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Lena was frazzled. Her day had been long - three hours of testing, having to restart the entire experiment all over again, then tracking down where all of her missing equipment was, only to find that her experiment had been ruined by her partner while she was searching for said equipment. She was so frazzled that she'd nearly mixed the chemicals to create a pure, crystalline form of diacetyl peroxide, or (CH₃CO₂)₂, a white solid peroxide that posed a great explosion hazard in the lab. With her attention diverted and having not been watching the temperature in the room - how could she not realize the they had not controlled the thermostat in the room and it had been steadily rising? - the material that was sensitive to temperature rises was at risk of decomposing violently and catching fire. She even feared that it could have combusted spontaneously if she hadn't put it out in time.

So, naturally, when she had made it out of the lab, her dark hair all in her face and her eyes blinking close with exhaustion, her limbs slumping. Lena didn't really want to have any visitors. Well, she hadn't expected any visitors this late in the night either, so forgive her for not trying to be in a better mood.

The front door to her apartment slammed closed and she'd only just shrugged off her lab coat on the couch and discarded her shoes that she heard a knock at the door. Blearily, Lena called out, "Who is it?" It wasn't all that late yet, around nine o'clock, and it very possible that this was just a round of random inspection, so she kept her tone polite, watching the door while she waited for a response. But, her impatience got the better of her and she found herself attached to the door, pressing her eye against the small hole of glass that would allow her to see the other side of the door.

"Cain?" she gasped, catching sight of his familiar features and that typical unruly hair even through the small peephole.

Immediately she stepped back, rubbing at her eyes. Around her blue eyes, there was red lining surrounding all of her upper face. Her goggles from the lab had left the prints behind on her face and no amount of rubbing at her irritated skin had made the lines go away. With her last ditch attempts at making herself seem even the slightest bit presentable seeming feeble, Lena just decided to open the door to her apartment, greeting her brother face to face.

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There he was, in the flesh. She began her immediate inspection of him, not even giving a proper greeting to him as she scanned his entire being. His face was clear of any blemishes and the muscles around his eyes and mouth seemed like they were relaxed. He certainly didn't look tense and his outfit was put together enough that she believed he might have tried to look nice. Dark hair that matched her own was swept down in the way that she had always been accustomed to seeing him have it when they grew up together. At least, that was one thing that hadn't changed in their years of being adults.

Lena was tugged into an embrace before she could get any words out. Her arms were too weak to even protest, but, instead, just succumbing to his arms wrapping around her. She instinctively placed her head on his shoulder when she felt his warm, familiar body squeezing hers. She let out a breath that she didn't realize she had been holding since she'd heard the knock.

Lena knew that it was because she missed Cain and that despite her exhaustion and general mood, she was relieved and excited to see him.

Her own messy locks fell in her face from it's loose ponytail when he'd pulled away from the embrace, reprimanding her. Lena simply rolled her eyes, retorting in the most charming way, "I am taking a break. I'm taking it now."

This was her way of saying that, yes, she should have taken a break to eat earlier. But, her day just had not allowed it. Her stomach now betrayed her, growling loudly from the lack of a proper diet that day. Lena simply gave him an apologetic shrug of her shoulders, pulling away from his arms and closing the door of the apartment behind him.

"Do you want something to eat, Cain? I'm sure I could whip something up for us," she suggested, though it was well known between the two of them that Lena did not excel in the art of mixing ingredients for food as she did in mixing the chemicals for a reaction.

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”She’d tell me that I need to put on weight and ask me to move back in with her is what she would say,” Lena grumbled, lips pursing at the thought of their mother. She obviously had the better relationship with their mother considering she was the baby of the family. But even so, their mother was a high maintenance woman and she always made it an effort to meddle in her children’s lives even though both of them were well off as adults managing their own lives. She especially tried with Lena because she worried that Lena couldn’t take the responsibility of her work and needed to be doted on like some useless doll in their family home instead of living alone in this apartment. But, Lena didn’t let that slide and continued to work and live on her own just like she wanted.

She followed him into the kitchen, leaning on the counter beside him with a thoughtful smile. “I almost made a bomb at work today. Could have blown up a good mile,” Lena offered, though her smile seemed to wane some. She seemed a bit lost in thought, her mind traveling back to the work place and all the items on her to do list.

“Ammonia. I need more ammonia tomorrow morning,” she muttered under her breath, turning around at the counter and now looking through the drawers. Her movements were almost frantic as if the task not being done could be detrimental. But then she slowed to a stop, finding a pen in one of the drawers and immediately writing a reminder on the palm of her hand.

She let out a sigh, discarding the pen on the side. Lena seemed perfectly normal when she asked him then with a pleasant smile, “And you? Anything interesting you’ve done?”

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The way that Cain showed concern for her was endearing and Lena warmly smiled at him for showing it. Considering that she was nearly always on her own, Lena didn’t always remember to take care of herself and she’d push herself to such exhaustive lengths to get work down. It was a nice relief to have someone hold her arm and remind her that she needed to take a break to eat and to breathe and to, of course, live.

Her attention was on him as he gave a vague response to her question. A single eyebrow ticked up on her forehead, but she didn’t push the subject because it was certain that he didn’t want to explain himself at all. She came by his side as he worked on the pasta, deciding to let whatever it was on his mind go. Instead, she talked about herself, knowing that he was always felt better giving advice to her than talking about himself.

“So, I saw that guy again. The one who lives two doors down,” Lena started, though that nagging tone in her voice made it obvious that she wasn’t incredibly happy about seeing said guy. “I mean, I was bound to see him again since he lives here, but now that I’ve noticed him, I’m always seeing him.”

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((Oooh awesome! when do you want to do them?))

“No,” she started to protest, her lips spread as she attempted to come up with some kind of plausible excuse as to why seeing her neighbor more often now irritated her so much. Her cheeks pooped red as she found herself stumped by his question, ears growing warm as she averted her brother’s teasing gaze. He always had the habit of turning nothings into somethings and she’d find out later that those somethings were never nothings, but that she’d just never paid enough attention or thought too deeply about it. That was likely what this neighbor business would become.

Lena began to pout when her feeble attempts at making an excuse didn’t really work out and he’d return to working on the pasta he was making for her. “I mean, he didn’t necessarily do anything,” she tried again, adamant about coming up with some reason for the irritation she felt. If her brother saw that same man every morning like she did, she was sure he’d understand her dilemma.

“He’s always so smug and cocky and, god, Cain, he has this stupid smirk and he’s just - just always smirking at me like he knows some secret of mine or something. And I don’t even have any secrets!” Lena explained, hands gesturing a bit more frantic and eyes widening. Cain was a guy too, so he must have some explanation for why this other, unbearable man continued to bother her every morning.

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