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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Conan book, fantasy, one of the newer ones, undead/zombies (?), stygia/acheron, female archer(I think), some kind of a general/prince/captain as an ally

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Tarzan123 | 2 comments Okay please don't stone me right away but I can only vaguely recall this book I've read almost everything with Conan name on it (hunderds of books and short stories so they tend to blend into each other sometimes also I've read them in both czech and english so that doesn't help either. Now about the story I am almost 100% sure it was a conan book but if it wasnt then please feel free to stone me. It had some priest/archpriest/mage/wizard from either stygia or old acheron conan had a female companion who I think was an archer and some soldier/noble ally who was trying to keep the undead/zombies from attacking some small outpost at some point they were in underground and met the priest. Also Conan acted as a scout at some point and they were running desperately from the undead. I am extremely sorry for the way I am wording it but it comes in small pieces and I am not even sure about half of them. I think I've read it about a year maybe 2 years ago and it wasn't one of the old books from either howard or authors like Jordan or Maddox. I really want to read the book again so if anoyne here can help me I would be really grateful!

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Tarzan123 | 2 comments I am kinda reviving a necro at this point but I wasn't able to find the book even after so much time and I might as well add what I vaguely remembered. When they met the wizard/priest/whatever for the first time it wasn't in the end of the book I am pretty sure and I have a feeling they fled using a boat there was this underground river? Well it's not much for a new info but maybe some good samaritan might be able to help me.

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