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message 1: by library_jim, Creator & Organizer (new)

library_jim | 112 comments Mod
Like Goosebumps, these were popular after I was in the target range but petered out before I became a school librarian but my then 4th grade teacher of a wife had them all in her classroom and they were a huge hit. Many kids' first positive SF experience (outside of movies). I'm happy they are re-doing the covers. I'm getting the first few for my library to see how they go with this generation.

Did anyone here read them when they were coming out as kids or as parents/educators? Or are you just now picking one up because of the group?

message 2: by Beth, Moderator (new)

Beth | 73 comments Mod
I'm too old, but my now 15 year-old was a big fan in 4th & 5th grade. I think he made it through 20-30 of them. Our school librarian was awesome -- she'd haunt used bookstores on weekends to complete her collection, because many kids were like my boy and wanted to read them IN ORDER -- heaven forbid they skip #22 on their way to #23. And they were all in paperbacks, so they didn't last through too many readings.

Alexander says that they are good books for the age group. I don't think I read any before; the first one is now waiting for me on the hold shelf. In general, I like series books because they encourage copious reading, and I'm a huge believer that page count matters. I want elementary readers chugging through a lot of words, and I want them to do it for fun.

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Beth | 73 comments Mod
This is definitely the first time I've read the first book, although I vaguely recall reading at least one before. I like the characterization of the five kids -- I'm guessing they will each get their own book? I like how it starts with Jake in a position of weakness -- he's having a bad day, he's worried that he's losing contact with his brother, and his crush on Cassie seems unrequited.

And then the aliens come, in a really scary scene. That's a good start to a series. In my edition, the font is unusual -- it's reminiscent of a cheap printer. Is that deliberate, to give a sense that the kids are providing the story, or just because these are flimsy books? (I know our librarian complained that the only lasted a few reads.)

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library_jim | 112 comments Mod
I agree with the characterization and just generally the set up. The alien scene was totally implausible but more importantly from a kids perspective, like you said, scary and effective.

I don't know about the font but I would guess cheap printing, especially if they were Scholastic editions. I'm glad I can buy them in library bound editions so they'll last a bit longer.

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