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You may find my book interesting

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message 1: by J Alden (new)

J Alden Hall (jimhall) | 1 comments My publisher's release date is 09/03/2014.
I am open to Q&A

The FBI s search for an escaped convict, a former member of John Dillinger s gang, brought them to little Bobo's house as they attempted to unearth his father. Bobo's dad eluded capture, and the seven-year old joined his father, embarking on life as a fugitive. Searching for happiness through his Catholic boarding school years and success as a businessman, Jim Hall became entrenched in the mafia. With riveting tales of Frank Sinatra, Las Vegas casinos, and a possible connection to JFK s death, this is the miraculous true story of a boy connected to the godfather who finds his way to peace with God the Father.

message 2: by Joseph (new)

Joseph Montgomery | 1 comments It does sound interesting, and good Amazon reviews. I'll be getting next week.

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