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message 1: by Anne ✨ (last edited Jun 26, 2018 10:29AM) (new)

Anne ✨ Finds Joy (annefindsjoy) | 718 comments Wow, it's almost July... how did the last month go by so fast? Our summer activities are in full swing now! If you haven't joined any activities yet, check out the links below and we sure hope you join us in any/all of our activities! They're easy and fun, and you can do them all!

Sweet and Cool Summer Read More:
- Track your reads and strive for a goal, cheer on fellow readers, bi-weekly prize giveaways! Challenge details are here...

Summer PenPal Icebreaker Challenge
- Recommend your favorite books, and send / receive PenPal messages based on reading / recommending a book. Challenge details are here...

Goodreads Summer Themed Reading Challenge
Challenge yourself to read books from a summer-themed task list. Choose as many or as few tasks as you'd like, and track your progress in the thread. Challenge details here

July Copycat Challenge
Get paired with a partner, and choose to read one book from their read shelf. July sign-up is OPEN now through June 30. Sign-up here...

Monthly Themed Buddy Reads
July's theme is Inspiring Books. We've set-up a discussion thread for the BOTM A Brief History of Time. And you can also post your interest to start or join a buddy read on any other inspiring book this month. Start here in this thread

Wishing everyone a July filled with heaps of reading, penpal'ng, and having fun.

--The Mods

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message 2: by Jazzy (new)

Jazzy Lemon (jazzylemon) | 494 comments A new edition of A Brief History of Time is now on sale as well!

message 3: by Zoe (new)

Zoe (zo-ereader) | 490 comments The August CopyCat Challenge thread
has been opened! Start signing up to participate (:

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