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I like to think of myself as having a long fuse and being tolerant when watching TV shows, movies, or a TV series. Yet somehow, even when a show is good, the writer of the show finds a way to do something that turns me off to the point where I have to say that's it.

I was a big fan of Sons of Anarchy until the beginning of Season 6. So many things happened on the episode that it would be very inappropriate for me to say it here. But what made me turn the station on the TV off was when they had a young boy going into a church with a gun. You didn't see what happened but you heard the gun shots. That was it for me.
To me, that was beyond irresponsible. We all go home hoping to forget our day at work and hope to be entertained. Last thing we need is to see that.
What makes you turn the station on a movie or a TV show?

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Here is my review of House Of Cards, the hit on Netflix, from my blog. You'll see the reason why I stopped watching this show after 24 Episodes.

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