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Assassination of Abraham Lincoln > "Killing Lincoln" by Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard

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message 1: by Maria (new)

Maria Thomas | 3 comments I'm not sure if I am doing this correctly. But I own a ton of books about President Abraham Lincoln... and one book that really touches on the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, is "Killing Lincoln" by Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard. I couldn't put it down when I ready it 5 years ago. It takes all of this historical information and put it into a well written story giving you both interaction with the conspirators and Booth, and with President Abraham Lincoln. While the show doesnt give you much perspective from the President, expect when Lucy is with him at the play, it'll just fill you in more. I highly recommend this book if you enjoyed this episode.

message 2: by Jamie (new)

Jamie (wonderwaugh79) | 45 comments Mod
Thank you! I will check it out. I definitely want to learn more about the other conspirators since I don’t recall learning about anyone but Booth. I just finished Hanging Mary and it has rekindled my interest in this event!

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