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Tracy (tstan) | 1237 comments What a wonderful book.
Niyoo escapes Iran with her mother and brother because they are Christian. They seek asylum in the US, and she gets her education. In the meantime, she is missing her father, who stayed behind- he is a dentist, and an opium addict.

Fast forward to adulthood, 2009, and Niyoo is married, and living in Amsterdam. She meets other Iranian refugees, who are trying to get citizenship, or at least recognized. And her father is on her mind again.

This is so well written- it flowed beautifully, filled with little joys and lots of heartbreaks. (A 29 year old woman should not have to carry a bug out backpack everywhere with her. )
It explores the complexities of father/daughter relationships, while trying to explain the Iranian mind- which is not easy, it turns out. She also tackles the difficulties of being "other", and the discrimination that refugees face, while just trying to find a safe place.

I strongly recommend this- the Iranian history, the relationships- it's one of my favorites this year so far.

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KateNZ | 2666 comments Sounds really fascinating, Tracy!

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Good review. I love anything Iranian. My husband's family was originally from Iran before being ran out many years ago to France, then eventually to Israel. I want to go there one day in the future if it is ever safe and feasible.

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Amy | 9341 comments What an interesting story to tell, Rachel. Maybe you will someday write it.

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Amy wrote: "What an interesting story to tell, Rachel. Maybe you will someday write it."

Amy I actually am writing it.:)

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