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message 1: by Emily (new)

Emily | 2 comments Dystopian zombie apocalypse novel finished after 7 years.

60k words. It's as good as I can get it on my own. Three different threads: a Vietnam war vet, an actress, and a 4th grader. I have a sample so you can check out the writing style before committing. Looking for any type of feedback, mostly stuff like what isn't working, plot holes, things that are obvious but I can't see cause I'm too close to it, thoughts on characters.


Also if someone can tell me how to paste into google docs from Scrivener without losing formatting.. can't figure it out!

Thank you.

message 2: by Christine (new)

Christine Kaulfers Vonderhaar | 5 comments Hi! I read the first few pages and like it so far!

Can I take like 15-20k at first and see how it goes? I have a beta read I’m finishing up but could start yours in a few days.

Message me and I’ll send you my email address. 🙂

message 3: by Emily (new)

Emily | 2 comments Hi Christine,

I can't figure out how to send you a message, can you message me?


message 4: by Mike (new)

Mike (literallyliterary) | 8 comments 7 years? George R.R. that you? Is this Winds of Winter? But seriously, I'm always up for a zombie read. I'd be happy to give it a go. Send what you want to

message 5: by James (new)

James | 29 comments Hi, Emily.

I also wrote a dystopian and need beta swaps.

Email me if you want to swap beta reading.

message 6: by Falan (new)

Falan Rowe | 12 comments I’d love to read it. I’ll send you a PM.

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