast suited her languid leanings just fine.

Then into her life of ease dropped Bainbridge Scott. Angry, surly and rude, Bain was like a bear with a wounded paw, lashing out at anyone who ventured too close. But Willy refused to be baited. Somehow he'd found his way into her heart. His rare and sudden smiles ignited her, telling her that this was love ...but Willy, of all people, knew how devastating love could be.

message 2: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 26904 comments Changed the description.

I've got the Renegade Player book but didn't know about this one.

As soon as I read Willy Silverthorne I knew exactly even though its probably 25 yrs since I've read it. I'm actually sad that she killed off the H of the 1st book. Don't think I'll go looking for this one, I like my HEAs.

message 3: by Reeder (new)

Reeder | 3 comments Thank you for updating the description!

Much better to blank Stormwatch's existence out of your memory. I remember when I read it thirty years ago being shocked that an author would kill off a hero and use his widow as the heroine in another book. I could never regard Renegade Player the same afterwards, and for a brief while that gloom spread to all romances.

message 4: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 26904 comments I'll certainly try to blank it out of my memory Reeder :)

I'm very surprised that the editors of M&B, Silhouette let her do that. Surely they must of known? Not a good thing for a romance franchise.

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