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Andie (thebookheap) | 208 comments In Chapter five, we get the introduction of a family, who have been friends with the Bennet family for years- the Lucas Family. The eldest daughter, Charlotte, is Lizzie's best friend.

Charlotte discusses the ball with Mrs Bennet, including how Darcy claimed Lizzie was only “tolerable”. While Mrs Bennet and Charlotte discuss how stony and quiet Darcy is, Jane (bless her) actually defends Darcy by bringing up the fact she has been told that he is only quiet around people he doesn't know, when he is around his actual friends, he is “quite agreeable”.

Mrs Bennet considers Lizzie lucky to have dodged a bullet by Darcy not liking her, which would have been a great misfortune, apparently.

Charlotte insists she wishes that Darcy had danced with Lizzie (So according to Austen's earlier quote about dancing being a step towards falling in love, Charlotte is already playing matchmaker with the two in her head!).
Lizzie dismisses the idea, saying she promises never to dance with him, because he hurt her own pride- I wonder if Darcy's comment actually affected her a little more deeply than she let on? Maybe she didn't find the fact he only found her “tolerable” amusing after all?

Favourite Quotes:-

“That is very true...and I could easily forgive his pride and he had not mortified mine.”

“Pride relates more to our opinion of ourselves, Vanity to what we would have others think of us.”

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NE | 16 comments I can't help but say that Mrs. Bennett is quite the gossiper & very judgemental. I'm trying so hard not to be irritated by her.

I did not notice the subtle and brief comment Charlotte made about wishing that Elizabeth had danced with Mr. Darcy. Matchmaker matchmaker make me a match, find me a find, catch me a catch! ;)

Andie (thebookheap) | 208 comments Mrs Bennet is the epitome of a "curtain twitcher" and neighbourhood watchdog. I would find her infuriating if Mr Bennet didn't make her so funny!

Charlotte Lucas wants them paired up so badly, I had actually not realised that when I first read it, I find it hilarious in a way because I think that is again a match out of security, in her mind, totally ignoring that face that Darcy and Lizzie supposedly hate each other at that point- which is exactly why Charlotte does what she does later in the book for herself...

Verena | 10 comments Mrs Bennet is far drom being a likable character, but she cares a lot for her family and puts her daughers' welfare over everything else. That would be so lovely, if she didn't overdo it.
I like about her, that she does not want Lizzie to feel bad about what Darcy said at the ball.

Andie (thebookheap) | 208 comments Yeah, i think that is what redeems her a bit in my eyes. She is super annoying and it looks like her priorities are hilarious mixed up but actually, for the time and place, she is spot on- she just wants to make sure her daughters (and indeed herself) are well looked after once Mr Bennet is not around, because they won't be inheriting anything from him apart from a small sum of money, which wouldn't promise them much in terms of security. At this time, a woman's best chance was to marry well, sadly.

Verena | 10 comments Exactly. She must have a lot of anxieties about what will happen to her five daughters when Mr Bennet isn't around anymore. Austen delved more into the topic with Sense and Sensibility.

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