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Satan's Guide to the Bible: 1 Satan, Hitch and Snikwad Face Their Demons
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Satan's Guide to the Bible 1 Satan, Hitch and Snikwad Face Their Demons by Stuart Lorde Stuart Lorde

Genre: Christian Fiction

Satan's Guide to the Bible: 1 Satan, Hitch and Snikwad Face Their Demons

Book Description:

SOMETIMES you may have wondered what was actually in the Bible, but didn’t want to get involved in the whole believing and praising business (or perhaps you’re simply trying to escape ...?) well here’s your Hell-sent opportunity.

Satan, it transpires, has never read the Bible either. He and his faithful minions - Hitch the hobgoblin and Snikwad the sprite - begin at the Beginning and embark on a fascinating, belief-free, intellectually satisfying, drive-by tour through stories like Eve and the Talking Serpent; Father Noah’s Hangover; The Scandal in the Cave; Circumcisions All Round; Holocaust of the Hivites and all the sex, drugs, money, murder and mayhem that somehow don’t often make it into the weekly sermon.

On the way they unravel the Reformation Hypothesis, the Circles of Time and other fiendish new ideas. They discover that the wrathful old-man-in-the-sky Bible deity isn’t really God with a capital G at all.
His name is Yahweh, or Jehovah, or Yah, or just plain John – no one really knows. He’s the patron deity of the Jewish culture, and he’s as imaginary and mythological as everyone else’s lower-case god.

Certain priests and pastors and rabbis know this, but haven’t been totally honest with us for the past, oh, two thousand years and more. Yahweh is a relative newcomer to the business of being a mythological god. Human notions of “God” have been around a lot, lot longer than the Jewish Yahweh.

The Diabolical Trio also discover that much of the Bible is curiously anti-Semitic. And they can’t help but notice that Jesus’ ancestors – and women especially – come in for some particularly harsh press from the reformist priests who rewrote the Bible to include their own heroes and their exclusive male Yahweh deity.

The 6,000-word First Revelation – with illustrations by Mic Lewis and inspiration from the Prince of Darkness – is an introductory taster. If the series turns out to be just your cup of gall, the other illustrated, bite-sized 24,000-word morsels are available from your eBook retailer.

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Annabelle (spingirl68) | 40 comments I'm very interested in reviewing this book!


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sent in your request Annabelle

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