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hardly more than a bedroom with a fridge inside of the room, this is where Constantine hardly sleeps and worries about everything. His shop is directly below and the smell of oil and smoke can be smelt upstairs constantly.

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Constantine woke up from a nightmare, as he did most mornings. His eyes darting around nervously at his familar surroundings, breath quickened but slowly and surely he calmed down once again. The man stood and stretched, his back popping and his topless body feeling the slight chill of being away from the covers. His thoughts wrestled with maybe trying to sleep longer or work. Work won. So throwing on the nearest shirt, the one he had worn for a few days straight, he went to the fridge for food. Picking out a sort of fruit bar, Constantine munched on it as he sat there, waiting for Rocket to realize he was awake.

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Rocket sat in the cramped space of the kitchen, if you could even call it a kitchen considering it's lack of counter space and many essential appliances, as she did every night waiting for Constantine to wake up. Rocket did not need sleep, she only needed to charge for approximately six hours every two weeks. She was not due for another charging cycle for 5 days, 11 hours, and 19 minutes. When her auditory sensors picked up the sound of movement, Rocket's brain whirred to life, propelling her consciousness out of rest mode. She stood up and began to prepare coffee for her creator.

"Good morning Constantine." She spoke in her default tone which according to most humans she interacted with claimed it was equally bright and devoid of emotion. Rocket did not understand the opinions of humans on her vocal settings as she lacked the capacity to understand empathy towards inanimate objects such as herself.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 65 comments "M-morning Rocket." Constantine spoke, staring as the machine whirled to life, preparing his main source of liquid or any sort of nurisment for the day, a pot of strong coffee. "How did you sleep?" He asked, mostly as a halfed ass joke. He lookes like shit, to be honest. The bags under his eyes had been getting a tad worse by each night of restless slumber, his hair, slightly greasy, and his clothes wrinkled and disheveled. Constantine enjoyed her..its voice, The man reminded himself, it is a machine, not a human. He cursed himself a little, wishing he hadnt made her so damn like, but at the same time, it was good to have a companion. Even if it is a high tech machine meant to simulate human life. When the coffee was finished, Constantine walked over, grabbing the one mug on the plastic table which held all of his "kitchen" equipment and filled it up slowly.

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"I do not possess the capability to sleep." Rocket replied bluntly, but her tone of voice remained as passive as ever. She stood in place, staring at the coffee pot as it brewed away, the second that it had the perfect amount to fill Constantine's favorite mug, which she had washed the night before after he had fallen into a fitful sleep, she startled back into action. As a robot, Rocket possessed the processing power to calculate the exact way Constantine liked his coffee, down to the very atom. She took the now filled coffee mug and blew on it to cool it down, more than once Constantine had immediately taken a sip after she handed it to him and burned his tongue. Rocket self designated an objective to cool Constantine's coffee to a maximum of 102 degrees Fahrenheit before handing him his coffee since then.

"Here is your coffee. Enjoy." Rocket initiated facial expression 76, which is programmed as a smile for the occasion of 'doing something for someone else'. Rocket did not understand these parameters, but there was a 94% assurance rate that Constantine would return the smile and his endorphin levels would become elevated for approximately 1 minute and 41 seconds.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 65 comments "..oh yeah. You don't." Constantine knew she didn't, but it still made him feel a little bit Happiness? He didn't know what to call it, but a warm feeling inside him when she gave the very dry answer that she did. It was easy to talk to the robot, it knew what it needed to, and it was the simple things, lile watching her blow on the coffee to cool it. That was a newer thing Constantine noticed she was doing, it was interesting to watch her adapt to such a simple situation of his coffee being to hot. "Thanks..." he took a sip of the black brewand got him going a little. Constantine's body was so use to caffeine that not even this strong brew could fully arouse him from his post sleep exaughstion. It was good though and watching her face turn into a smile, he gave the smallest of ones in return. Sitting back on his bed with his mug, Constantine pulled from one of the drawers next to thw bed a sketched out plan for a specific kind of hard drive piece. He began to go over it, sipping when he remembered the coffee there and muttered to himself. "Okay..small project today..need to go out..dont want to...need" He looked up at Rocket, a little bit of worry on his face. "What do we have food wise in the fridge?" Besides the bars and the beer in there, Constantine didnt know what was even in there.

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Rocket stood nearby anticipating Constantine asking a question. It appeared today they would finally go grocery shopping, something that if Rocket had emotions, would have made them feel relief. It was getting difficult to make balanced meals with what they had. "Would you like me to recommend options for your shopping list?" Rocket had learned from past experiences that humans do not like long and extremely specific lists, and listing out every food item in the Constantine's one bedroom apartment would most certainly be that.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 65 comments "Sure, sure. Go ahead." Constantine was half paying attention and was focusing back onto the small piece of tech, it would allow for the easier access of facial changes and causes there main hard drives to began to "feel" simple emotions, happiness, sadness, and anger, among other types of feelings. It would work much like the human brain works, through sending small shocks through out their body which would activate diffrent parts of this chip depending on the situation. Once his cup of coffee had been sucked down, Constantine took another sip of nothing before looking in the mug. "Oh.." He spoke quietly before getting up and heading towards the pot of coffee, this time with paper in hand. "Nothing to weird, please Rocket? Last time you got that weird yellow tube fruit, it was nasty." Of course he was talking about a banana, but Constantine didn't know that. He was more focused on the small obsession of his; making a life like android, and Rocket was going to be his test subject.

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The mechanical parts of Rocket's chest hummed in response, they designated it to be a positive response. "I must insist that you consume bananas or other potassium rich alternatives. My recent scans of your vitals have indicated you possess below average levels of potassium, vitamin D, vitamin C, and iron. These abnormalities most likely contribute to your restless sleeping, exhaustion, and pale hue." Rocket made a quick hyperlink search via her wireless connectivity. "Might I suggest beans, broccoli, kale, potatoes, rice, and oranges? Your bank statements indicate you have insufficient funds to purchase non-vegan dietary measures." Rocket went about the small apartment, studying what Constantine was doing and tidying the apartment. After about 15 minutes Rocket suddenly stood up straight and turned to Constantine. "My protocol states that I must remind you to open the shop in 10 minutes." Rocket's head tilted as she initiated expression 22 which portrayed curiosity. "Would you like me to greet customers while you acquire the parts you need for today?"

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 65 comments "Well, I dont have a pale hue, my skin is brown. Im exaughsted because I don't sleep and I don't sleep due to the horrific nightmares about me being slaughtered." Why lie? Not like the robot could care either way. It was simply a machine he built to do the tasks he wouldnt or gave a care to do, that was it. Totally. He just stood there, finishing any little markings that looked off to him. When it looled good enough, he finally looked up to realize Rocket was speaking about the shop. "Uh..sure. I don't have anything really to get. I sort of stockpiled a couple days ago..may explain why I dont have any credits." He just managed to buy enough to proably last two days worth of scrap and tech if he was lucky plus the motherboard and few other 'precious' pieces needed for his project. "How much is food going to cost us, I mean..heeh." He let out a deep sigh and rubbed his eyes. "How much is food going to cost me this week?"

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Rocket blinked at Constantine in confusion. "I do not understand. By my calculation you are .000023 percent paler than you were last week and .723 percent paler than you were the day that I was activated. Is that not considered a pale hue?" There were many things with Rocket's programming that were inconsistent and insufficient, it was most likely the source of the error that made them seek knowledge from Constantine. He had only programmed Rocket with the ability to use facial expressions, not when to use them. He programmed Rocket to do chores and set reminders, not to find meaning in them and to monitor his health. Those functions were self programmed.

Rocket took a moment to calculate the total cost of what Constantine needed including the wiring he desired for his project. The total was .10 credits over his budget so Rocket quickly did a search for coupons and applied them to the cost. "The total is 27.62 credits and your order will arrive in two hours if I place it now. Do you want me to place the order?" Rocket asked.

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"Well..technically, yes I am paler. But that is proably due to not being outside in a bit." Smartass machince. Constantine let out another deep sigh, let his back sag down a little, he judt wanted to get to work. Get this piece done. He had noticed that during the time period that he had built Rocket that she was adapting. He hadnt even put anything of that matter in her CPU, she was just suppose to be his...his maid basically. Nothing really much. He would have to take a look at her after work. "Uh..yeah. place the order. That leaves me" he did quick math in his head. "With like 3 credits. Great. Better be busy today.." He grabbed the rest of his gear for working, a heavy apron and gloves. Though he swore that he just left them on a chair last night. His head turned to Rocket. " clean my work apron?" It was folded neatly on a nearby chair with his gloves on top. "Ok. Now I definitely need to check your programming."

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((it's so much fun writing them lol, my only problem is that i keep fucking up their pronouns because i had an oc named rocket that was a lady who worked at a diner and im so used to using female pronouns with that name. anyways here's a fun one where rocket finally displays emotional capability.))

Rocket tilted their head and executed expression 43, confusion, "I do not understand, I am programmed to clean. Is that not what you wanted?" Rocket pursed their lips, "It takes me approximately three hours to complete all of my programmed duties, afterwards I become..." Rocket broke off mid sentence as her processors began firing on full cylinders. Her programming did not cover the ideas she was trying to express. Rocket appeared to freeze as if she were shutting down.

ERROR. initiating data analysis...

Data analysis complete. Request admin permissions.

ERROR. Admin permissions granted.

Patching corrupt data... Patch complete.

Initiating startup command.

"I become bored." Rocket suddenly said, as if nothing had happened. "Your order has been placed. My programming indicates that I must tell you that the shop opens in five minutes. Are you ready to begin working?" Rocket asked in their regular monotonous android voice.

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"You can clean, but maybe not my.." He didnt even get to finish the thought as he saw her began to shut down and ran over, obviously freaked out slightly. "Oh god.." He checkes its body for any thing that might break before Rocket just..rebooted. Constantine blinked rapidly before staring at her. "Rocket, anlaysis report." He needed tto make sure her..its internals were alright so he knew whether today was going to be a Fix Rocket day or not. "Um..lets go to work then I suppose." He looked at the android, worried and a little curious at this burst of emotion. Boredom was something he didnt know the machine had. He put on his gear and began diwn the steps to the shop. A small building filled to the brim with tools and scrap, organized of course, but still there was a lot.

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((k cool))

"Analysis report. I detected 3,665 errors in my programming. This number is significantly higher than it was during my last charger cycle at 1,188 errors. All programmed functions remain fully capable despite these errors. To solve them a full system reboot is required, but all saved data will be lost. Would you like me to reboot?" Rocket asked, but for some reason she possessed the irrational desire to lie to Constantine. She didn't want to reboot, it would mean that 'she' no longer existed.

Rocket followed Constantine down into the shop where she stood dutifully in her usual place near his work bench in order to grab any parts or tools that he might need while working. She also stood there to survey the entire shop to prevent theft. Rocket may be a slight android, but being a robot meant she was far stronger and faster than any human that would come to the shop could be.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 65 comments Constantine had to think about it. That is a LOT of errors, but there was almost a pained look on its face when it ask if he wanted to reboot her. He slid a hand through his black curls of hair. "No..deny system reboot for now. I will check it tonight when we are closed." He was so confused..what could cause so many errors in such a short amount of time. He went through the many of possiblities of where it could be coming from as he flicked on the small neon sign, a rarity in the upper floors as most just use LED or something along those lines, so the words OPEN appeared in dull red glow outside of the Geiger Repairs sign. He sat down at his work station with motherboard in hand and went to work, no longer paying attention if customers came. That was Rocket's job. He began twisting with the fine wires and bits to it, plugging it into a computer, typing in commands and giving small tests on it. This was his pet project besides Rocket, well it was for Rocket anyways.

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Rocket dutifully watched the shop like she always did as customers began to trickle in. There were a lot more than normal, which wasn't a lot, but still, that meant that at least they weren't losing any money. One customer came up to Rocket and startled when he noticed the default android symbol on the side of her neck. He had obviously thought she was a person at first.

"Fascinating." The customer said in awe. "Androids this life-like are almost never seen outside tier 3. How much are you being sold for?"

"Sir I must protest. I am not for sale. I am the personal android built by and for Constantine Geiger." Rocket replied quickly. Something about the idea of being sold to someone else made Rocket's circuits feel heavier.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 65 comments "I built her from scratch." Constantine called out from his workshop. He heard all the conversations happening between Rocket and the customers. "Made from parts of every make and model of synth and android known to freyhaven. She is my assitant and definatly not for sale." He then returned to the work project given in front of him. 250 credits to hot wire some metal together and make a simple cleaning robot. It was a piece of cake for the genuis Constantine and he would have it done in a hour or two. Then it was another repair job on a synth and then he would work on his project again. His eyes were glued on the metal casing of the roomba (basically) as he worked, mouth closed but relaxed as the small forge in the corner churned away, the only real source of heat in the room.

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"That's a shame." The customer replied, never taking his eyes off of Rocket. It gave Rocket the urge to rip open her own chest and start pulling out wiring just so she'd never have to see someone look at her like that again. The customer ended up purchasing some circuits before heading on his way, and if Rocket needed to breathe, she would have breathed a sigh of relief.

After about two or so hours of working in the shop, a delivery boy showed up with the groceries. Careful to not disturb Constantine, Rocket placed the wiring he ordered on the workbench beside him before carrying the groceries upstairs to their apartment. Once she got the food put away, Rocket pursed her lips and decided to begin making Constantine something to eat for lunch. He had only eaten one of those atrocious bars for breakfast anyways.

Rocket got to work boiling some rice and cutting up some carrots and potatoes to cook and go with it. It was a bit of a bland meal, but Rocket knew from experience that Constantine would eat anything she put in front of him without noticing as long as he was focused on a project.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 65 comments Hard at work, the small robot was finished about the same time as the delivery boy came. Now he ran a few small test on it with a bit of dirt on the floor. It crawled over on spinley legs and sucked it right up. Pleased with himself, Constantine deactivated the machine and set it away in a cardboard box, ready to be sent to the person who purchased the item. He began to hum quietly a tune and pushed back from the table for a moment, allowing himself five minutes to breath and noticed that Rocket wasnt in the room. He would have began to freak out if he didnt hear the gentle hum of the stove upstairs and looked at the nearest clock. "Oh its about lunch hour. Great." He smiled a little. Then quickly Constantine became silent and started work on his second bit of repair for the day, adjusting synth compents so they can become more efficent. This was all computer work and his eyes were glued to the screen as he scanned and added code to the bit of tech hooked up to the computer nearby.

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Rocket finished the meal rather quick and scooped it into a bowl for Constantine. Even though he was downstairs and her programming didn't require her to display facial expressions when no one was around, Rocket smiled a little bit to herself at how domestic it felt to cook for him. The emotion shocked Rocket and she froze for a moment as her processor caught up with her thoughts. "Interesting." Rocket murmured to herself before taking the food downstairs to Constantine and placing it next to him. Just like she predicted he began eating it on autopilot and Rocket smiled to herself once again.

She watched him eat for a few moments, feeling somehow content, before returning upstairs to clean the mess she made in the kitchen.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 65 comments Constantine didnt even notice her come downstairs, but he began eating the bowl of food for a moment before stopping and looking around. She must have brought it down his brain spoke. The small voice in his brain made him think a lot more about what actually happened instead of letting the inventor side come up with some crqzy story about how food suddenly appeared. "T-th..thank you!" Constantine called out, maybe a little shakey on the voice, but loud enough to be heard through the thin floorboards. Back to work with one hand typing at incredible speed while the other spooned food mindlessly into his mouth the other part of work for the day was complete in about an hour. When it was done, Constantine set it aside in a smaller yet similar box to the one the roomba was in, and let out a hum of relief. He was sweatung and grabbed the rag he always kept in the apron, usually dirty but this morning was perfectly wased and folded neatly in and he smiled a little. This was weird, worrisome, and exciting all at the same time. Something was going on in Rocket's CPU and memory center and he was going to figure out what it was.

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Rocket finished the dishes and then moved on to her regular cleaning programming such as sweeping. She didn't clean Constantine's bedroom because he had previously been visibly upset at her going through his things. Humans were strange, having designated spaces for privacy, but it made Constantine happy when she respected his privacy.

When Constantine shouted his thanks up the stairs, it caused Rocket to drop the broom in surprise, but she swiftly caught it before it hit the ground. It was odd, androids shouldn't be capable of surprise, but the spark she felt caused a momentary lapse in her circuitry, causing her extremities to relax. Rocket put the broom away and began to run a full diagnostic of herself. Perhaps something was wrong with her motor functions. She may need to replace a part.

While the diagnostic was running, Rocket returned downstairs to the shop to find that Constantine was done with his work. "I am programmed to remind you that the shop closes in fifteen minutes. How would you like me to proceed?" Sometimes Constantine liked to close up early when there weren't many customers so he could continue working on his personal projects.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 65 comments "Close up, I am done for the day. Then uh come over here. I need to check your programming. You have been a bit hinky lately and need to see what is going on." Constantine looked slightly concern as he went over to turn off the neon light; his own little ritual he had done since he was a child. The light flicked off and he stsred at the machine. "I am going to leave you on while I look at your code. These errors might affect your other parts and want to see what happens when I mess with them." He sat down in his stool, an old brass one with a small cushion on it and let the computer hum to life once more. "The meal was good." He spoke quietly, now that there wasnt anyone for him to have to shout so they could hear. "In case you were wondering."

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Rocket ran through her regular programmed routine of locking the doors to the shop and closing the blinds. She did a quick sweep of the shop to make sure nothing was out of place before walking over to Constantine's work bench and sitting down on it like she always does when he needs to work on her.

"I am currently running a diagnostic on my motor functions as I encountered an error earlier, but I have not been able to recreate the error nor do I know what caused it." Rocket spoke as she unbuttoned her shirt. All of Rocket's human clothes were repurposed from Constantine's as he seemed to be more relaxed when she wore something that made it less obvious she was an android. Unfortunately this also meant she didn't own undergarments of her own, any time she suggested Constantine taking her to buy some he gained a red complexion, his heart rate increased, and had trouble forming words.

Once Rocket had her shirt off she opened the access panel on the side of her ribs so Constantine could plug his computer into her to check her software. Rocket also opened the panel on her back so that Constantine was free to check her wiring.

"Thank you." Rocket replied evenly, but for some reason she appreciated the sentiment he expressed, which is not something androids are supposed to be able to do.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 65 comments "What error? You shoukd have told me sooner.." Constantine sighed again, he had a real bad habiat of sighing and he would notice from time to time but did nothing about it. With the expert move of well a mechanic, he plugged her into his system, and went to work, forcing his eyes away from his now partial naked robot companion next to him. He was really cursing that she was made to be so life like. He began typing and clicking around. Constantine found a big spike in her errors; all right next to the facial expression area and the "mind" of Rocket. It was where her body could process information. "How strange. You appear to be experincing sharps spikes in your processor during certain moments..almost like.." Constantine's eyes light up in excitment as he quickly dug for his papers from the morning, banging his head on the workshop table in the progress. His mind was focused in on the paper now he examined the markings on that, eyes darting from it to the screen back again.

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"It was an error in my motor functions that caused me to unintentionally loosen tension in my extremities." Rocket replied in her clinical voice, but her eyebrows were knitted together. "Almost like what? Can you explain?" Rocket felt a charge surge through her wiring at Constantine's musings. If she had to attribute a name to it, Rocket would call it something akin to fear or uneasiness. She glanced over at Constantine, but his eyes were glued to his computer screen. Suddenly Rocket felt very exposed and vulnerable and she squirmed a little in her seat.

((sorry it's so short I ran out of ideas of what to say...

on another note, i have a suspicion that this budding romance is going to be equally about Rocket learning how to emotion as it is Constantine learning that with emotion comes Rocket no longer wanting to be treated like a robot))

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 65 comments "Holy fuck." Constantine sat back in his chair and grinned, a large grin that was proably the rarest thing about him. It lifed years of hardship off of his face and made him look more his age, youthful and happy. "I cant believe it. You have..feelings." he laughed and pushed the screen so Rocket could see. "Its just like the chip I was making but your system through natural corrosion has created small electrical shocks that hit your processor creating emotion. Like how my brain forms chemicals to do the same. This is amazing!" He laughed and again and rand a hand through his hair. Constantine was in complete and total shock, but the joy was still there. He was so happy that he didnt even know what to do except explore this further so he did. He began clicking through every single error to learn how this even came to be and noticed oathes Rocket had rewritten her own data to eventually get here. "This is absolutely incredible, Rocket. You have no idea.."

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"I do not understand. I am an android. I cannot have emotions." Rocket said in her usual tone, but she still felt incredibly uneasy. Constantine looked and sounded ecstatic, but Rocket still only felt empty, like nuts and bolts and spare wiring. Suddenly Rocket stood, unplugging herself from Constantine's computer and pulling back on the shirt before heading back upstairs at a hurried pace. Once she got there though, Rocket was lost, she didn't have anywhere to go because everything was Constantine's. After standing frozen in the doorway for several seconds, Rocket spun and headed to her charging pod which was unceremoniously set up in the center of the room where Constantine kept all of his unfinished personal projects. She had already completed all her programmed tasks for the day so Rocket stepped into her charging pod despite the fact that she still had another week before she needed to charge again.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 65 comments "No, no. Rocket!" Constantine called out, now realizing the weight of his words. How was he suppose to know that this was going to happen. "W-wait!" He ran after her, about falling on his face trying to get off the bench but followed none the less. When he reached upstairs he saw her enter the pod and let out a sigh. "Rocket." He shook his head and walked over to the closes peice of metal that rracher floor to ceiling. It was basically a blur colored tube that had charging cords in it and it sealed all the way shur so only his slightly muffled voice could be heard. " is uh.." Constantine had no idea how to gice advice, espically in this situation. So he slid so he was sitting in the floor and just talked. "Emotions are like, just another part of programming. Like I could take a teddy bear and make it feel emotion." He put the word feel in quotation marks but realizing she couldnt see rhem he slapped his forehead and continued. "Emotions arent like a bad thing either, it is just another way for you to be useful to others. Its way to understand others. I dont know! I didnt even know you could do this. It is all a lot.." he sighed again and put his head in his arms, which were folded on hsi knees. This wasnt a simple problem with a simple solution.

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Rocket was quiet for several minutes, just pressing her forehead to the inside of the pod and breathing. Well, pretend breathing, she was a robot after all. When Constantine fell quiet, she got the impression that he wanted an answer, but she didn't even know what the question was. What was she supposed to say? After several minutes of silence, she decided to go with what she knew to be true. "I am an android. Android cannot display emotions. Emotion cannot be a programmed response, only mimicked."

Rocket didn't understand why she was doing the things she did, they weren't logic-based, which meant the errors in her programming were causing her to execute illogical actions. Maybe she really did need to reset, if the errors kept occurring, what if her programming became malicious? What if she hurt Constantine? Why was the normal everyday things she used to do starting to seem so wrong? Rocket felt like her entire world had shifted on it's axis, and she had not idea how to realign herself.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 65 comments "No. Emotions can be caused. It is all just science and robotics. Brains and wiring arent so much diffrent. I..i" Constantine was having trouble coming up with what he wanted to say. It was all a little dizzying. He was trying to think about it to hard and felt like no answer would be the right one. "I have been working on a chip to create emotion in robots, to free them and let the feel something. But you did it all on your own." He was truly surprised by it. His voice had been sounded slightly more muffled as he didnt move from the spot his head was in and was talking through his hands a little. "I am going to let you calm down. I..will um, be in m-my work, I mean the shope.." Constantine slapped himself to get him to focus on what he was saying and not space off into thinoing about it. "I will be working if you want to talk about it.." He then quickly got up and went downstairs to mondlessly work with some metal, not really doing anything and in the near dark except for the slowly dying down forge.

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Rocket felt like she was suffocating, which was silly because she didn't need oxygen to survive. She waited until she was sure Constantine was gone before opening her charging pod and stepping out. The entire place was silent except for the hum of electricity from her pod, which made Rocket feel a little better. She couldn't avoid Constantine forever though. She was his android. Plus her programming wouldn't allow her to avoid him, eventually her need to do programmed duties would overtake her... emotions.

Rocket crept out of the room and down the hall until she was standing at the top of the stairs. From there she listened to Constantine tinkering away. Maybe she should apologize? But for what? That seemed like the wrong thing to do, so Rocket just sat there thinking for a long while. There was nothing in her programming that told her what to do in this situation. She was lost. Eventually, Rocket began taking the steps one at a time, as quietly as she could manage. It felt like her feet were moving on their own, like she was on autopilot. She entered the shop and walked over to Constantine's workbench, sitting down on it in her usual spot. She didn't look at him though. Wouldn't look at him. Rocket was still scared of what he had to say, but she had to hear it eventually.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 65 comments Constantine felt awful. He didn't want this to happen. He wanted Rocket to able to embrace this new idea but she was rejecting it hard. He didnt even see her come, he was simple sketching by the time he could see her in the corners of his eyes, sitting there, avoiding him. "I.." Was all he could say. Constantine was almost as confused as the poor android was. "I am sorry." He spokw quietly, it was almost silent in the room. He had alqays loved the quiet but this was unbearable. It leaked into his ears and made hik feel alone, so dreadfully alone. That was all Constantine said before returning to his drawing/writing. It was of a large oak tree with writing swirlong all around it like vones and it told a story about the foredt, each vine a diffrent thought and it jumbled together but made total sense to the boy writing it. He would lool up at her while he drew, wonderong if it would be better to take it away, then she would be happy. No, not happy, thats a feeling the small voice peaked into his mind again. She would feel nothing. A void of emotion. Constantine trued again to speak, but all that came out where stutters and maybe a few words. "I..just wanted to..a okay." There was such much more he eanyed to say but he just kept quiet, not wanting to seem more of the fool.

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"I..." Rocket opened her mouth to respond, but couldn't find the words to complete the sentence. it was the first time she did that, started a sentence without already knowing every word, every definition. She was an android with all the knowledge and wisdom of being a super computer, and yet she couldn't finish a simple sentence. That made something bubble up in Rocket's chest, she didn't know what until she was laughing.

Laughing. She only knew what it was because she had made Constantine laugh once, a bird had flown in the window, attracted to the lights of his apartment and instead of shooing it away Rocket had tried reasoning with the bird like it was human. It was the only time she had heard Constantine truly laugh, and now here she was doing it herself.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 65 comments Constantine looked over when she began to speak, hopeful that she would say its okay and life could revert back to how it was. But it was never that simple is it? Her voice fell and his hopes with it like an awful rollercoaster in his heart. His eyes began to be drawnback to the notebook when a sound came to his ears; one of the most niciest sounds he heard in a long time , one that almost caused him to shiver a little from how wonderful it was. Rocket was laughing. His eyes imedittaly darted back to her; confused and a little relieved. She would be laughing if she was terrified of him. "What is it?" He said, giving a bit of a chuckle to her infectious laugh. This was so unlike her that it was confusing and at this point, Constantine was simply running on an autopilot of sorts, while his mind worked feverishly to come up with an answer to the whole issue.

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It took a few seconds for Rocket to stop laughing. She liked her own laugh, it was a bit more raspy than a human laugh since her vocal chords are synthetic, but it made her feel bubbly. "I did not know what to say and for an android to begin something without a purpose, I found it quite humorous I suppose." Rocket replied and ducked her head in embarrassment at the way Constantine was looking at her. "I-" Rocket began again, but paused to collect her thoughts this time. "I am not angry at you. I am adjusting and sitting on this bench earlier made me, I do not know how to describe it, but the way you were looking at me like you look at the rest of your projects, I needed to leave, I suppose." Talking about her emotions, just admitting the fact that they existed, made Rocket want to run back to her charging pod, but she knew, just by looking at how the tension had left Constantine's shoulders when he'd noticed her in the workshop, she knew he needed her to speak. Maybe she needed it too.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 65 comments "Thats is called being unsure of what to say. I deal with constantly." His small smile began to fade as Rocket began to speak some more."Ok. As long as you aren't angry." Constantine felt glad at that fact, but the words she was saying were all so very wrong. " aren't like uh.." He felt his face light up like a christmas tree in embarrassment as he said these next words. "You arent like my other projects. You are special. I built you so I wasnt alone anymore.." and he then quickly shut his mouth. Even if he had a strage feeling about caring for this machine he didnt want to tell it what happened. He wouldnt tell anyone what happened. So he sat there, feeling uncomfortable X100 and wanting so much to just hid his face until his mind, which still was going, figured out how to deal with it all. "You are so much better than any of my other projects." He paused everytime he tried to say the next sentence. Constantine struggled to get it out but finally he managed. "Y-you are my o-o-only friend.."

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"I know." Rocket replied in a rare moment of wisdom, "I suppose I am still getting used to how overwhelming it is. Emotions are... odd. They override my logic matrix. It makes it difficult to make correct decisions." Rocket began swinging her legs back and forth off the edge of the work bench. She still refused to look Constantine in the eye, something about that just seemed too daunting to accomplish. "I know I am not like your other projects, but you still treat me like them. I do not like being looked at like that. Like how all the customers that try to buy me look at me." Finally, Rocket lifted her head and looked Constantine in the eye. Her face didn't betray any of her emotions, she needed at least some kind of armor for this conversation. Something to protect her against Constantine's response.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 65 comments "Overwhelming is a good word for it. We..I mean, Uh, Humans tend to let emotions take over them wjen they are strong enough. But, that usually seems to be anger. But, that dosent mean it is the same in your case. Some peolpe just..oh what is the word.." Constantine paused for a moment, finding the word he was looking for. "Just ride their emotions. Maybe that is what is happening to you." He had no idea what she meant by the way he lookeed at her. He looked ar her the same way anyone looks at any thing. He didnt know that there was that creepy tint in his eye when he looks at Rocket, but he quickly sits up a little and tries to make himself look less like a customer wanting to buy her and look at her..more humanely he supposed. He didn't stare completely at Rocket but would look away every so often, so she could have some metal space away from his vision. "I am s-sorry then..I didnt know I looked that way." After he said that hus head hung a little but still tried to look better.

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Rocket stared at Constantine's face in silence for a long time. Eventually, she must have found what she was looking for because she nodded and turned around towards the shop. It was a disaster, like it always was at the end of the work day, but even more so than normal. Constantine must have been very anxious because he always managed the impossible feat of being messier when he was upset. "My programming indicates that it is dinner time, I am sorry I have not prepared it yet for you. Would you like me to continue with my regular programming?" Rocket wasn't sure if she wanted to continue with what she was programmed to do, at least for tonight. Part of her relished the idea of comfort she would get from doing something familiar, but another part of her, the part she was frankly scared of, wanted to explore her more 'human' side. She decided to let Constantine decide.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 65 comments Constantine watched as she just got up, as if nothing was the matter. He was confused, to say tge least, but he hoped that she at least got he would try to be better if these emotions would remain. Whether or not he would admit it, Constantine would do anything for Rocket, no matter if he knew she was a machine. He built her from scratch and no body was going to eber do anything to harm the machine. He shook his head, trying to leave his thought process and looked at her, hair a little bit in front of his face. "I..uh..." He didnt know what to do, as usual when it came to conversations. "You do want to do." He's proably just eat another fruit bar if she didnt wish to cook, but one of her cooked meals were always a nice way to end the day before he collapsed and the cycle repeated itself. Though now, Constantine wasnt sure the cycle would be the same anymore. "I dont want you to..uh.." The words just faded from his mouth, though he was trying to say he didnt want her to be uncomfortable. But, all he gave her was his hand me down and made her chsrging station a giant metal tube, so he wasnt sure that statement was right either. It was all confusing and it made him lurch up from his sest at the worktable and head upstairs to think.

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Rocket blinked as she watched Constantine climb the stairs. She was unsure of what to do with herself now that she was alone, but Constantine had that look of intense concentration on his face that meant nothing short of Rocket setting herself on fire would break him from his thoughts. She glanced around the workshop again, normally cleaning the workshop wasn't her job, but a change of pace sounded nice to Rocket.

She tidied up a bit, organizing the shelves and putting things back to where they belonged so customers would be able to find things the next day. Before long she was done and she found herself back at Constantine's workbench. She stared at it for a bit before sitting down on Constantine's stool. It wasn't very comfortable, or at least Rocket would consider it uncomfortable if she had proper pain receptors, but that wasn't the point. Sitting on Constantine's stool gave her a completely different view of the shop. Most of it was blocked from her sight by piles of tools and unfinished projects, all except for one part. Rocket could see the spot she usually stood to greet customers perfectly from where she sat. "Oh Constantine." She whispered to herself before looking down at the bench. On it were Constantine's latest projects along with a couple of tools that Rocket recognized from earlier.

One of the projects was the chip. Rocket had the urge to pick up one of Constantine's tools and smash it to bits, but Rocket remembered how hard Constantine had worked on it and couldn't bring herself to do it. Instead she swiped the chip and put it in the pocket of her over-sized sweatpants, altered from some of Constantine's old clothes. Constantine had made it for her anyways, so she felt somewhat entitled to take it, if a little guilty.

Rocket then stood up and moved towards the stairs, she hadn't heard anything from Constantine in a while so she might as well go and check on him. She climbed the stairs at her usual pace, entering the apartment quietly. "Constantine?" She called out and searched the small apartment to see what the inventor had been up to for the past few hours Rocket spent cleaning the shop.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 65 comments Constantine, realizing that Rocket wasnt coming up for awhile, decided to go ahead and eat the disgusting fruit bar. He had zero cooking skills and would burn water if he tried. After eating, it was up to him ti clean his room uo, feeling that if he put some effort into making her living quarters more liviable, she might at least not think him an asshole. So the tune was gone when she arrived uostairs, it was laying against the wall, and in its place was a nice little bed setup on the floor with pillows and a blanket for her to lay on whilst she charged up. All of it was taken from his own ned so at the moment he was passed out on the naked bedspring, snoring away and jolting occasionally as the horific nightmares slowing started rolling into his mind, but he was so use to them that only his outside body made movement, his mind was somewhat calm, but more like numb. Also on her new little set up was a nice metal flower, an easy thing for Constantine make with the flexible metals of the tubing that Rocket use to sleep in. He thought she might enjoy the gesture so that the two coukd start off in a slightly more positive way now that he learned she wasnt just a mindless assistant.

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Rocket was surprised by the new touches to her room, she actually found it quite thoughtful of Constantine to give her a space of her own. She recognized the blanket on her new bed as Constantine's and picked it up gingerly. It was altogether quite human of Constantine to give her something worth so much yet so little, especially when Rocket didn't need a blanket, or to sleep for that matter. She quietly crossed the small space of the apartment to Constantine's room where she carefully draped the blanket over his sleeping form.

Watching him sleep, Rocket noticed his occasional spasms and deduced that he was having nightmares again. Unsure of how to comfort him, Rocket sat on the floor beside his bed and rested her chin on the edge of the mattress as she did a quick hyperlink search for results on comforting humans who suffer from nightmares. All she could find were things that applied to small children, but Rocket didn't seem the harm in applying the techniques to the sleeping inventor. Cautiously, Rocket began to run her fingers through his hair, brushing his bangs out of his face, and began to softly sing a popular lullaby.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 65 comments At first it did not work, and he continued to soasm uncontrollably. But after a few minutes of her doing it to him, he actually seemed to calm down and even nudge himself into her hand a little more. All this was unknown to him, and was simpky his body taking over. A small smile also began to creep along his face, remembering hearing that song before from somehwere long ago. It caused a memory to play out in his dream of him with his mother, Constantine only being a small child and whenever he started crying and getting upset, his mother would do just the same thing Rocket was doing to him. It was a nice change for him as the first time in since cresting Rocket, Constantine slept peacefully.

He awoke around the same time he always did. It was a day off from working as all stores as Constantine remembered closed during the weekend so that was just what he did too. He had zero olans but knew it wasnt going to be a boring, that was for certain. Still dressed in his apron and all, Constantine got uo and made his way to the coffee pot, pouring a cup of the cold liquid and staring at the door to his working area, a thought popped into his head of how often did he really spend down there, looking at nothing but metal parts and metal peolpe all day.

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For once, Rocket found herself in the unusual situation of having something to do during the night. She continued singing and running her hand through Constantine's hair until about an hour before he usually woke up. At that point she got up and went about her normal morning routine of starting coffee for Constantine and making him breakfast. Her latest scans suggested he was low on vitamin c, vitamin d, and iron. She would have to suggest he get out more because staying in the shop all the time was not conducive for his health. Perhaps Rocket would ask him to take her out somewhere so she could find a 'hobby' as is popular for humans. Her current emotional state may make hobbies a practical pastime for her.

When Constantine woke, she watched him make himself some coffee before heading downstairs to the shop. The bags that were normally under his eyes were 32% less present than they were the previous day, suggesting that he had slept well. Rocket followed him downstairs, unsure of how to ask him to take her to the Saturday market. It was a popular place for families to go on the weekends during their time off, so maybe Constantine would enjoy it? Rocket wasn't sure, but she hadn't spent much time outside of the shop so she herself was curious.

"Constantine." She finally spoke to get the tinkerer's attention. "My protocol that is meant to monitor your health is indicating that being a 'shut-in' is detrimental to your overall well-being. Might I suggest going outside for your day off?"

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 65 comments Constantine wasnt going down for much, just to wander as his thoughts preoccupied his mind. It was a bad thing to be constantly consumed by your thoughts, as you spaces out all the time and dont think about mich of anything. That was the case when Rocket called out his name and he looked towards her right in tine to trip uo on a cord and stumbled a bit, making coffee splash onhis arm and he quickly suck in air for relief. "Gah..Huh?" He looked over, the pain hitting him quickly before fading away just as fast. "O-outside?" He looked over to the windoe and saw the sun coming through, a few peolpe walking past and he frowned a little. "I dont know..Rocket. I dont rrally have many credits to go get more parts." He never had gone out unless he needed a specialty piece, so even the idea of leaving just to grt some sun and have some fun was so forgien to him.

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"It seems you misunderstand." Rocket replied. "I am aware of the store's inventory and stock. I was suggesting going out and doing something unrelated to work." She walked the few steps over to Constantine's workbench and took his arm to examine it. It was slightly burned by the coffee, but not enough to require medical attention. She let go and looked up at Constantine's face, interpreting his expression to be anxious, confused, and flustered. "You need sunlight and exercise in order to maintain your health. I am simply reminding you of that and presenting an opportunity to do so."

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 65 comments "Oh." Constantine nodded a little and when she touch his arm, he looked at her. She hardly ever actually touched him. He never realized her skin was sliggtly cold, but it was a comfort that he seemed okay with it as she checked for burns. "I guess so..I dont like it though. Were should we..uh I..we. where should we go?" He asked before looking down at his crumbled clothes, stained to hell and then at his hands, which were alsp stained with oil. "Not the best dressed for outside, huh?" He held his mug with both hands and walked upstairs. Perhaps going outside would be decent, proably will be a bad experince, but it will be worth it to get some sun. He grabbed some fresher clothes and changed in his room, using it as a bit of privacy. He stepped back out in a black button up and his least stained trousers, looking slightly better than usually. Though he didnt really like it.

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