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message 1: by Maryam (new)

Maryam (memeeihd) | 37 comments I have to read this book during summer for school next year. I would love if anyone can share notes, thoughts and opinions. And some reviews if you want.
If Anyone would like to start reading it with me that would be great! I will try to start reading it Tomorrow! This will make it easier for me to read it with someone that I could discuss with. I haven't tried reading with someone else, so this is my first time to have a reading buddy!

message 2: by Maryam (new)

Maryam (memeeihd) | 37 comments Sorry the title is without the 'The'. Its called "Lord of the Flies"

message 3: by Sam H (new)

Sam H  Arnold (samharnold) I haven't read this book for ages. I read it for school years ago. I would happily read it again with you. I can start tomorrow as well. Am happy to chat with you about it on her or through twitter if you prefer @samarnold1975

message 4: by Maryam (new)

Maryam (memeeihd) | 37 comments Wow, I'm glad that someone responded! Ok what do you think how many chapters a day do you want to read? I thought maybe 3-2 chapters a day.

p.s I just followed you on twitter my user name is @MemeeihD

message 5: by Sam H (new)

Sam H  Arnold (samharnold) Excellent will follow you back. As this is your buddy read you decide the chapters but 2-3 sounds good to me.

message 6: by Maryam (new)

Maryam (memeeihd) | 37 comments 2 chapters a day :) I'm Happy to have someone to read with me.

message 7: by Dustin (new)

Dustin | 2695 comments Hile!

Unfortunately, I won't be join you guys, but I will definitely follow the thread and comment when I feel compelled to do so.:) I LOVE this book!

message 8: by Sam H (new)

Sam H  Arnold (samharnold) These are my thoughts on the first couple of chapters.

(view spoiler)

I love the visualisation of the island in the first chapter.

message 9: by Sam H (new)

Sam H  Arnold (samharnold) Chapter 3 & 4

(view spoiler)

message 10: by Maryam (new)

Maryam (memeeihd) | 37 comments I'm sorry for not updating, I'm still behind, I was busy lately. At the end of today I will write what i thought about chapter 1-4.

Maggie the Muskoka Library Mouse (mcurry1990) Not a favourite, I must say. :/

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