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A few months ago Miley told Vogue Magazine that she thought that Robert Pattinson's fans didn't really have a crush on him, but on his character Edward Cullen.

Now Miley Cyrus has changed her tune and seems to be under Robert's spell. She met the actor at the Teen Choice Awards and she hugged Robert. Later that same day she said on Twitter: 'I hugged Rob Pattinson today. OK girls, now I get it. He is really cool. Sorry for what I said in the past Rob.'

When she says OK girls, I get it, she is referring to the passion that Robert stirs in the hearts of many women

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Maryam. Umm..the pic didn't show up....

[image error]

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thanks i was confused

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Maryam. Lol...You do [image error] In the ... you post your link and NO spaces apart from between img src

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no actually i was doing img scr

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but maryam how do we put more than one pic

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is it [image error] and then once again this process or not

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come on line on messenger

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Maryam. I'am..Just appearing offline..Lol

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