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(( okie dokie! you’re all good! this post might be super long, just because i have to explain how hydra got him. i’ll have this between civil war and infinity war ))

Darkness was all he saw. It was all he ever saw since he went into cryo in Wakanda. His permanent slumber was cut short as he felt his eyes open, his chamber being torn apart. Too dazed and still asleep to react quickly enough, Hydra put him under and dragged him out of the chamber, removing him from his frozen state immediately. Bucky was transferred out of Wakanda before anyone could notice, his body immediately being strapped down as he found himself back in Hydra’s headquarters. As soon as his eyes laid upon the black book marked with a red star, he cried out in agony. “No!” He screamed. However it was too late.
They began to call out the words, “желание, ржaвый, Семнадцать...”
Bucky let out a scream, thrashing around aggressively. “I won’t!”
They ignored him, continuing to trigger him into becoming their Winter Soldier. “Рассвет, Печь, Девять, добросердечный, возвращение на родину, Один, грузовой вагон.” It was over. Winter was here. Winter looked up with a deathly glare as the officer smiled at him, “Доброе утро, солдат.”
“Я готов отвечать.” Winter grumbled, his voice dark and haunting. He listened to his instructions on his assignment and victim before he got up from his seat, exiting the room quite quickly. He strapped multiple guns to his back, loading himself up with ammo before he headed off in a jet to New York.
Arriving in New York, Winter immediately tracked down Jillian’s location, hiding inside her apartment extremely well. As he heard her return home, he slowly pulled the gun off his back and into his arms, furrowing his eyebrows as he silently loaded the weapon.

(( trigger words: longing, rusted, seventeen, daybreak, furnace, nine, benign, homecoming, one, freight car
convo: “good morning, soldier” “ready to comply” ))

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Winter watched her relax on the couch, narrowing his eyes as his watched her intensely. He began to raise his gun, aiming at her expertly. This should be such an easy kill, even if she was an agent at SHIELD. He focused hard and looked in the scope over at her petite body. A memory suddenly flashed through his head. She looked way too much like one of his girls from the war. He blinked a few times, trying to push the thought away so he could go through with killing her.

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Winter fought so hard to push the trigger on the gun, but Bucky was fighting harder to stop him. He sighed and lowered the gun, simply just watching Jillian from his hiding spot in the darkness of her apartment. He sighed quietly, still trying to figure out how he would kill her, but his inner Bucky Barnes was fighting to keep her alive, knowing that she was someone that he should be working with.

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Winter immediately moved to another hiding spot in the darkness, switching to a pistol as she was much closer now. He was extremely talented and strategic, as he was one of the best assassins in the world. He focused on her, making sure that he was hidden, especially behind his mask. The Bucky inside him continued to scream and fight, begging him to spare this girl’s life. She didn’t deserve to die. She was a hero.

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(( just a heads up that i’m heading to the harry styles concert so i won’t be very active at all ))

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(( omg do you live in michigan??? ))

Winter’s inner self forced himself to step out of the darkness before he could stop himself. He sighed silently and looked at her, keeping the pistol in his hands as he glared over at her. He was ordered to kill her, yet it was becoming the most impossible task in the world. Even harder than hurting Steve.

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(( omg stan twitter is the best ))

Winter slowly lowered his gun, his hands trembling as he fought to keep it up. He had never lost control this easily before. “Bucky’s not here. He’s gone.” He finally spoke, his voice rough and quiet. “He’s not coming back....not anymore.” He growled, looking at her intensely.

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Winter trembled. It was obvious that he was trying to put the gun up but failing. “He’s never coming back. Just stop trying.” He growled, sighing as he dropped the gun to the floor, looking down at it in surprise. What was happening to him? Bucky was stronger than he remembered.

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Winter was breaking and he didn’t know how. He was born to kill and right now, he couldn’t do it. He held his hands up, balling his fists. “Stop. I’m supposed to kill you.” He murmured quietly, his eyebrows furrowed with frustration.

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“H-Hydra. Woke Winter up and told me my mission. My only purpose in life is to kill. And my mission right now is you.” Winter spoke lowly, continuing to hold his fists up in front of him. He looked at her, unsure of why he hadn’t strangled her to death yet.

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Winter flinched and stepped back immediately when she touched his arm. This was nothing like himself. If Winter was in full control, he would have grabbed her arm and snapped it like it was easy. “No.” He whispered quietly, stepping back.

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Winter immediately pulled her into a death grip, making sure she could still breathe. “I need you to lay low. Make it looks like I killed you. P-Please. Bucky is fighting too strong and I can’t bring myself to kill you but Hydra will kill me if my mission isn’t complete.” He whispered in her ear.

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Bucky gently wiped her tears away, sighing quietly. “Don’t cry, please. Bucky is so much stronger than before. Please don’t cry, I’m begging you.” He murmured quietly, keeping her tight in his arms.

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“You can help me by staying away. As much as I’m not allowed to say it, I want Bucky back.” Winter whispered, breaking down and losing his murderous stance. No one had ever broken Winter. “He’s a good guy.”

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“I can’t hurt you, but if Hydra knows I didn’t, then they’ll come for both of us. I can’t let them find you. You’ve been a good friend to Bucky.” Winter whispered, looking down sadly at her as she lifted off his mask.

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Winter looked down at her. He had an idea of what could finally break him and bring out Bucky. “Kiss me. I think it’ll bring out Bucky.” He whispered quietly, looking down at her as he gently placed his hands on her upper arms.

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Winter kissed her lightly, his hands moving to cup her face as gently as he could. As he relaxed into the kiss, he felt Winter slip away and Bucky return. “Please tell me I didn’t hurt you.” He whispered softly, his voice much gentler and sweeter. The big teddy bear, Bucky Barnes, was back.

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“Good. I’m so sorry, Jill.” Bucky whispered quietly, holding her to his chest as he sighed softly. “I let them get me. I was too weak when I came out of cryo to fight it.” He murmured, stroking her hair. He felt awful for even letting Winter scare her. Winter terrified him.

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He held onto her tightly, stroking her hair as he took deep breaths. “Thank you, for kissing Winter, and me. Without you, more people would be dead.” Bucky murmured, shuddering at the thought of him killing more innocent people. “I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

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“I don’t know either. I need to find Steve and let him know I’m okay. I also need to go into hiding. People think I’m dangerous, so they’ll be out to get me. I don’t want to hurt anyone, Jill.” Bucky murmured and pulled back a bit.

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Bucky sighed quietly, taking a few deep breaths to calm himself. “Okay, thank you, Jill.” He whispered and lightly kissed the top of her head. “I appreciate it.” He smiled weakly, brushing his hair out of his eyes.

((Silver O. Smith - Can't turn off disorders.)) ((Such a good role-play...Pity.))

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