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message 1: by Melindeeloo (new)

Melindeeloo | 697 comments Mod
Here's the place to talk spoilers about Hugh's book:)

Okay, so do you still hate him?

message 2: by DemetraP (new)

DemetraP | 970 comments I still don't like Hugh. The fight between him and Raphael where Hugh kept healing Raphael of his injuries and Raphael killed him 4 times but Hugh's healing kept him alive was pretty epic.

I just didn't connect with Hugh. He fell in love with his wife. I guess because she was prickly and didn't immediately fall into bed with him? I didn't really "feel" their romance.

message 3: by DemetraP (new)

DemetraP | 970 comments I liked how Hugh took care of his soldiers. I liked how Hugh was nice to the little girl they rescued.

But I don't see myself re-reading this book and I've never said that about an Ilona Andrews book before.

message 4: by Melindeeloo (new)

Melindeeloo | 697 comments Mod
I've already reread the last part of the book - I just thought the big battle was well done. Even though I think that both Elara and Hugh were too nice by the end - I liked the antagonism in the early part of the book - I thought that giving him that core of loyalty was a good step in his redemption. I don't know that he's there yet. I don't know that they are really in love yet either. Boy was that a weird love scene.

HappyBookWorm2020 | 2253 comments No! The miracle that is Ilona Andrews actually made one of the biggest villains a sympathetic character, without erasing or explaining away his evil actions. They made it so that you can clearly see how much he worshiped Roland, and I use that word deliberately. He was God, Father and savior to Hugh. He rescued his best friend Renee. He was the center of his universe, the source of his strength and his purpose. And then he (Roland) took it all away.

message 6: by Vanessa (new)

Vanessa (vanessacoutu) | 1197 comments I actually liked this book more as I read it. After a while the sniping became more of their romance and less of actual hate. All of the side remarks were quite funny.

I was apprehensive that I wouldn't find a way to like Hugh. He's not my favorite hero, but he is growing on me. I love his horse, Bucky and his new dog, Cedric. Her adoration and his kindness to the rescued little girl, Diedre, kind of started tilting into the I like Hugh category.

Elara is kind of a prickly character too. She doesn't really trust him, but is strong enough to demand her way. A less snappy h would have been a disappointment.

I wasn't surprised that he told the Pack representatives what Nez would do to break it up. I was pretty sure that he was going to side with Kate. (After all he is turning over a new leaf, sort of). When he stated that he should have gone with the brother approach, I think that's when he realized that he was Kate's brother in a way. I did not expect Roland to show up, but I am really glad that he is afraid of Elara. There's another really strong female on Kate's side.

His Iron Dogs seem pleased that they will get a chance to be against Roland, after all, he systematically killed them off.

I don't get Hugh's surprise with the ability to use blood magic. He said the Roland gave him his blood, Kate can do it because she has Roland's blood. I think that maybe it is because Roland led him to believe that everything that Hugh had was because of him.

I wonder what Elara is, maybe some kind of soul eater Goddess or Elder. I guess that we will find out in the next book. I am surprised that they made no mention of her struggle to come back after going into her altered state.

One of the things that I really like about Ilona Andrews is that they throw in little cameos, like with the first archer shots against the vampires, and that one of the archers was the young man, Alex whom Elara and Hugh saved.

What was the actual point of the Lexington Red Guard leader Fortner coming to the castle?

Strictly speculating, I think that Vanessa will return, and she will be with the other faction of people who broke off from Elara's people. She likes power and thinks that she is a legend in her own mind, so I think that she will try and take Elara down. I'm not sure who is sending the Mrogs, but I think that they are linked to Elara or the castle. I think that the little girl, Deidre will return, I can't see her uncle and aunt taking care of and being nice to her. I can't wait until Curran greets him, with a couple broken legs of his own, I bet.

Lisa - (Aussie Girl) | 618 comments I'm up to chapter 5 and I must say I'm really enjoying it. The prologue gave us a hint of where the book was heading, it showed why Hugh was so loyal to Roland. Not excusing it but explaining it somehow.

And I never hated Hugh I always thought he was a great character even though he was a Bast***. But an amusing and witty one and was great contrast and foil for Kate and Curran. I'm enjoying the banter between Hugh and Elara. No doubt the sexual tension will slowly grow between them and then wham, they'll realise there is something between them. She is more than a match for Hugh and she is holding something big back at this point in the book.

HappyBookWorm2020 | 2253 comments I'm re-reading it. What a joy.

message 9: by Monadh (new)

Monadh | 137 comments I never really hated Hugh! He has done some truly terrible things, but I never got the vibe that he was truly evil.

I don't know whether it is only my imagination, but from Iron and Magic I got the impression that his bond with Roland was not only emotional, but that there was also some form of mental coercion involved, that made it impossible for Hugh to question, let alone oppose Roland and that at times this seemed to work almost like a drug, putting Hugh in a haze and making him forget any misgivings he might have had. I would have to re-read the book to see whether I can pinpoint those instances more clearly...

I think (one of) my favorite scene(s) was when Elara was riling Nez...

message 10: by Melindeeloo (new)

Melindeeloo | 697 comments Mod
I am terrible with past details, is hugh's blood connection to roland different from kate's to julie

LoveYourShelf (LAB☺) | 753 comments Monadh wrote: "I never really hated Hugh! He has done some truly terrible things, but I never got the vibe that he was truly evil.

I don't know whether it is only my imagination, but from Iron and Magic I got th..."

I agree I remember Hugh thinking if he feels guilty now why did he not feel anything when he was doing some of those things he regretted, and speculated that Roland had more control over him than he realized. He said a comment to Landon near the end too about him being controlled. When talking with Roland at the end he said to him "You forgot the part where you turned me into a happy idiot every time I tried to do something you didn't like."

One thing that confused me, I thought Landon was after the castle grounds from before Hugh showed up - I thought that was one of the reasons they allied and got married. To defend hte castle because Landon kept trying to buy it. But at the end Hugh said it was because of him Landon showed up and not for the castle....Elara realized the same thing, but the timing seems off. Unless I am confused which is highly possible.

I loved the humor. The part when Fortner was there and they were talking about where everyone should sit. "Should we sit the all at our table so it will be easier for the marksmen to shoot them?" "No, let's split them up at three tables...."

I loved Bucky. Is he supposed to a unicorn? At one point it was mentioned shadows or something formed on his head resembling a horn....

Lisa - (Aussie Girl) | 618 comments Just finished and enjoyed it immensely. They did a great job giving some perspective of Hugh's time literally under Roland's spell without completely neutering him as a bad boy character. And only a woman as powerful as Elara would have been able to give as good as she got with someone like Hugh. The banter between them was great. Lots of great lines we've come to expect with the Andrews writing team.

LAB, I see your point about why Nez wanted the castle, that was a bit of plot weakness especially because if Elara let it rip she could destroy just about anyone. But it was such a great story, I'm going to let that slide...

Can't wait for Magic Triumphs now and for the Daniels team including their new allies to kick Roland's immortal a**.

HappyBookWorm2020 | 2253 comments Bucky the unicorn. That was just hysterical.

I missed the problem with Nez, but I agree, the book was so entertaining, it would need a bigger plot problem than that to sink it. I love that the relationship is central to the book.

I'm still trying to figure out what Elana is and feel like Russian folktales will come in somehow.

message 14: by Carol (new)

Carol Berlingieri | 190 comments I really liked this book and I didn't expect it! I didn't like Hugh so why would I want to read a book about him. I'm glad I looked at the good reviews and changed my mind. I loved getting information from Hugh's POV on Kate, Roland, Voron etc... and the cameo's of Ascanio, Andrea & Rafael. Gotta love Bucky (sort of reminded me of Blossum) I hope the little girl comes back in the next book. Can't wait!!

HappyBookWorm2020 | 2253 comments It seemed to me that one of Roland's powers was making people worship him. It's also apparent that Hugh had power in his own right - Hugh was fooled about how much was Roland and how much was from Hugh.

message 16: by Nancy (new)

Nancy | 2 comments I really like Hugh. I hope they don't redeemed him too much and changed him completely. I have always felt that Curran in the first three books was very different from the later Curran; he was a more diminished character as the series progressed.

message 17: by TINNGG (new)

TINNGG | 720 comments I think there's something in the tunnels that Roland/Nez are after. And Hugh's showing up was the impetus to speed up the process while killing two birds with one stone - getting the castle and Hugh back.

I wondered if maybe Voron didn't have any magic of his own. It wasn't mentioned in the earlier books that he'd taught Kate anything other than fighting skills. Maybe that's why being purged took away all his magic abilities. Hugh has a lot of power himself and maybe that allows him to retain the blood magic and the ability to use power words.

message 18: by Vanessa (new)

Vanessa (vanessacoutu) | 1197 comments TINNGG... I happen to agree with you. There is something about that castle and it's location that is very important. They did know about the tunnels because they attempted to use them. I do like that they are afraid of whatever Elana's alter ego is. I love it when the scariest bad ass is a woman. LOL!

message 19: by Mindy (new)

Mindy | 74 comments Well, I just finished and I loved it! I mentioned on the other thread when I was about 8 chapters in, that I was getting tired of the bickering dialogue. Some of it was hilarious and very witty, however, some of the dialogue, made me think of three years olds throwing temper tantrums. that dialogue I did not care for and thought it was not up to Ilona Andrews standards.

At the end when Nez left with Roland, I just figured that Roland/Nez really did want the castle/what’s under the castle, but when Hugh became their defense Roland needed to take care of Hugh first. So when Nez grabbed Hugh, Roland wanted to get Hugh turned first because then the iron dogs would follow and it would be easier to take the castle.

Do we know if Voron had any magic before Roland mixed blood with him? Because that might be the difference between Voron and Hugh. Hugh had magic, maybe the magic in Roland’s blood attached to the magic in Hugh’s blood. And then it wouldn’t matter if Roland cut him off, the magic would still be mixed in.

I am awfully curious about this new baddie from another dimension. What the heck does he want? I wonder what Bale (?the berserker) saw when he was trying to look through the portal as he was running back to the city.

I do think it’s weird that nobody is a little curious/nervous about living above tunnels were people do not return from.

message 20: by TINNGG (new)

TINNGG | 720 comments I wondered about Voron too. I don't recall from the earlier Kate Daniels books any mention of him having magic. He seemed to discourage her from using hers at any rate.

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