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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Romance: Girl in her 20's vacations in Greece to get over a breakup, meets guy from UK, holiday romance, sightsee in hired car, they return to UK... Spoilers ahead.

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message 1: by Vicky (new)

Vicky | 2 comments Hi, I read this book in early 00s I think, my friend lent it to me and I remember it have a blue cover.
It’s about a twenty something girl going on holiday to Greece to get over a break up and she meets a guy from the uk, they have a holiday romance and I seem to remember they hired a car and found small coves to sightsee. They return to the uk but things don’t work out. Towards the end of the book the guy then tries to apologise and I seem to remember that he goes to her flat, she doesn’t let him in. Outside her flat they are painting the white lines on the road and he uses the machine to write a sorry message on the tarmac which he then gets wrong.
They are the only things I can remember but I would love to find it as it was the first book I ever read!!
Any ideas?

message 2: by Kris (new)

Kris | 37365 comments Mod
Vicky, are they from the same UK region or city like London?

I removed the spoiler from the topic header. Feel free to update the header using the small "edit" link on the desktop website (not the mobile app).

message 3: by Lobstergirl, au gratin (new)

Lobstergirl | 41393 comments Mod
Vicky, are you still looking for this or did you find it?

message 4: by Vicky (new)

Vicky | 2 comments Still looking for it…

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