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Right across from the Grand Temple is a packed market place with almost any product conceivable.

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Leena (leena23) | 116 comments The air was warm, people's voices drowned out any other noise, and Sage soaked up every moment of it. She was dressed in a beautiful, loose, indigo dress, it didn't show a lot of skin, but just enough to leave a person wanting for more. She'd sneaked out of the house, Pierre none the wiser, nor her father, Talbot Starshine. Sage was from the House of Starshine, and took pride in her house, even if others looked down upon it. She pushed those thoughts to the back of her mind, she didn't want to linger on such negative thoughts, she was in the market, one of her favorite places to be. She was going to enjoy it, and not let others destroy her happiness.

Sage stopped at a stand that was selling jewelry, she fingered a silver necklace, that had a blue amulet, it would go perfectly with the dress she was wearing just then. She smiled at the vendor, using her charm, she would talk him down in price, or that was her plan at least. The man recognized her though, and knew that Sage could pay a pretty penny for the item in hand, so he tried haggling Sage in return. Sage pursed her lips, annoyed at being played at her own game, "I'm not paying that much, that's outrageous." She burst out, not caring who overheard, she kept her eyes trained on the vendor and low balled him on purpose, trying to get him to come down on his price, considerably. Eventually they came to an agreement, and Sage paid for the necklace, she insisted that he put the piece of jewelry in a box, and scowled at him as she walked away, she'd still paid too much in her opinion, but she'd really wanted the piece.

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Pierre Starshine stepped into the marketplace, sighing as he scanned the area. His sister had snuck out again, and he figured he'd better go find her before she got herself into trouble. Luckily, he'd spotted her escaping as he was leaving the library for the day. "Sage, where are you?" He mumbled to himself, walking down the block. Eventually, he noticed her walking away from a market stall filled with jewelry. He rushed over to her. "Sage, there you are," Pierre glanced at the box. "What's in there?"
He hoped she hadn't used her money on more jewelry, but he figured he was right in his suspicion. Sage couldn't seem to resist buying anything that caught her eye in the market.

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Leena (leena23) | 116 comments The market was abuzz with people from all over, there were new wares every day, making the place a hub for the people of Halona. Sage's eyes brightened as she found herself at another stall, this one with new fabrics. "Oh, my these are lovely," She commented, before she heard her name, turning she found herself face to face with her older brother, he had found her out, and so soon. Sage pouted some before answering him, "A necklace," She smiled, "Now before you object, its the perfect accessory for this dress, and a few of my other blue ones. Please don't be upset dearest brother, you know how I like my baubles." Sage glanced back at the fabrics, one in particular, it was sea green, and would look lovely against her pale skin, "Pierre, isn't this lovely? I think it would make a perfect ball gown, don't you?" She held the fabric up to herself for Pierre's inspection, she was doing her best to distract him, so that he wouldn't chastise her over the jewelry that she'd bought.

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"Uh..." Pierre stuttered, obviously slowed a bit by Sage changing the subject so quickly. "Yes, I'm sure it would be lovely, sister," He nodded, "but do you really need another dress? And likewise, do you really need another necklace?" He returned the conversation back to their previous topic, not letting her get away with distracting him this time. He hardly glanced at the fabric or the box again. He knew that no matter what she found, it wouldn't change the fact that she did not need to buy more things from the market.

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Leena (leena23) | 116 comments Pierre was proving difficult, Sage let the fabric slide from her fingers, back onto the table that the vendor had setup. She folded her arms over her chest, looking defiant, she lifted her chin and sighed. "Pierre, we all buy things that we think we need, of course I don't need these things, but I want them. Isn't that enough? Why can't I pretty things? Don't I deserve them? Father always lets me buy whatever I want, why are you second guessing me, or telling me that I can't get something?" Sage bit her bottom lip, not really wanting to fight with her brother just then. She'd been in such a good mood before she'd gone to the market, and it was her favorite place, her brother knew this, yet he was there, bothering her about the things she wanted. "Pierre, dear brother, lets not quarrel. You know that things will go smoother if you just let me have my way," Smiling she looped her arm in Pierre's.

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Pierre sighed, raising his eyebrows at his little sister's defiant expression. He fingered the fabric as Sage talked, avoiding eye contact with her. He didn't want to quarrel either, but he hated seeing his sister waste money on foolish, expensive luxuries. Well, if she wants to buy it, I suppose I can't stop her, he thought, biting the inside of his cheek. "As you wish, Sage," Pierre nodded, holding his arm strong as she looped hers in his.
Turning to the vendor, he offered a polite smile. "How much?" He asked, touching his free hand to the fabric Sage had fancied and then reaching into his pocket to see how much cash he had on him.

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Leena (leena23) | 116 comments Happiness pierced through Sage, her smile was contagious, Pierre was going to get her the fabric, and he was going to stop arguing with her, it was a win win. "Thank you," She whispered, and watched as the vendor wrapped the fabric up in a piece of brown paper, he tied it closed with a piece of butchers twine and handed over the package.
Sage and Pierre continued on in the market square, "Now to find something for you brother. Would you like a new tie? Scarf? Perhaps a knife to add to the collection?" She wasn't sure he had knives, but most men did, so she could only assume he did too. "Come, there must be something you want, especially with the big gathering coming up. Tell me what your heart desires," Sage tugged on Pierre's arm and smiled up at him.

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Pierre grinned back, exchanging the money for the package. "You're welcome," He replied, handing the wrapped fabric over to her and putting the leftover money back into his pocket. As they moved on in the square, Pierre slowed his pace to match his sister's. For some reason, he often kept up a pace too fast for most people, and since he was escorting her across the square he figured it the gentlemanly thing to do to slow down so she could keep up.
He laughed at her attempts to guess at what he wanted as they strolled by the stalls. "Really, it's not necessary to buy me something, especially not knives, sister. I've never owned a knife in my life, you know." Pierre answered. At mention of the gathering, he felt like groaning aloud, though he restrained himself. Parties were his least favorite, and shopping for parties was a close second. He shook his head slightly, turning his attention back to Sage when she tugged his arm. He returned the smile. "Well, there is one thing I would love," He spoke up after a moment, "though it has nothing to do with the gathering, sister. And truthfully, I'm not sure whether we'd find it here in the market, either."

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Leena (leena23) | 116 comments Sage brushed by an elderly woman, "Oh, sorry," She murmured, not wanting to seem rude. They walked on, passing vendors, but none that she found interest in just then. She listened closely as her brother spoke, she knew how much her brother despised parties, but Sage couldn't help but love them, she lived for social gatherings. It was where all the gossip mills were, and the knowings of what was going on in the other Houses. "Oh, it'll be fun, don't make faces, the event is supposed to be the event of the century! Think of all the dancing, you can dance with just me if you want?" There were girls that crushed on her brother, and he didn't seem to appreciate them, but Sage found it amusing. Pierre mentioned that there was something that he wanted, she stopped walking and turned to him, "What is it? Tell me, whatever your heart desires, we'll find a way to get it, I promise you."

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Pierre glanced at his sister as she spoke about the gathering, the excitement visible on her face. "Joy..." He murmured, not pleased to hear that the party would be the event of the century. What his sister found fun, he most likely despised. It was funny how opposite they were sometimes, but yet how close they'd been since they were very little. "Sister, if you want me to be excited about a party, you can't talk to me about the dancing. Giggling girls and nonsense," His last sentence turned into a mutter. "If I had to dance," he continued, "it would only be with you, dearest. Too many people read into things. If I danced with a girl, whether I liked her or not, before I knew it every House would know, and it would be common gossip for a week. People read too much into too many things, and you know how much I hate it when people speculate about me and those other silly girls."
"Keep walking, sister," Pierre's lips held a hint of a smile when she stopped. "You can't laugh though, promise?" He twisted his lips before continuing. "I'd like... well, some books, really. I've gone through most of the books of interest in the library, and I'd like to find some new things." He bit his lip, wondering what her reaction would be. Whereas Sage was a social butterfly, Pierre loved his books, just another example of their contrasting personalities. Sage was always trying to get him to be more social, and buying books probably wasn't what she had in mind for him.

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Leena (leena23) | 116 comments Pierre's sarcastic, 'joy' was not exciting in the least. Sage looked at her brother, he began talking about the girls, and how it was all nonsense. She knew that he didn't enjoy the social gatherings like she did, but she wished he would at least pretend like it might be a good time. She supposed she couldn't blame him though, they just weren't his scene. They were everything to her though, she soaked up the social atmosphere, as well as the attention. Yes, even the attention of the young males. Though she never took any of them seriously, she just led them on once in a while for fun. Pierre was older than her, though not by too much, but he didn't pay much mind to his opposite sex either, he seemed to despise the girls that paid him attention. Sage had tried to set him up a few times with friends, they'd never worked out. She supposed they were both still too young for anything serious, and she didn't mind it all that much. She enjoyed having her brother all to herself, it meant the attention was all on her. Sage wasn't sure how she'd react once he actually found someone he was serious about, she'd probably be very jealous.

He told her to keep walking, so she did, her eyes wandering over wares once again, as her brother spoke. He was going to tell her something that he actually wanted, which rarely happened, so she tried to give him her utmost attention. He mentioned books, and she felt like she shouldn't have been surprised, yet she was. "Books?" She echoed, wondering where she would find him such gifts. "Well if it is books that you want, then its books you will get," She promised him with a grin, "I have connections, we will find what you are looking for. Do you have a list of particular ones? Or does it matter?" Sage did have connections, they got her expensive items, that were, once in a while. She was sure that they could get her brother some books, she wanted to please him, and she could tell that doing this would. It would maybe even put him in a good mood for the event coming up.

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Pierre twisted his lips, glancing back at his little sister. She didn't seem to be taking to his comments on the parties well. Since he knew she always hated it whenever he talked badly about the gatherings, he closed his mouth and stopped thinking about it before he annoyed her. He would always despise them, and Sage would always love them. There was nothing that they could really change about that.

Pierre nodded. "Books," He confirmed. "I have a list, but it's back at the House, sister. And really, if it isn't easy to find them, please don't bother. The library still has books, you know." He swept his eyes quickly over the wares as they passed, not looking for anything in particular. Eventually, he turned back to his sister. "We need to have this fabric sewn up into a dress before the party, sister. I'm sure you'll look stunning in it."

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Leena (leena23) | 116 comments Stopping at a table, Sage fingered some silk ribbons, she glanced at her brother as he informed her that the list was back at the house, the house that she'd escaped from, for some freedom. Yes her brother had followed her, but Pierre was her partner in most things, and wouldn't disrupt her day. If anything, he made it better, when they weren't arguing. She nodded her head, "I'll find them. Give me the list once we get back. I'm sure I can find at least a few of the ones on your list." She smiled at her brother, "You've read just about every book in that library, don't tease. We both know that you're dying for some new material, and we'll make sure you get it, one way or another." She had a devious expression on her face, but it was quickly gone, replaced by a sweet smile. She wouldn't let her brother know of the price she may have to pay to get said books. "Oh, yes, lets take it to the dressmaker! She's always so sweet," Sage tugged on Pierre's arm, leading him away from the tables, and towards another street altogether. They'd known the dressmaker for a long time, and knew she would do anything for them that they asked, even with their declining House, she was loyal.

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Leena (leena23) | 116 comments Stopping at a table, Sage fingered some silk ribbons, she glanced at her brother as he informed her that the list was back at the house, the house that she'd escaped from, for some freedom. Yes her brother had followed her, but Pierre was her partner in most things, and wouldn't disrupt her day. If anything, he made it better, when they weren't arguing. She nodded her head, "I'll find them. Give me the list once we get back. I'm sure I can find at least a few of the ones on your list." She smiled at her brother, "You've read just about every book in that library, don't tease. We both know that you're dying for some new material, and we'll make sure you get it, one way or another." She had a devious expression on her face, but it was quickly gone, replaced by a sweet smile. She wouldn't let her brother know of the price she may have to pay to get said books. "Oh, yes, lets take it to the dressmaker! She's always so sweet," Sage tugged on Pierre's arm, leading him away from the tables, and towards another street altogether. They'd known the dressmaker for a long time, and knew she would do anything for them that they asked, even with their declining House, she was loyal.

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"As you wish, sister," Pierre nodded, hoping that his list was still close to the top of his desk drawer. Although nothing was ever left on his desk, his drawers tended to get messy, and searching through all the drawers for that scrap of paper wasn't top on his list of things he wanted to do today.
He almost grinned at her remark. She knew him too well for him to make an excuse like that. "Well, thank you, Sage." Pierre figured his thanks was clearly not worthy of what she insisted to do for him, and he almost felt helpless in the situation. No way to weasel out of it now, he thought. Once Sage sets her mind to something, well...
Pierre was tugged out of his thoughts as Sage changed directions and pulled him towards the dressmaker's. "I should've brought a book with me, too," He commented. "Unless she still has your measurements from the last dress. You haven't grown any, have you?"

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Leena (leena23) | 116 comments "Grown?" Sage scrunched up her nose at her brother, "Of course not. Unless you're insinuating I've gained some extra pounds?" Sage looked down at her slim figure, and hoped that she hadn't. She had too many dresses already being made at the dressmaker's, and if she couldn't fit into them, she would be very, very upset. They went down the cobbled street, passing by shops, one of them was a sweets shop, and Sage couldn't resist. "Lets stop in here, for just a moment?" Giving her brother pleading eyes, Sage pulled him into the sweets shop, it was full of sugary goodness, and she couldn't wait to have one the tasty morsels on her tongue. "Oh look Pierre, they have your favorite," She pointed out the delicate sweet, the shop only had on hand what they made that day, so there were different sweets all of the time, and sometimes the same ones. "Oh macarons," Sage looked at the brightly colored, delicate, cookies. "I want a pink, and a purple, and oh! An orange, can we get a couple of pastries too?" Sage grinned towards Pierre, she was like a child as she got excited over the treats in front of them.

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Ianira walked down the temple steps two at a time, hoping no one was paying attention to her unladylike hurry. She'd spent nearly all day studying in the back rooms and helping the other priestesses with the rituals and work. Being a priestess who spoke to Nerys and was training in magic sounded exciting and glamorous, and it was exciting in some ways. But it was a lot of work and required intense focus for very long periods of time. If she had to read one more word, chant one more syllable, or sweep one more room, she was sure she'd just drop dead, which these days was sounding more and more appealing with all the pressure and responsibility weighing on her slim shoulders.
Since she didn't have be at home for a few hours or so, she decided to wander around the marketplace. Maybe she'd find something interesting to buy. Maybe she'd even run into Nikolae. She hadn't seen him for quite some time and was almost finished with the last illegal book he found for her. She desperately needed new material. She'd requested books specifically about Cynfael and Orla, but the former deity was extremely hard to find any sort of writing about. Lots had been written aboveground about Orla, but the more rare myths usually proved more interesting and more revealing.
As she wandered along, she passed a sweets shop and decided to buy something for Velika and her other siblings. She browsed all the different displays and finally settled on some hard candies made from moonberries and bloomberries for a tangy, slightly bitter delight. She also bought a handful of other assorted candies and paid for her items. She popped one of the hard candies in her mouth and then froze. This was when she saw her cousins were in the shop too.
Ianira's father was Eoghan Starshine of House Starshine obviously, and his older brother was Talbot Starshine. The two teenagers near her were Talbot's children, making them her cousins.
She didn't really know what to do, whether she should bother them and say hi or just leave them alone. She pondered over this while sucking on the candy in her mouth and decided not to say anything, instead looking at the pastries and praying they didn't recognize her. Even though a Starshine and a Moonshiver had married, the rest of the Great House members didn't ever really talk to each other. Part of this was because of Belladonna's controlling personality, part of it was because the Starshines were slipping and Asphodel hoped people would forget the two Houses had once been united in a marriage among the members, and part of it was because the whole situation was just awkward for some reason.

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"Of course not, sister," Pierre shook his head. "I meant in height. Anyway, you look the same to me." He twisted his lips, hoping his sister wouldn't talk more about that specific subject. He never knew what to say in those instances. "Lovely as ever, Sage." He added, making sure she wouldn't take any offense. Talking with women was always a bit awkward for him. He could easily make small talk with people at gatherings and parties, though he didn't like it one bit, but he found it harder to converse with people on the street, especially girls. Perhaps it was just because he was out and about doing other things, and he wasn't exactly prepared to converse with other people, or maybe it was just being caught in everyday life that he didn't like. Either way, it was considered unfortunate to him to run into anyone he knew. Obviously, his sister was a bit of a different story, but still. He could hardly predict how she would respond to something, another reason why he was cautious in speech as well.
Pierre allowed himself to be dragged into the sweets shop, not protesting at all. He figured his sister had had a long week, and he didn't want to argue or spoil her fun today. "Choose out a couple things, sister, and I'll pay for it," He offered, figuring he might as well use the rest of the money he brought. After he selected two of his favorite sweets, a fresh cookie and a few pieces of hard candies, he glanced over to his sister. "Got everything?" He scanned the room, waiting for her to choose her sweets. He noticed Ianira Moonshiver, his cousin, at the other end of the shop. She apparently couldn't resist the sweets either, so here they were. Please, Sage, don't go talk to her, he pleaded silently. The two Great Houses hardly ever talked to each other, and the situation was always uncomfortable, mainly because the Starshines were declining and the Moonshivers seemed like they were only rising. And knowing Sage, she would certainly skip over to Ianira and start a conversation. If that wasn't all, Sage probably wouldn't understand why Ianira would be uncomfortable in the conversation, and then Sage might end up getting upset because she thought Ianira didn't want to talk to her. Of course, he knew Sage wouldn't think before speaking, so he figured the best thing to do would be to get her out of there as quickly as possible. After realizing he was staring at Ianira, he shook his head and tugged his sister over to pay for the sweets. "C'mon, sis. We should get going to the dressmaker."

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Leena (leena23) | 116 comments Sage spoke with the shopkeeper, showing her tender side as she conversed with the commoner, she loved the elder woman, and always tipped well. She turned to look at Pierre, to thank him for offering to pay, when she noticed him staring at something in particular. She followed his line of sight, noticing Ianira Moonshiver, Sage felt a flutter in her chest, a cousin! She loved family, all family, and hadn't seen her cousin in quite some time. So when Pierre mentioned they should get moving, she frowned. "We can't Pierre, Ianira is over there, look," She pointed, obviously, towards their cousin, she waited for Pierre to pay, then offered a tip to the woman behind the counter, "Thank you!" She chirped, before taking Pierre's arm and dragging him toward their cousin, "Come, on! Why are you being difficult?" She whispered as they neared Ianira. Sage nodded her head to Ianira, once they reached her, and gave her the best charm she could, "Ianira, dear cousin, how are you? Couldn't resist the sweets? We couldn't either, don't you just love the macarons? We were just headed to the dressmaker's, but we had to stop here first, its hard to pass up. Then, here we are, seeing you. How is everyone? Well I hope." Sage said all of this in one breath, chattering away, not noticing the awkward tension that hung in the air, too caught up in herself, and what she thought to be a normal situation.

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Ianira froze when Sage dragged Pierre over to her. She never really knew what to say to her father's family, especially since Evelina Starshine had died so tragically many years earlier. Her mother also seemed determined to keep Ianira and her siblings away from the Starshines, though that was probably because of the Starshines' continual decline. She gave both her cousins a small nod of acknowledgement when they reached her, anxious butterflies flitting, twirling, and fluttering around in her stomach. Her throat started to constrict, her heart was sinking through her abdominal cavity, and all of a sudden the air seemed very suffocating. "We're all doing well." She managed to say in return to the whirlwind coming out of her cousin's mouth. "How are you and Pierre doing?" She asked, hoping she'd only have to endure a little small talk before her cousins were on their way again. She was no good at conversation and had been shunned by many of the females in the Great Houses. Her sisters, especially Velika and Catriona, seemed to be essential to the rumor mill, but the noble ladies usually shut up whenever she came too close.

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Pierre exchanged the money for the candy, adding a polite nod towards the shopkeeper. The lady had been running the shop for at least a decade now, and while the sweets shop was hardly a place he visited frequently, he still recognized her. "Thank you," He told her, then turned back to his sister.
Before he knew it, Sage had spotted Ianira and was dragging him over. "Sis, don't." He whispered, though they'd already gotten too close to turn around now. Pierre restrained himself from sighing or glaring at his sister, but he didn't make an effort to seem particularly pleasant. As Sage droned on, he just looked through the candy bag and popped one of the hard candies into his mouth. He planned on saving the cookie for later. At Ianira's question, he finally looked up. His cousin definitely seemed uncomfortable, too. Just get it over with, Pierre, he sighed, then looped his arm in his sister's. "We're doing fine, as well," He nodded. "As my sister mentioned, we were just on our way to the dressmaker's. We found some lovely fabric from a market stall, and she insisted on using it to make a gown for the gathering that's coming up. I assume we'll see you there?" He asked politely, the small talk coming easily to him even though the situation was rather awkward.
He almost felt bad for Ianira. She was surely just as uncomfortable as he was in this instance. And that's why you never go to the market - or anywhere, really - with Sage, he concluded. Oh, well. Let's just hope Ianira comes up with an excuse to leave soon. I don't think I can drag Sage away now. Another thought struck his mind. Oh, no. What if Sage asks Ianira to join us during our outing? Ugh. Why do I always get into these messes? He groaned inwardly. This is just going to be an awful afternoon. Whyever did I let Sage drag me into this shop? He bit his lip, then glanced back at his sister and silently begged her to not have any more of her bright ideas.

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Leena (leena23) | 116 comments Sage watched as Pierre took a candy out of the bag, her eyes brightened, she reached her hand into the bag and took out a macaroon, she took a bite of the delicate goodness. "Mmm," She murmured as she ate the bite. "These are the best," She said to no one in particular, then nodded her head as Pierre mentioned that they were doing fine. "Yes, we've been well. Thank you for asking," Sage ate the rest of the cookie, then dusted her hands off on her dress. "Oh the dressmakers, yes we must hurry, I want to make sure she can get the dress done in time," Sage squeezed Pierre's arm lightly, "But let us not be rude, would you like to go with us? It's just around the corner, and I'm sure you must want to see what new wares she has. I heard she has a new design out in her shop, it will be exciting, please come with us cousin!" Sage enthused, her face bright, and happy, she couldn't be ignored. Sage always the one for wanting attention, and gathering people to her, she couldn't help it, it was just her way.

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Ianira couldn't think of an adequate excuse to get her out of her cousin's invitation; she could not think on her toes very well at all. This probably also had to do with the fact that many of the other House members found her boring or incredibly shy. She could be witty and even humorous but only in places and around people she felt comfortable enough with. Velika and Nikolae could both testify to the existence of her sense of humor. It was a bit dry, and sometimes people couldn't tell whether she was joking or not. But once one got to know her, she could send them into fits of laughter with a simple one-liner.
"Okay..." She agreed, not wanting to seem rude to her cousins. It was important that she remain on good terms with as many of the House members as possible. Even if she wouldn't take over the Moonshiver Matriarchy when Asphodel died, she would still become an influential member. Belladonna had plans for her to become a Zahava or, at least, a Valora. She would need good connections and relationships to reach either of those levels.

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Pierre resisted the urge to glare or frown at his sister. I feel like she's a mind reader sometimes, he sighed. I also feel like I jinx this stuff frequently. Folding up the bag of candy after his sister pulled out a macaron, he tried to make his expression pleasant without actually smiling. He never could seem to fake a smile very well. It always turned into more of a grimace or frown, either that or he just looked extremely uncomfortable. Pierre had learned long ago to stop forcing his smiles. If it wasn't genuine, it was just better to not do it at all. "Yes, we'd love to have you along. Of course, we don't know your schedule today and for all we know, you could always be busy and just be too polite to say no." He tried to help her out of the situation while sounding courteous all the while. It was hard to turn Sage down, and Ianira already looked uncomfortable at the suggestion. "My sister loves extending invitations, and if you aren't busy, it would make a delightful afternoon. However, you shouldn't come just because my sister has a pushy way of asking someone to join us." He gestured towards his sister, then cringed slightly at the way his words sounded. It was almost impossible to sound like he didn't want her to come along and also tell her that it wasn't necessary for her to come along at the same time. Pierre turned his head toward his sister and gave her a pointed look, silently warning her not to push it. He figured she didn't get the awkwardness of the situation yet, much less that she actually even noticed Ianira's discomfort. He'd probably have to explain to her why their relationship to the Moonshiver cousins was delicate and awkward, and why she should never talk to them on the streets again, especially not their aunt, Belladonna Moonshiver. It was obvious to him that Belladonna was most likely embarrassed that she was associated with a Starshine, especially after the recent decline of their House. He turned back to Ianira and bit his lip, hoping she didn't take his words the wrong way.

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Leena (leena23) | 116 comments Sage was excited when her cousin agreed to go with them, the group of them would go to the dressmakers and make a day of it together. The Pierre opened his mouth and Sage felt deflated. Why was he making excuses for Ianira, when she didn't even ask for one? Sage was confused as her brother gave their cousin an opening to get out of going with them. Sage fidgeted with her hands, she was about to protest when she caught the sharp loom her brother gave her, she kept her mouth shut, glaring right back at her sibling. What was he thinking? She wasn't pushy, she was being gracious and polite, wasn't she taught to be that way? "Only come if you want to, of course," Sage finally added, her tone slightly low, her eyes stayed on Pierre, asking in silence what he was thinking? They were friends, were they not? And family on top of that, so why wouldn't their cousin want to come along? Disconcerted, Sage waited for her cousins response, would she take the out that Pierre had given her? Or would she stay with what she said, and travel with them down the street to the dressmakers?

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Ianira cracked a small smile when Pierre described his sister as 'pushy.' Maybe Sage could be a little over-enthusiastic sometimes, but to Ianira, it just seemed like her cousin was really extroverted like some of her sisters, namely Catriona and Melantha. "I'd love to come along; I need a new dress anyway, and I need these robes to be hemmed too." She decided, picking up the floor-length robes she was wearing to show her cousins how long they were. They had once been Aunt Asphodel's when her she had been in training, but her aunt was much taller than her, so the robes dragged behind her on the ground as she walked. "I'm afraid I don't remember where the dressmaker's is, so you will have to lead the way." Ianira confessed. She hardly ever came into town except to go to temple or look at antiques with her sister, Velika.

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Pierrre patted Sage’s shoulder slightly, figuring she’d feel hurt if Ianira changed her mind. But, surprisingly, Ianira stuck with her first answer. “Well, I’m glad you can come!” He forced a smile, then quickly changed it to a small nod since he never could figure out how to smile without meaning it and without it turning into some sort of grimace. At least Ianira seemed more at ease. Pierre inhaled slowly, then stepped towards the door. “Let’s be off then!” The sooner this would be over with, the better. He could just daydream in the dress shop, create some excuse about getting back to the Starshine House, and then the socializing would be done with. Pulling the door of the candy shop open for his sister and cousin, Pierre waited for them to walk out ahead of him. The one thing he knew about interacting with girls was how to be a gentleman, but at least he knew it well.

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