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message 1: by Andrew (new)

Andrew Chamberlain (andychamberlain) | 272 comments Mod
Hi everyone,

I recently got a subscription from Audible for my birthday - the one where you can choose 12 books in one go. But what to choose? I enjoy Science Fiction, but have also read fantasy, crime / police procedural, and have enjoyed some literary fiction. What twelve titles would you recommend?

message 2: by Justin (new)

Justin Smith (halfgleason) American Gods by Neil Gaiman is a great listen as it is a full cast production. I also enjoyed Doctor Sleep by Stephen King and Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut. I'm currently working my way through all the A Song of Ice and Fire books by George R.R. Martin (which is why I'm behind on my podcast listening). I don't know if any of these help, but I'll let you know if I find more Audible titles I enjoy.

message 3: by Andrew (new)

Andrew Chamberlain (andychamberlain) | 272 comments Mod
Thanks for the tips J.

It's interesting as well that you refer to the fact that listneing to audiobooks impacts on podcast listening, I am expecting my expereience to be the same as this, I might evne need to slim down the podcasts I lsiten to - although itunes does a pretty good job of that by stopping donwloads from anything I've not listened to for a week or so.

message 4: by Justin (new)

Justin Smith (halfgleason) I was subscribed to about ten podcasts before my Audible subscription. Now I'm down to three and they're all short.

message 5: by Andrew (new)

Andrew Chamberlain (andychamberlain) | 272 comments Mod
I think that says it all!

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