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Hello, Agnieszka! (Between Two Worlds, #2) by E. Journey E. Journey

Genre: Women's Fiction

Hello, Agnieszka!

Book Description:

A son’s attempted suicide shocks the Halverson family and uncovers lifelong secrets of love, rivalry, and betrayal in the mother’s early life. Agnieszka Halverson must now bare her soul to her children, and tell them of shattered dreams and love/hate relationships with her mother and a grandaunt. Her passion for the piano saves her from the ravages of her childhood.

A consuming first love, at the root of the secret, opens up her world, but ends in a way she never expected—a tragic fact she couldn’t help. The experience gives her strength to move on and grab a second chance at happiness. But does she ever forget that compelling first love?

Hello, Agnieszka! is a sequel/prequel hybrid to Hello, My Love! and it explores complex relationships between mothers and daughters and touches on sociocultural issues about fitting into society. Together, the two novels comprise the Between Two Worlds Series about four women, two different but adjacent eras, and lives that are parallel, inevitably intersecting, but personal.

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Annabelle (spingirl68) | 40 comments If you still need readers, I would love to!



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Annabelle wrote: "If you still need readers, I would love to!



Hello Annabelle!
Thank you. One can never have enough readers. I'll email you a mobi file today.


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