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The Oath Breaker (Hraban Chronicles, #1)
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The Oath Breaker (Hraban Chronicles, #1) by Alaric Longward Alaric Longward

Genre: Historical Fiction

The Oath Breaker (Hraban Chronicles #1)

Book Description:

Hraban the Marcomanni has never met his father Maroboodus, an exile in far-away Rome, but this is about to change.

In the age of early Roman empire, Augustus is creating his legacy with gladius as the legions begin the cumbersome work of subjecting the troublesome if divided Germani tribes.

Such great, distant issues do not concern Hraban, who is a young man bent on becoming a spear lord, giver of rings, a warrior praised in the dark halls of his kin. He is the Raven, Hraban, and son of great lords. Yet, his father’s return to their burning village does not only upset plans of Rome and the scheming Germani, but those of Hraban, who finds the ancient virtues of his kin are very strained with strange morals of Maroboodus, his father.

Will Hraban find a way to survive the plots of his many enemies, serve his father and keep his honour while entire nations struggle to unite against Rome and those, who would betray the Germani?

The Oath Breaker is the first book in a new series of historical novels set in the dark lands east of Rhenus and fabulous, ancient Rome.

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sent in your request Erica

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Saxonjus | 5 comments Id love to review a kindle version please

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Amy H (twinypa) sent in your request

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