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Vitoria awkwardly walked into Andy's apartment and looked around the room. She jumped a little at the sight of Cas but quickly warmed up to him as he let her sniff at her hand then scratched him behind the ears. She glanced at the expensive computer stuff and rose her eyebrows but didn't question it. She'd heard of hackers before and she wouldn't be surprised if Andy was one of them. She decided not to question any further for now, not when she was being offered a place to crash.

"Why are you doing this?" she questioned. She still couldn't quite shake off the look in Xander's eyes from her dream... or from real life, for that matter. She tried ignoring it and blinking away the thought, focusing only on Andy which - though she didn't want to admit it - made her feel better.

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Vitoria fell silent and followed after Andy, noticing how nervous she was. Vitoria didn't necessarily blame her, she was nervous, too. You really couldn't trust anyone these days, so why would Andy let her into her home? She scanned the living room awkwardly, looking for exits in case she needed to escape in a hurry.

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Vitoria raised her eyebrows at Andy, surprised that she'd opened up so quickly and easily. She felt her shoulders loosen slightly and she could breathe again - even if they were shallow breaths. She licked her lips, thinking hard about what to say. She didn't want to fuck this up - not that she cared.

"I was abused a lot as a kid," she said, surprising even herself. "Still have nightmares and PTSD from it." She swallowed and moved to the couch, sitting down hesitantly and staring at the floor for a minute. "Thank you," she finally whispered.

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[[ ooohhh good idea ]]

Vitoria smiled down at Cas and scratched him behind the ears and rubbed his head. She'd always wanted a dog ever since she was little but her, er, lifestyle wasn't ever suitable for one. She looked back up at Andy and watched her retreat into her bedroom, her smirk returning to her face at her last comment. "Keep telling yourself that, hun!" she called back teasingly.

When she fell asleep that night, she didn't have a nightmare.

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At the sound of rustling and movement, Vitoria woke up slowly. Her eyes fluttered open and her heart began racing at the unfamiliar surroundings before everything came back to her. She finally relaxed again and sat up, rubbing her eyes. She pushed herself off of the couch and walked into the kitchen, stopping dead in her tracks when she saw Andy in only her underwear and a large t-shirt.

Vitoria's eyes slipped down below Andy's waist and lingered there for a moment before she realized what she was doing. She blinked and looked back up, clearing her throat.

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Vitoria licked her lips and forced herself to keep her eyes on Andy's. "Er, yeah, cereal would be nice." It had been a long time since she'd had something like cereal for food. Half of the time she was eating cheap beans from the market or whatever cost the least amount of credits. She shrugged her jacket off, revealing a black tank-top underneath, and hung it on the back of one of the chairs.

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Vitoria smirked a little at Andy's clear discomfort but quickly wiped it off her face. She didn't want to get attached but she couldn't help the feeling that she should at least try to get this girl to like her. Besides, she was cute and helped her out of a pretty rough situation last night.

"Er, do you have milk? For the cereal?" Vitoria wondered if she should take off her own pants for a split second as if that would make the situation less awkward. She quickly waved the thought away.

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Vitoria's stomach did several somersaults when Andy bent to get the milk. She pried her eyes away and brushed the feeling away. This was ridiculous, what was she doing? I'm here because I need to be here. I need food and a place to stay. This has nothing to do with Andy.

"Mm, no, normal milk is fine, thanks." She poured milk into her cereal bowl and took a bite, glancing up to see Andy's cheek slightly pink. She looked back down, somewhat satisfied by her reaction. She pushed that thought away with all the other thoughts she'd had about the other girl this morning.

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Vitoria pushed aside the tiny feeling of disappointment when Andy returned with pants on. She found herself pushing away a lot of feelings lately. She stood up and took her bowl to the sink while pondering Andy's question. Did she have plans for the day? "I think I have a drug run to do," she answered casually. She turned back around, leaning against the counter and looking at Andy. "But I can find more things to do if you don't want me hanging out in your apartment. I get it... Really." She knew she wouldn't want a stranger - even if it was her dealer - hanging out in her apartment alone. And this was a nice apartment for tier one.

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Vitoria bit back a smile but she couldn't help the butterflies overwhelming her stomach. Do not get attached, do not get attached. She was just lonely, obviously. Maybe it could be fun to have someone tag along for her drug journey. "Yeah, of course, you can," she replied. "Just be careful, I deal with some pretty dangerous people," she teased. She knew that Andy could take care of herself, and she obviously said that in a teasing way to get under Andy's skin... Not because she actually cared if she was careful... Obviously.

She stood up and stretched some more, not realizing how her tank top rose up past her belly button when she stretched.

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Vitoria rose her eyebrows, clearly amused and okay, maybe a little turned on. She gazed after andy, her eyes widening when she left the door open. She bit her lower lip as she watched Andy change, not able to tear her eyes away. Her heart was racing and the butterflies in her stomach at this point had turned to dragons. She felt her face begin to flush. This is fine. This is normal. This does not mean you're getting attached.

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Vitoria's mouth fell open when Andy spoke and she quickly blinked, looking away. "I-uh... I don't know what you're, uh, talking about," she stumbled over her words, her face flushing to the point that it burned. It wasn't her fault that Andy left the door open while she was changing. And it definitely wasn't her fault that her eyes weren't responding to her brain.

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Her eyes narrowed playfully at the look on Andy's face. She was clearly enjoying what she was doing to Vitoria. But two could play at that game. "That would be nice, actually." She slipped her tank top off, now only in her bra. She brushed past Andy into her bedroom. "What do you have for me?" She tried fighting the urge to cower but her stubbornness was far more powerful than her self-consciousness.

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Vitoria's smirk grew when she saw the other girl's expression and burning face, proud that her stunt had worked. She watched Andy open a drawer and speak, trying to concentrate on what she was saying and barely registering any of it. When she finally realized that Andy was no longer speaking, she went to her dresser and looked around carefully for something to wear. She eventually settled on a plain white t-shirt that was maybe a little too tight, but otherwise fit fine.

"Anything for jeans?" she asked next while tugging off her own.

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Vitoria held back a laugh, feeling incredibly happy with herself at this moment. She picked out a pair of skinny blue jeans and slid them on before turning back to Andy. The girl looked shocked and a bit pink. She ran a hand through her hair and congratulated herself on a job well done while trying to think of what to say next. Really, all she could think about was how cute Andy looked when she was flustered.

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Vitoria's smirk turned into a grin as she followed. "I think the more important question is what are you blushing for?" she said to herself, hoping that Andy wouldn't hear. She chuckled at Andy's comment to Cas. "Hey, don't put me on his bad side," she teased back while patting the dog on the head.

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Vitoria grinned some more as she continued petting Cas. "I wish I could have a dog," she sighed wistfully. "I'm glad at least he likes me." She stood up straight again and looked up at Andy and tried pushing her smile away, but to no avail. She simply couldn't help it. She always thought that Andy was attractive, but something about what happened last night changed everything for her. Her cuteness bumped up times ten, as did Vitoria's gayness.

She licked her lips and finally broke eye contact. "Anyway, er, drug run."

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