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Jane Paris Hi folks,

The author here.

I wanted to make sure folks knew that The Runaway Mommy is intended for adults. Then, if you felt it was something appropriate to share with your kids, feel free to.

I tried to change the genre that the book was shelved under but this was the response I got from Goodreads:

"At the moment, a book's genre is determined solely by the way Goodreads users shelve the book... We do plan to use meta-data for more precise book information in the future, but we still haven't finished that particular project. As more people learn about your book, then they will start to shelve it more accurately, but unfortunately, we don't have any control over that. Sorry about that!"

So, dear reader, would you consider shelving under humor, motherhood, and family or even fantasy and feminist theory? It is a picture book, but I'm afraid that the genre for picture books is heavily associated with children's literature.


Amber I just changed my bookshelf. I liked the ideas for shelves, put it in "motherhood" because I already had it.

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Jane Paris Thanks Amber!

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