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Episodes > Episode 53 - Chris Talks Bone Fragments AND Our Little Women Readalong!

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message 1: by Emily (new)

Emily | 284 comments Mod
Chris went to CrimeConn and she has a lot to tell us about how to dispose of a dead body. We start our summer of readalongs with Little Women.

message 2: by Robin (new)

Robin | 47 comments Great episode! Thank you, and I’ll put in a plug to read The Poisonwood Bible. It’s amazing!! Still makes top 10 reads

message 3: by Carol (last edited Jun 30, 2018 07:55AM) (new)

Carol (ckubala) | 11 comments My road of good intentions.

My initial plan was to re-read Little Women but then I thought it might be more interesting to read a biography about Louisa May Alcott. I now have two, Eden's Outcasts: The Story of Louisa May Alcott and Her Father and Louisa May Alcott which I have not read. Will I? Probably.

I enjoyed listening to the Cougars thoughts on the book and also hearing other listener's opinions. What I remember the most about reading Little Women years ago is the character Jo. I so loved her tom-boyishness. That was me. I wanted to play ball with the boys at recess and teachers insisted I jump rope. That is only one example. In my heart I always knew that Jo was semi-autobiographical. Of course there is more but that is my prominent remembrance. Oh, let me add sisters. I so wanted a sister. I had two brothers, me in the middle. I craved that relationship. My brothers were 6 years older, 7 years younger and we had little in common. I waltzed over the Civil War and still tend to do this today. I never realized that the UK and Canadian editions only included half the story.

Second round of good intentions - In my younger days I could remember everything I wanted to do, any event I wanted to attend and every commitment in my job. In retirement that has all gone to pot. I need, I mean need, to keep a calendar but I also need to remember to add things to it. Consider Ferguson Library's hosting of CrimeCONN. Though a trek for me I'm certain I would have loved this. Next year, when I see it announced, I'm buying a ticket right away. Thanks Chris for giving us the highlights of this interesting event.

Read Sudden Sea: The Great Hurricane of 1938 as a library non-fiction book group pick. We all learned a great deal and though horrific to read of the devastation, we gave it high marks for a good narrative history of this event.

As always, an illuminating episode.

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