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Iron and Magic ***spoiler*** chat

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message 1: by Melindeeloo (new)

Melindeeloo | 696 comments Mod
Here's the place to talk spoilers about Hugh's book:)

Okay, do do you still hate him?

message 2: by TINNGG (new)

TINNGG | 720 comments No.

message 3: by DemetraP (new)

DemetraP | 966 comments Hugh did bad things. But now we're supposed to believe it was all "mind control" due to the connection with Roland. It's a convenient way to say it wasn't Hugh's fault.

message 4: by TINNGG (new)

TINNGG | 720 comments Well... I didn't hate him before; just thought he needed a purpose or something. It does kinda explain a few things though. We saw Kate go to extreme lengths to avoid giving Julie an order.

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