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Fahad Janjua The book is a story of a person who was obsessed with negative thoughts once in his life and then he channelize his negative obsession into positive outcomes. The book might be repetitive but it has some value. Criticism is very easy to make but writing a whole book needs guts - a lot of them.

Julyandra it's a good one for me, to sum it up you need to alter your focus on success and be obsessed with it, author also give some insight how being obsessed can change his life, and for me, it might change my life also, since i tried to apply his method by channeling my negative obsession into a positive one, overall its worth to read.

Sean The concept of BOBO AKA Be Obsessed or Be Average is developed around the idea that 99.9% of people are basically just making it through life due to their lack of extreme focus on their goals. There's not going to be a do-over coming your way. Carpe diem and ignore the dumb aspects of life.

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