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Jackson | 20 comments G'day Librarians,

For this book:

Can you please kindly add cover:

And description:

'It may seem odd,' says Piers Brendon, 'to write a "brief life" about someone who enjoyed such a long life.' But so many heavy books have been devoted to Winston Churchill that the man is in danger of being buried beneath his monuments. This biography resurrects him in brilliant form. It offers the general reader what is amazingly not otherwise available - a vivid, complete but miniature portrait of Churchill, set against the background of his career.

From Soldier to war correspondent in Queen Victoria's reign, First Lord of the admiralty in 1914, Chancellor of the Exchequer in Baldwin's cabinet to the man who led his country to victory in the Second World War - Churchill's career was a saga of heroism and adventure unparalleled in modern times. The outline is well know, but Piers Brendon enriches his story with a wealth of unfamiliar detail. Churchill himself emerges as one of the most colourful and fascinating characters in this or any other age. He was a vibrant being with talents amounting to genius and faults amounting to infirmities, and often lovable, sometimes unlovely, but always great man.

Thank you!!


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Jackson | 20 comments thanks!

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warawara | 4 comments Hello,
can you add a cover for this edition:


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