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✯ Nikki ✯ | 590 comments Thanks mah dear! Especially thanks for putting the link, it helps a ton since I'm on my phone.

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Most people like the link. haha We can make character bios, i'm not picky on the length. (:

I'm gonna say the writer is in his min or early twenties 23~26

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✯ Nikki ✯ | 590 comments Okay :) how old were you thinking?

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Name: Connor Sherman
Age: 25


History: Grew up in New York and stayed in New York. One good book that he wrote in high school paid his way through college and got him into a writing career quickly. Problem is he's very easily distracted and has wasted months leaving him with one month to write a novel.

Attitude: A bit of a snob, quit witted, funny, charming, friendly

Pluses: Has a good job (for now), loves to have a good time, is very considerate

Minuses: Can speak before thinking, gets frustrated easily, wastes time

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Nikki Lyn ~Female. Fe= Iron Male= Man Therefore I am Iron Man~ wrote: "Okay :) how old were you thinking?"


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✯ Nikki ✯ | 590 comments Name: Acelynn or Ace Carson

Age: 24


Personality: Raven is bubbly and nerdy but has a strange outtake on life. She doesn't see the point in sugar coating things, it's all black and white. She generally speaks her mind unless she knows she's in a place where she shouldnt.

She loves talking to people but her lack of a filter has gotten her into trouble. She loves making her brain work hard and always testing her limits to get better.


Acelynn was raised by her mom only. Her father died when she was 2 so she never remembered him. Her older brother is her best friend and protector.

Growing up crime always interested her. Even when she reached college she wanted to be a detective and get into the minds of criminals. She graduated at the top of her class and has really been excelling in her work.

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Awesome! Shall I start? (:

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✯ Nikki ✯ | 590 comments Yes please :) I might be going to sleep soon though. It's getting late for me.

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Same here! I'll start it off but don't bother replying back till tomorrow cause I'm signing off as well (:

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✯ Nikki ✯ | 590 comments Alright sounds good :)

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Connor sighed, brushing his hair and his glasses up his face. The sun shined through his window in front of his desk. His small fan moved left to right, cooling off the room as much as it could. The building, being as old as it was wasn't able to hold a ceiling fan or handle the power of them, so this made summer even more delightful. Connor's head banged from the effects of last night, too much was too much. And now he had trouble. Just that morning the president at the publishing company had called Connor to remind him of his due date on his next best seller. Connor gave them a fake positive answer but knew his time was actually running out. He was to write a whole novel in a month! He hadn't even started on the first page. Again he rubbed his eyes, this book had to get done.

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✯ Nikki ✯ | 590 comments ((I'm sorry I never replied to this. As of now I am unable to rp due to the fact that I am kind of on vacation. Do you mind if we start this on Monday? I will be free then.))

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Yeah that's fine! haha sorry I didn't reply to this sooner!

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