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Who do you think is Braver: Neville Longbottom or Harry Potter?!
Kaitlyn Chien Kaitlyn Jun 26, 2018 06:58AM
Neville and Harry have been through some tough things, but I think Neville is braver! One, he had a rough childhood just like Harry, Two, He wasn't magically gifted like Harry so he had to cope with a disadvantage, Three, he's not the Chosen One, Four, Harry had Hermione and Ron while Neville didn't, and lastly, he wasn't naturally brave-which made him even braver!

I would say that Neville and Harry are two different people and they are both brave, but in different ways. Harry has in some ways been forced to be brave by his circumstances, by being the chosen one. His bravery comes mostly, I feel, from his desire to keep the people he loves save. I don't think he even registers it as bravery, but simply that someone he cares about is in danger and he has to help. Nevilles bravery feels much more like a choice. He doesn't actually need to be brave. It helps him as a person to find the strength to stand up for himself and others, of course, but the weight of the wizarding world isn't upon his shoulders. Both have been put in the house of the brave, but Neville spends years doubting that decision, believing himself to be coward. Neville chooses to be brave. To stand up even when it scares him.

While both are completely different characters, Harry was always kind of expected to do all of those "heroic" things until it became almost second nature. Neville, however, was never expected to do much of anything by anyone, making his "heroics" seem much braver than Harry's. Both are extremely brave, but Neville just stands out more for his bravery in my mins.

Neville is braver because Harry is always facing dangerous and scary things and it really didn't mean much to him to be brave as much as when Neville faced such things. Neville rarely faces scary things and when he does it is real courage. So Neville is braver than Harry



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