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message 1: by Jason (last edited Jun 29, 2018 03:08PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jason Oliver | 2105 comments Welcome to anyone who is interested in reading His Majesty's Dragon for the July Decathlon Challenge!

Please feel free to join the discussion if you have read the book before.

The people I have so far are:
Linda C
Rachel N
Tanya D

If other people chime in, then I can add you to this list so that it makes for easy reporting for the Decathlon Challenge.

Looking forward to diving in!

message 2: by Amy (new) - rated it 4 stars

Amy | 9390 comments Thanks for getting us started, Jason. I need to pick this up at the library - it’s waiting. It’s my next book. I’m only 5% into the Girl from the Savoy. Expect me to start around the 4th of July?

Joanne (joabroda1) | 8454 comments Jason wrote: "Welcome to anyone who is interested in reading His Majesty's Dragon for the July Decathlon Challenge!

Please feel free to join the discussion if you have read the book before.

The pe..."

Although I read this book in June-Review in Other Books-(reading the second in the series now) I am really looking forward to checking in here and seeing what you all think! Have fun with it, I know I did!

Sushicat | 805 comments I’ll be peeking in as well to see how you get on with it. I read it last year and enjoyed it very much. I did the audio.

message 5: by Amy (new) - rated it 4 stars

Amy | 9390 comments Best hubby in the world just picked this book up for me from the library. I’m 40% through my current book. Looking more like a July 1 start.

message 6: by Barbara M (last edited Jul 01, 2018 01:21PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Barbara M (barbara-m) | 2300 comments I picked this one up through the library already. I'd like to join you. I like the history aspect. Plus, dragons was the first tag i read when i joined in 2008. I thought, at that time, that the subject was not one i was interested in AT ALL. I was pleasantly surprised to read a couple of really enjoyable books. :-)

message 7: by Amy (new) - rated it 4 stars

Amy | 9390 comments Welcome Barbara!

Barbara M (barbara-m) | 2300 comments Great! I just got started, barely, but I'm looking forward to getting into it.

Critterbee❇ (critterbee) | 418 comments I have the ebook, on loan from my library, and I am going in blind - have not read this author before, and do not know much about the book. I am excited!

message 10: by Amy (new) - rated it 4 stars

Amy | 9390 comments Seems Jason and I have both tackled chapter 1. Reserving judgment or at least publicly reserving it, to get farther into the book, and be careful of any spoilers whatsoever. But it would be great if you guys are getting started if we could know who is where in the book. Would love to hear if people are enjoying it. The history of this experience for the two of us, is that many people have loved and adored this book and found it quite beloved. Both of us have trepidation about both dragons and the book itself. It will be surprising to see whether either of us are singing a different tune by the end.

Book Concierge (tessabookconcierge) | 6407 comments I'm not re-reading it but just so you know... I was kinda dragged kicking and screaming to read this because it was a selection for my F2F book club. I LOVED it! I've read book two in the series now, and will continue (at least for a while ...)

Jason Oliver | 2105 comments I'm in chapter 4 now. I see how the main plot will be interesting and good, but the premise and setup of the dragons......not a big fan. There are so many things wrong with the setup and just the idea of dragons that are always in the back of my head as I'm reading.

message 13: by Amy (new) - rated it 4 stars

Amy | 9390 comments Just swim 15 laps and now as soon as I get off Goodreads I’ll tackle chapter 2 and three. I like that we’re doing this in parallel Jason. We’ll see if our tune changes more positively.

message 14: by Amy (new) - rated it 4 stars

Amy | 9390 comments Dear friends, I am now up through chapter 3 and in part two chapter 4. I daresay the thing is actually growing on me. Jason, I will catch up with you more privately. But I think I’m starting to fall into it. Who would have thunk it?

message 15: by Amy (new) - rated it 4 stars

Amy | 9390 comments I am just booming! I’m like somewhere in chapter 5 or six, and the day has unfolded it to allow me to just Kind of hang out with this Dragon. For all we know, I may be the first one done.

Joanne (joabroda1) | 8454 comments oh Amy!! so glad you are "believing"!

JoLene (trvl2mtns) | 1532 comments Looking forward to seeing your thoughts as I think I was one of the encouragers of Amy and Jason way back when...... I do realize that you have to suspend some disbelief. Also I remember it took me a couple chapters to get into it!

Jason Oliver | 2105 comments Okay, I am not sure where everyone is at. I have a few discussion topics but some are spoilers, so let's check in and see where we are at. I am just starting chapter 8.

Jason Oliver | 2105 comments Here is one topic that I don't think as a spoiler and am especially interested in Amy's view.

The relationship between the handler and the Dragon. I find a marriage relationship here. Some treat their Dragon good and with respect. Some with neglect. But Laurence is bringing in a more compassionate and need based view if his relationship with Dragon and the other dragons are wanting the same attention. What are y'alls thoughts.

Jason Oliver | 2105 comments To go along with this, the Dragon is a great companion, supportive and plays a major role in the relationship. There is much give and take on both sides.

Barbara M (barbara-m) | 2300 comments I'm probably the one most behind. I'm only on Part 1, page 32. I'm reading the e-book from my library. I just want to say that I think I love the whole idea of this dragon who can talk when he's born! (pretty sure you're all past that.) I also love that they are reading books to find out about the proper care and handling of dragons but aren't at all sure that they have the correct information.

This is going to be such a fun read.

message 22: by Amy (new) - rated it 4 stars

Amy | 9390 comments I’m in chapter 7 somewhere around 55%. Jason, I’m having similar thoughts to you and had meant to talk to you privately about the interesting relationship between the handler and the dragon. In fact I think it’s really special and tender and sweet. I’m coming to understand why this is such a beloved book. I myself am finding myself more and more into it. Although truth be told, I cannot imagine continuing the series past whatever end this leads to.

message 23: by Amy (new) - rated it 4 stars

Amy | 9390 comments Forgive me, I’m starting chapter 8. More and more curious about this sweet and tender relationship. As Jason knows, I have a real love for thinking about the differences between will and predestination. And feet, and where all that intertwines. So I was wondering about how it all played out that the dragon in question chose that relationship. Or was it chosen for him? Fate or accident? Or soulmates?

message 24: by Magdalena (new) - added it

Magdalena | 414 comments I'm sorry, I haven't even gotten the chance to start this yet. I do have my copy though and hope to start it soon. I'm looking forward to being able to discuss it with you guys!

message 25: by Amy (new) - rated it 4 stars

Amy | 9390 comments One more thing: the language conundrum is actually explained in chapter 8. I would have otherwise taken some very deep disdain for that detail.

Jason Oliver | 2105 comments Yes. I saw that and it helped. I still wonder, so ce the Dragons are intelligent, why the ones that don't allow a harness don't team up and take over the world. Or atleast attempt to. Also the amount of food for all these dragons. I don't see how livestock reproduction can keep up with the demand. The premise of dragons is just way to complex. They already have a few movies similar to what would happen if dragons were real. It's called Jurassic Park. Haha

That said, this book is very week done. Great story telling, decent character development. I like it

Jason Oliver | 2105 comments Amy, you are teaching marriage therapy so I want to hear more from you about the relationship between the handler and Dragon.

It stuck out to me how they protect each other but in different ways. Also how they can sense when something is wrong with the other but they don't always intuitively know exactly what's wrong.

The jealousy.

message 28: by Amy (new) - rated it 4 stars

Amy | 9390 comments I was thinking relationship, but I wasn’t thinking marriage. But it is interesting that wants to become a handler you cannot get married. And in fact this becomes the most significant relationship in your life. But only if you do it a particular way. I thought the most beautiful parts of the book so far had to do with the tender way the dragon invites Lawrence to go back to a ship if he wants to. And how Lawrence deeply cares for the dragons intellectual curiosity is an emotional development. How he feels about such things. It’s an interesting thing that a dragon has to choose to be subjugated, and that in other situations especially ones with the dragons do not possess the same level of intelligence, They are not consulted. They literally could rebel but do not have the intelligence to choose it. But even our dragon does very clearly choose Lawrence, not politics. He chooses to be subjugated, because Lawrence asks it of him. He chooses to obey because of the way he’s treated. It’s not about fighting for a country. It’s about the relationship. It’s incredibly well done.

Teaching about couples counseling, it’s kind of funny for me to suggest that I’m an expert. Especially when I’m on the journey along with everyone else. I told my husband that I have read every book on marriage that’s ever been written and therefore I am an expert, and he laughed at me as he should. But I think that the dragon and the handler Are getting a lot of things right. I could back it up with theory and theoretical models, but you just get the feeling that you know when something very right is happening. I think the concept of intelligence, consciousness, love, loyalty, and intended subjugation, and then throwing in politics and fighting, or actually really interesting premise. I’m actually more involved in this book than I thought I would or could be. I’m so glad to be reading it with you as we had planned all along, and now we’re going to have another eight or nine voices to chime in. So interesting that we chose this six months ago, and now it’s coming to fruition and in quite this way. Maybe I’m still not in love with dragons, but I rather like this one. Our shared dragon. One who if he could type, might have been very interested in PPT. We haven’t been spoken about that. A dragon with intellectual curiosity who wants to absorb books and share them with Lawrence. Who loves to be read to, And who contemplates writing. No wonder PBT loves this Dragon. He’s one of us.

Joanne (joabroda1) | 8454 comments yes! Temeraire could be a PBT member, lol. enjoying the commentary

message 30: by Amy (new) - rated it 4 stars

Amy | 9390 comments Taking a breath before I write the review. I'm going to savor the moment. And write the review with no spoilers whatsoever, and save the rest of my thoughts for the ongoing discussion.

I did not expect to like this book, but I in fact did. The history of the read, is that is has been recommended to me for years by lots of folks with whom I share taste. I admit the idea did not appeal to me. I am neither generally a lover of historical fantasy or dragons. But when Jason suggested we read it together - I said yes. "Lets do the damn thing!" (Reference to ABC's the Bachelorette, for those of you too erudite and scholarly to be following bad reality TV.) Now we are reading it with 8 or 9 people, and there are plenty of folks who have loved this book, who are behaving as onlookers to the spectacle. Here we go.

I did surprise myself and love it. Still not my genre, but yes it got to me. Why? Simply because of the tender relationship between the dragon and the handler, and I loved this dragon. I consider him mine - which is the strangest thing I could possibly say. But its clear to me that I would not have perhaps enjoyed this book, or enjoyed it half as much, if I were not reading it in this fashion. If I were not exchanging long conversations with Jason and soon to be others about the nature of marriage and relationship, and about dragon intelligence, compassion, and loyalty. Being able to talk and think about this book, considering both its tenderness and its relational, even political implications, absolutely has raised this book for me. Its been as much fun to talk about it, possibly more, than it has been to read it. I'm still not a dragon lover - but this particular dragon has indeed captured my heart.

Jason Oliver | 2105 comments I finished and surprising I enjoyed the story.

I still have trouble with covering all the questions that come from dragons and something else towards the end, but I really enjoyed the relationships between the Dragon and handler as well as the sense of duty and life being upturned by taking on this Dragon. I think this could be used to point out positives and negatives in a marriage relationship. Any relationship really.

The war and battles were not of just interest to me but it was okay.

Very good book. I might continue the series if I am ever in the mood for another Dragon book.

Jason Oliver | 2105 comments Amy, just got this message from the guy who recommended the book to me. "Lol. Yeah. That keeps getting built on in the future books (in regards to the relationship between handler and dragon). The next book shows how the dragon human relationship is in China. It's different and very interesting."

Jason Oliver | 2105 comments Amy, yes I feel some ownership of the dragons also. They are friends. A point the friend made to me is that most Dragon stories, all the dragons are the same. In this book there are many different types and colors and abilities and personalities. I think I liked that too.

And Laurence is an awesome character. A man's man.

Talking about the book has also made this a more enjoyable read.

message 34: by Amy (new) - rated it 4 stars

Amy | 9390 comments Yes, Lawrence is a man’s man in every sense of the word. I too like the part of differentiating characteristics of the very dragons and what that meant in their own hierarchy and social political clout. I thought that was interesting. Everyone seems to care about who they are and what they are special talents are. So much for us to talk about, and so much for us to talk about when others have read it as well and can join us in these thoughts. Can I just say that I love that we started and ended on the very same day within hours? We sort of envisioned that when the endeavor begin to take shape six months ago. I’m just gonna go ahead and say that so far you and I are the ultimate buddy Read. Although there does seem to be this abortion pharmaceutical conversation going on with the red clock group. They also are having quite the to do around some interesting topics.

JoLene (trvl2mtns) | 1532 comments Yeah —- so glad that you guys are enjoying it. Also not a fan of dragons, but I loved Temeraire, and I loved the relationship with Lawrence. I never thought that a dragon could bring a tear to my eye..... but I suppose stranger things could happen (that may be from the next book).

Critterbee❇ (critterbee) | 418 comments All right, I have begun reading, and am up to page 214, about 60% done with the book. This is the first time I have read Novik, and find her restraint when describing fantastic creatures or events wonderful. No pretentious grandstanding, melodrama, or effusive reveling in the magnificence of the dragons, just matter-of-fact, thoughtful narrative.

I like Temeraire, and Laurence, very much.

message 37: by Rachel N. (new) - added it

Rachel N. | 1620 comments Amy and Jason I'm glad you both enjoyed it. I do still plan to read this book later this month.

Devin Littlefield | 11 comments I’m new to the group but I’m the friend who pressured Jason for years to read this book. I myself have read his majesty’s dragon 4 times and I’m currently reading the last book of the series now. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask away.

On another note to chip in. I love this entire series. The relationship between temeraire and Lawrence is one we all could learn from and the depth Novik went to to create so many different breeds of dragons that you could actually begin to believe could exist instead of the typical color coded special ability dragons that are common in the syfy fantasy book world “which I consider somewhat lazy writing” to be one of my favorite parts. I could go on even more about my love for this series but I’ll let everyone see for themselves their opinion of it.

As I said tho I’ll try to answer any questions anyone has about the book if they have any.

message 39: by Amy (new) - rated it 4 stars

Amy | 9390 comments Welcome Devin! The Dragon has hatched from his shell and he speaks! I knew the mysterious friend would turn up eventually. Would love to hear your other suggestions and about what you’re reading. Turns out you were right on the mark for Jason with the series. And here he thought it was a dragon hater, and you knew him better. I recommended a book for him too, and wonder if I will also have a homerun. Welcome to our group.

Critterbee❇ (critterbee) | 418 comments Just to be safe, I am going to use spoiler tags because I am referencing a specific part of the book, that happens about halfway through:
(view spoiler)

Devin Littlefield | 11 comments Thank you for the welcome. I’d be happy to share some other books I found enjoyable. I must warn everyone tho my reading is mostly in the syfy, fantasy genre with some dystopian mixed in.

One book I’ve recently greatly enjoyed reading is an adaptation on pride and prejudice putting the base story line into a fantasy world with dragons and riders and griffins and the like. I had some reservations with it at first but couldn’t stop reading it once I started. The book is called heartstone and the author is Elle Kathrine White. Ive also been rather absorbed with the dinosaur lords series and am caught up on those books. That’s just a few.

message 42: by annapi (new)

annapi | 5160 comments Welcome, Devin! Glad to find another fantasy/scifi reader here. Heartstone sounds fascinating, I have just put it on my TBR.

KateNZ | 2679 comments Welcome, Devin! I loved Heartstone too - a very cool play on the Pride and Prejudice storyline

message 44: by Amy (new) - rated it 4 stars

Amy | 9390 comments I think someone had previously mentioned this book - Pride and Predjudice set in a Sy Fi dragon land. That may stretch me just too much - lol. I’m left with a question and a thought about His Majesty’s Dragon. The question is, if I ever were to want to read the second in the series, what is its name? I thought Devin or others would know. The other thing is less of a thought than a personal technological observation. It has to do with the spoiler hide feature. I’m thinking that it may be one of the flaws to the Goodreads app on the phone, but I can’t click on it and find out what it says. And I used to be able to do that with spoilers on my phone, where I largely live. The second somewhat related observation, is one to share about replying to goodreads personal letter messages via the phone. Recently my phone hasn’t taken to that kindly, I’m only assuming because of the length of the message. But it means that you’re entirely the message gets lost because there’s no way to save it on the phone. Can we all agree, that I would have been better served in an earlier time? That I somehow belong in the past? On the other hand, without all of this modern day technology, I would not be able to read all the wonderful books I’ve been able to read, and form an incredible online community and discussion and friendship with you all. It’s clear to me, that my enjoyment of this book was raised by sharing it with all of you. And it’s clear to me that because of all of you I have read so many more varied and interesting things that I never would have found. So may you all bear with me on the technology please. And on the lost long letters front.

Devin, will you only join us for discussions of dystopia related matters and/or sci-fi/fantasy? Or now that you have hatched, might you do a little flying with us?

message 45: by annapi (last edited Jul 06, 2018 09:04AM) (new)

annapi | 5160 comments Amy, this is my go-to site for authors' books - they list series in order.

Book 2 is Throne of Jade

message 46: by Amy (new) - rated it 4 stars

Amy | 9390 comments No kidding, there are 9 of them? Throne of Jade may not even make my TBR... it however will remain an idea or save in the back pocket for difficult tags for me.

Jason Oliver | 2105 comments Amy. Love your allusions to the book. Haha. Now that you've hatched will you fly with us. Haha. Are you offering to harness Devin?

The android app, the new one, appears to be much better than the Apple app and the old android app.

message 48: by Amy (new) - rated it 4 stars

Amy | 9390 comments Just how many dragons do you think I can manage? My harnesses are quite full these days - lol! I thought you’d like “The dragon Speaks!”

Devin Littlefield | 11 comments Lol. I will try to keep with the group genre to answer that question. Some I may pass on just cause I can’t get into some books. But as I said I will try my best to grow beyond my shell. Lol.

And yes. Throne of jade is second and really brings an all new element to the series. One thing that truly makes me enjoy this series is that for the most part you get to visit a different culture in each book and see the differences in culture and politics in them. This is really one of my most beloved series of books so I’m super biased but can admit that there are a few books I felt got grindy to read if you understand my lingo.

As for being harnessed I’m a free dragon and cannot be forced into servitude for a cow and a mere scratch of the wing bones. Lol. But I will try to fly with this wing and see where it takes me. Lol.

Devin Littlefield | 11 comments Also a comment on technology. I feel your pain. I have a truly love hate relationship with technology. I’m heavily reliant on it and it’s a crucial item in my day to day life but I do admit to wishing I could live in a simpler time where I read real books by oil lantern “although I do this anyway on occasion” and not to have to depend on tech so thoroughly in my life.

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