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The Way of Kings (The Stormlight Archive, #1)
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2014 Book Club Discussions > July 2014: The Way of Kings - First Impressions and Spoiler Free Discussion

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Lisa (tenaciousreader) | 301 comments Let us know your first impressions of The Way of Kings. You can also ask questions/make comments as you read, you just have to use spoiler tags.

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Lisa (tenaciousreader) | 301 comments I'll come clean here. Before this book I had read the Mistborn trilogy and Warbreaker. I enjoyed them, but I wasn't as blown away as many readers (don't hate me). I debated if I wanted to read this or not and quite quickly was glad I did. It's just so much more ... 'epic' (for lack of a better description) than his other books.

James Hillmer | 1 comments (110 pages in, no spoilers). I just came off of reading Steven erikson's "Gardens of the moon" so im loving how smooth and easy WoK is to understand so far. (110 pages in). I suspect it will get more complicated, though.

The opening fight scene got me hooked because it described the magic system. It is a little distracting though how I feel like video games and tabletop RPGs have influenced my reading of fantasy; the description of this fight scene needs a storm power "meter" hanging overhead.

The shallan narrative seems like it's going to be fun and I'm glad to be reading this pick with the group!

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Charlie (charlieridley) | 1 comments I'm already a fan of Sanderson having loved Mistborn, Elantris and Warbreaker. That being said, it's taken me a long time to get round to reading this for some reason. I read the first few pages about a year ago and never picked it back up. I just started re-reading from the begining ealrier this morning, I'm only 8% in (reading on kindle) so I think that's about 80ish pages?

Anyway, so far I'm seriously impressed. Like James said above, the initial fight scene was very cool. I'm still in awe that Sanderson can create a completely different and complex magic system for each of the worlds in which he writes. This fight scene reminded me of Mistborn a little, with the lashings, and leaping through the air and such, it's still awesome, despite being a tiny bit similar.

I'm already invested in the characters just by the first few chapters I've read. I wish I could spend the day reading this but unfortunately I'm at work. I'm excited to read more on my dinner break, I'm hooked already!

Suzanne | 4 comments I came in expecting not to like this one as much as Assassin's apprentice (Gardens of the Moon ended up being very much not my cup of tea) but so far I've been pleasantly surprised. The characters are really engaging, and the author really seems to have put a lot of passion into building a world around these giant storms, I'm curious to learn more of the lore. It's really been a pageturner so far.

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