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message 1: by Hanleigh (new)

Hanleigh Bradley (hanleighbradley) | 1 comments Cursed By The Crown - Kumari's Kitsune A Reverse Harem
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Trust was a liberty that as Kumari, Bae could not afford, especially after the murder of Bae’s mother, the late Kumari.
The Kumari bloodline had to continue regardless of the cost, even if it was the life of someone she loved.
There were only two things that a Kumari should trust; magic and her seven mates.
The race was on for Bae to find and claim her seven mates before she would have to defend her realm from an unknown enemy.
With them, she still might not win, but alone she would definitely fail.

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message 2: by Ramla (new)

Ramla | 4 comments Description:

A group of friends enter a haunted house in the name of adventure. The house is not haunted but occupied by a warlock, Micavelious who is under a curse that is killing him and he needs to find a cure.
Magnus is another powerful warlock who is ruthless and lacks empathy. Magnus, once loved a woman named Horatia but someone killed her. Now he is waiting for her return because a seer told him that the witch killed unjustly always returns.
Sandy is a witch running from her family but now that her friend's life is in danger, she has to return but will the coven accept her back?
Magnus is blaming Micavelious for Horatia's murder but who is really behind it?

message 3: by Tamuna (new)

Tamuna Tsertsvadze | 6 comments Gift of the Fox

In the kingdom of Wanglong, slave girls work in the royal palace. Three girls - Tamie Beanson, Tiegan Brown and Liz Schettner - are close friends to each other. They serve as water-maids in the palace and occasionally do some other work. They all are from three different kingdoms and belonged to different classes.

The three girls strive hard to live and survive and hope to regain their lost freedom. But meanwhile, they get to contemplate the life of seven princes - the sons of Wang Ru - the emperor of Wanglong and the son of Wang Long, the founder of the empire.

The girls have fun watching the princes' lives, but Tamie has a crush on one of them, so the two friends are often teasing her. Tamie wishes to get closer to the prince she secretly admires - Wang Shao, the most mysterious of the seven. But as she is only a water-maid and a servant, she gets no chance to get closer to the boys. Furthermore, she is a woman, and women servants are regarded even lower than men. The men servants sometimes get to train together with the princes and even become their personal servants, aiding them in hunts and battles.

One day, Tamie rescues an injured fox from being captured by the princes, and Tiegan who is familiar with healing animals, helps her get the fox back to her feet.

Tamie is grieved that she is unable to reach her sweetheart, so she goes alone in the forest to lament, and dreams only if she were a boy. Once she makes this wish, her friend fox from before appears and breathes at her while she's still sleeping.

Later when Tamie wakes up, she feels she has somehow changed... but everything gets clear when she crawls up to the river and looks into the water, just to discover what that 'change' actually is...

She looks in the water, but it reflects a boy...

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