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Moonstone (Unbidden Magic, #1)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA/Fantasy/Fairies- A girl who lives in a trailer on a farm discovers Avalon, and her grandmother is Queen of the Fairies. [s]

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Sara | 2 comments Hey guys, I've been trying to find this book for two years and I haven't! I loved the series but have a horrid memory so I apologize in advance for the fuzzy details.

I read this series in 2014 on Scribd or Smashwords, most likely.

It involves a teenage girl who lives with her mother in a trailer on a family or family friends farm/rural property. She discovers fairies, the entrance to Avalon, I believe discovers her true name is Avalon, and meets her grandmother who is Queen of the Fairies.

She had a male best friend/love interest named Junior who ended up being a huge Telenovela/Soap Star, and had another human love interest I believe.

Random details, I know, but id be so grateful to anyone who could name this series or even suggest books related to this description. Thanks guys!

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Ayshe | 4327 comments Is it Moonstone?

Sara | 2 comments Ayshe wrote: "Is it Moonstone?"

YES thank you so much!! I didn't think anyone would recognize due to the severe lack of detail, you're a superhero!!!

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