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Reign of Fear (Cantiniére Tales, #1)
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Reign of Fear by Alaric Longward Alaric Longward

Genre: Historical Fiction

Reign of Fear (Cantiniére Tales #1)

Book Description:

Jeanette's is a girl with many powerful enemies.

Having fought off her own traitorous family, young Jeanette and her mother Henriette find refuge with the desperate revolutionaries of 1789 Paris. Yet, no refuge is safe when dangerous men try to foment great, king-killing changes. Finding out a dreadful secret of the revolutionary leaders, hunted by her mad, driven cousin Gilbert, the two women become desperate exiles. They face a near hopeless fight to survive the Temple, an infamous prison, and the festering age of Terror while being searched by their powerful enemies.

They find hope in the army, where a handsome, if impossible captain gives them shelter from Gilbert and even the Jacobins. Here, Jeanette learns of love and finds a firm family in the ranks of the revolutionary army as a cantiniére.

But even with the help of the men she fights with and the brave captain, can she take the fight to Gilbert and his masters and win peace for herself and her family?

Reign of Fear is a story of historical fiction, of strong women, of romance and desperate, powerful men.

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MOBI format, please but can do PDF files

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Amy H (twinypa) sent in your request

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