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message 1: by Drew (new)

Drew (thataleech) | 40 comments Mod
Can Hermione scarring Marietta Edgecome’s face for life ever be justified?
- Was it about making sure Dumbledore’s Army was kept a secret, or was it pure pettiness designed to show off her skills?

message 2: by Elisa (new)

Elisa (ravenclaw_patronus) | 29 comments Hermione should have never done aht she did. She left Marietta with a peranent scar that can never be removed. I understand why Hermione did it cause she was so angry at Marietta, but she could’ve done something else that’s not permanent. It doesn’t even matter if she also wanted to show off her skills. Good people shouldn’t do things like that.

message 3: by Abbie (new)

Abbie Wells | 24 comments Whilst I do understand why Hermione would want to make sure Marietta got what she deserved and protect the DA, permanent scaring was definitely a bit too extreme.

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