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your token sketchy alley for drug deals, murders, sex acts, whatever your heart desires


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Mirabelle entered the alley, smoking a blunt. She had parked her Ferrari illegally a block away, but even in this sketchy neighborhood they wouldn't touch it: they knew who she was and that her Ferrari was one of her favorite cars. They also knew that if her car had so much as a scratch on it, she'd find them and snap their neck with no flit of emotion on her face. She had a street race later today, and wanted some heroin or shrooms as a gift for her victory later that night.

She saw another girl in the alley, but she shrugged it off. It likely wouldn't be anybody from Constance. All those people did were weed and they usually bought it from classmates after school.

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Mirabelle rolled her eyes when she Scarlet mutter an expletive. "Oh, shut up Tinkerbelle." She replied, rolling her eyes. "I'm not here for you. Or you." She added for the freaked out looking dealer. Plucking the roach from her blunt and storing it in one of the many pockets of her leather jacket, Mirabelle pulled a few hundred dollar bills from the inside of the other side of her jacket.

"Collin!" She shouted at a fire escape. "Come out you pussy!" Collin dealed the harder stuff, and might have had his ribs bruised (just a little!) when he skimped on her cocaine last week. But now Mirabelle was in a better mood, and she was sure Collin wouldn't make that mistake again.

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(( uhhhh are there no more posts here or is it just me bc i swore i had a post to respond to and i was rp-ing with someone ))

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shinra | 1179 comments this group is haunted apparently lmao

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(( no i rlly was smh ))

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shinra | 1179 comments i know i was joking idk what happened to her

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