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The Dark Days Club (Lady Helen, #1)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > YA Fantasy Series: Victorian orphan lives with aunt/uncle in London and learns about different classes of demons after meeting a distant cousin who already fights these demons. Spoilers ahead.

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Janna | 1 comments I read this great book and its sequel within the last two years.
I worked at a bookstore so it was very new at the time.
The book was located between authors with last names D to M.

The book took place in what I want to say is Victorian London? Corsets, horse and carriages, no trains yet, there was a sitting King.

As far as I can remember the plot goes something like this: an orphaned girl (17? her parents drowned when the passenger ship they were on went down in a storm) lives with her aunt and stern uncle in London and at the beginning of the book is being presented to the queen for her season. She meets a distant cousin who recently came back from 'the americas' after a scandal involving the death of his wife although no one found her body. She had brought a tiny portrait of her mother with her, tied to her fan, so she wouldn't feel as lonely during the event. Her cousin asks to examine her fan and admires the style, but steals the portrait from her because he knows she would be in trouble if she was caught with it (her mother rebelled against her family and was considered an outcast).

Through the course of the book she discovers that London is full of different classes of demons but they had some latin name for them. They are loosely based on the deadly sins. There are sexual ones, gluttonous ones, greedy ones etc. Her cousin is part of some sort of organization under the King that fights them to protect humanity. The members of this group are similar to the nephilim from the Mortal Instrument series in that they have superior strength, speed, stamina, and you have to be born into it you cant just join with enough training. She goes on more than one outing with him and his team and he shows her how the demons hide in plain sight and interact and influence humans (at one point they're at a poetry reading with Lord Byron). She trains in weaponry and fighting. She learns how to exorcise lesser demons from weak humans. She tries to keep her two lives separate.

The book builds up to a party her aunt is hosting to present for the beginning of her season. I can't remember the conflict but it involved someone considered an ally earlier in the book who she ends up fighting in her room upstairs. Her cousin tried to help and used his ability to draw out the demon spirit from their enemies body. She had to decide between chasing their enemy or saving her cousins life by 'grounding' him (after drawing out a spirit the person goes mad with the power now in their body and must have their pledged servant tackle them to the ground so that the energy will release into the ground safely instead of building and harming the person). Her uncle enters her room shortly after and only sees her on top of a man in her bedroom and immediately banishes her from his house.

The second book continues with her living with an associate in a small town away from London. She continues to train in weaponry and theory. She has an emotional reaction to having to cut all her hair off. A very rich man she was being courted by (possibly a duke?) in London continues to pursue her. Something is effecting her distant cousin and he is having reactions and violent episodes. Eventually she figures out it's her, specifically her touching him skin to skin (because she's the child of two hunters she's some magical result?). The details of the plot of this one are even harder for me to remember. The book ends with her finding out she's in love with her third(?) cousin, finding out his wife is alive and also a betrayer, and having to accept a proposal to avoid ruining her family name.

I'd really love to keep reading this series but i absolutely cannot remember the name. It's something dramatic and vague at the same time.

Spockles | 199 comments The Dark Days Club by Alison Goodman! The third book isn't out yet.

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Ann aka Iftcan (iftcan) | 6966 comments Mod
Yep, I agree with Spockles. It definitely sounds like The Dark Days Club

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