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Gabii (gabiireads) | 7 comments Mod
Hello, my fellow introverts!
We are gathered today to pick the next 2 books for the beautiful month that is July. Yes, you heard it right. I decided to have 2 books to read every single month because I wanted you to have the freedom to choose between two different books and different genres. If you want and are willing to spend more time reading something picked here, you can read both books and share your thoughts with everyone. It's your choice!
The genres that people from Instagram picked are:
Now, I might already have the books picked, but if you have recommendations, please leave them here so everyone else can see them.

The books that we are going to read in JULY are going to be revealed to you tomorrow, so be sure to check this place for more details. Or you can go to Instagram and search Introverted Book Club and there you are going to find the titles. Be sure to follow me there and on my bookstagram because that's where I will talk more about the book club.
Till then, I hope you have an amazing day/night and happy reading!

Love, a fellow introvert.

message 2: by Paul (new)

Paul (paulmelki) | 3 comments Excited to know what the books are and start the group read!

message 3: by Gabii (new)

Gabii (gabiireads) | 7 comments Mod
Paul wrote: "Excited to know what the books are and start the group read!"
I'm happy to know that!

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