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Welcome to our July challenge! Below are listed 7 tasks that relate to July holidays. Have fun! :)

✒︎ You may choose how many tasks you’d like to complete from 1 to all 7.
✒︎ Each task can only be completed once and each book can only be used for 1 task.
✒︎ Books must be at least 150 pages long.
✒︎ Any book format may be used: physical, electronic, audio.
✒︎ For audio pages just use the first edition of the book that pops up when you do a search for the book.
✒︎ All books must be started and finished within the challenge month.

July Tasks:

~ 1 Canada Day - Read a book set in Canada or by a Canadian author.

~ 4 Independence Day - Read a book that was published by an independent author. (Indie or very small publishing house will do. Goodreads lists may help with this one.)

~ 6 World Kissing Day - Read a book with people kissing or with a kiss print 💋on the cover

~ 15 National Ice Cream Day - Read a book with a sweet treat on the cover.

~ 24 National Tequila Day - Read a book with an alcoholic beverage in the title or on the cover or where a main character has an alcohol use disorder.

~ 28 World Hepatitis Day - Read a book where a main character has a major illness.

~ 31 National Mutt Day - Read a book with a dog as a main character or is told from the dog’s perspective.

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