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rimskur {Will post pictures later}

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Drystan got out of the car and opened Zara's for her.

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rimskur She snatched the car keys out of the ignition knowing that this car needed to be returned later. Smiling gratefully at Drystan, she exited the car and led the way inside the library.

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"Now how do I get a computer here."

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rimskur "Well, there should be a computer lab nearby." Zara mused out loud as she opened the front doors. The librarians sat at desks around shelves amongst readers and a few strewn out laptopsof students. Further back was a large room filled with monitors.

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Drystan pointed to the monitors near the back. "Back there."

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rimskur She nodded her head, allowing the doors to close behind her as she stepped forward in the direction of the computer lab. Thankfully, it was empty and fully available for them to do what they needed.

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Drystan sat at one of the computers and started typing into the incognito mode of a browser. It wouldn't help much, but he did it anyway. He began looking through the 1071 satellites to find details about their capabilities and strengths as well as their weaknesses. "This is going to take awhile."

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rimskur Lockong the door behind them, she stared outside to make sure there were no intriders. Besides, he was better at this type of thing. "How long?" She asked with hesitation.

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"About half an hour after I locate the satellite in Earth's orbit."

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rimskur She pressed her lipd together, glancing back out the window of the door before turning back to Drystan. "Alright, what should I do?" Zara asked, wanting to speed up the process.

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"Can you get the cord from my arm and put it into one of the USB ports on this computer. That'll save me five seconds." Drystan said with a smile.

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rimskur Five seconds? Well, every second counted, she guessed. With raised eyebrows, she pulled the cord from his arm and inserted it into one of the UsB ports to the left side of the computer. "Alright, done."

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"So what happened with Roy after we got there the first time." Drystan said, keeping his eyes on the screen. The screen showed a view of earth's orbit from the LANDSAT 7. It wasn't the satellite of his choice, but he was going through it for his evaluation.

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rimskur Cocking her head, she watched the images on the monitor, her foot shaking to occupy herself. "Why are you so keen on talking about him?" Zara scowled at him, crossing her arms in her lap.

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"No I want to talk about you and that counts as talking about what happened, Zar." Drystan said.

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rimskur She wrinkled her nose, looking over her shoulder at the clock on the wall. "He and I teleported in at the same place. I was being mean to him...we had an argument about the difference between homosexuals and bisexuals. I broke up with him and Andi showed up, so I left to find you." She summed it up quickly, rushing the words out of her mouth so that they could move on from the topic.

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"Isn't the difference between homosexuals and bisexuals kind of obvious based on the prefixes alone? "Homo- means same so that person is attracted to people of the same sex. Bi means two so that person attracted to people of both sexes. Why would you an argument about what those words mean?" Zara was being too vague for his liking. Drystan changed his focus to the details about the KH-13, an American spy satellite.

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rimskur "Oh, of course that's what you pick up from it." Zara scowled at him, prepared to swat him on the back of his head. "I'm not an idiot. I know the difference." She reprimanded him, her arms crossing over her chest. "Roy was deciding his sexuality. I was just giving him a shove." She further told, but desperately hoped that it was all the questions he had for now.

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"That's really nice of you, Zar. Especially after what he did to you." Before could respond, Drystan cursed. "Shit! I can't access the information on this slow of a computer and with this outdated arm. We'll try again later, but my attempt to access it gave away our location. I need you to help me detach my bionic arm since it was part of the process.

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rimskur She rolled her eyes, mimicking his words in a mutter under her breath. She looked over at him as she heard his outburst. Nodding her head, she stepped forward and unhooked the USB cord from the port and let the wire slip back. "Wait, so this Mist person knows where we are now?" Zara asked him as she helped him.

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"Or will know very soon. And I don't think someone that could get into the mind of a telepath is an opponent we should face if they are even coming for us.

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rimskur "Where do we go now?" Zara breathed her question, worry evident in her tone. When would this end? Would they have to drive al day and night like before?

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"Well we get my arm off and then we get me a new one. And not necessarily a tech arm."

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rimskur "Where the hell are we going to find you a new arm?" Zara crossed her arms over her chest uncomfortably.

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"One step at a time, Zar. First this arm has to go." Drystan sounded urgent.

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rimskur She sighed, not satisfied with his answer. But she reached forward and attempted to find a way to detach his bionic arm from his upper body.

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Drystan didn't know how to take it off himself. "Just rip it off." Drystan was impatient.

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rimskur She arched her eyevriws in question but did as he asked. Her hands grasoed around the metal arm and pulled back with her vampiric strength. The arm was yanked off and she stumbled back with it in her hands.

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Drystan yelled loudly from the pain. Drystan spoke between teeth because of how much it hurt. "You have to drive us out of here."

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rimskur She wrinkled her nose as she peered down at the contraption in her hand with broken wires on the side. She tossed it on the table and gestured for him to follow her out. "You'll heal soon." Zara offered with a slight shrug, pulling him out of the computer lab.

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"Yeah, but I don't think I'll grow another Tech Arm." Drystan said as he walked out with her, pressing a button on the arm to make it ruin the library's server. When this was over. He'd have to somehow make it up to the town.

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rimskur She shrugged her shoulders, giving him a side glance. "That didn't work so where am I driving us now?" Zara asjed him, pushing open the front doors of the library, innocently smiling and waving at the librarians as they exited.

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"We need to find Mr. Lawliet. I think he said he was a detective before he came to Groversdale." Drystan said.

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rimskur "Mr. Lawliet...alright." Zara sighed, traveling to the car they had borrowed. Hopefully, her teacher would not be busy at the moment and aid them.

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"This is a lot to handle. And I'll answer every question you want me too. I feel like I'm dragging you from place to place." Drystan said calmly.

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rimskur "I...I don't even know what questions to ask really." Zara shook her head, her eyebrows furrowing together as she approached the car they had borrowed and opened the side door.

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Drystan got into the car, his pain audible. "Same here. I'm kind of just going with my gut. But nothing makes sense anymore in this brain of mine."

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rimskur She frowned, starting the ignition of the car. Sighing softly, she reversed the car and began the drive back to campus where Mr. Lawliet's house resided. "You think he knows something about the Mist?" Zara questioned in a quiet voice.

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"I think he has better chance at figuring out who it is than we do."

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rimskur "And once we find whoever it is?" She pursed her lips, taking a turn.

((Hey, do you have Stephen Amell claimed yet?))

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((Yes I do. wanna share him?))

"We stop he or she by any means so we can live our lives" Drystan said painfully.

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rimskur ((I'm not sure. I've got a couple of older men like him, so I was thinking of shipping him with someone.))

She remained quiet for a moment longer. "I just...I just don' t understand this at all." Zara grew a bit frustrated, turning the wheel again.

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((I think I have him planned to be married with kids, but he could be a cheater?))

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rimskur ((Mmm...sounds good to me. So he would cheat with my charrie?))

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((Yeah. We'd have to go from there as far as drama sense I'm making the husband and the wife for S. Amell's marriage.))

Dystan showed that he agreed. "Do you think it's because we've been sleeping together? Do you think that's why they're trying to kill us?" Drystan asked.

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rimskur ((Cool with me. Would he go for a student or a women his age?))

She furrowed her eyebrows, sending him a strange look before turning her eyes back to the road. "Why the hell would someone be trying to kill us for sleeping together? How is our sex lives the reason of our impending deaths?"

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"Well you were stilling dating Roy at first. Maybe it's a punishment thing." Drystan stated.

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rimskur She scowled, looking out the front window, "Oh, of course." Zara spat. "And I'm not the one who got cheated on?"

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"Hey it was just an option. I don't know why they're targeting us either." Drystan said calmly.

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