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(Will post pictures later: three bedrooms- Ky's, Lena's, and guestroom- two bathrooms, a kitchen, a living room, a game room, and a pool.)

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((Hmm, we might need to put a thread for locals' housing. *Places on to do list*))

Ky glanced over at his sister with arched brows. "My sweatshirt? Nope. You can't have it. It's mine." He grinned to himself and continued to drive to his house. When they finally arrived, he parked in the driveway and yawned. "I think I'm getting old or something. I get tired too easily." He was making light conversation...boring too. He turned off his car and flicked Lena in the arm before quickly getting out and racing over to his front door.

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rimskur ((Good idea. I think there are a lot of new threads we need for Metro Groversdale.))

She pouted her lips as he denied her request for his sweatshirt. It was one of her favorite items of clothing and though he denied it, she wore it quite a lot. She remembered a time where she would wear his t-shirts just because she missed him while he was off at Groversdale. Rolling her eyes at him, she closed the door behind her and sprinted after him. Since her side was closer to the front door, but he had started off sooner than her, they both reach the door at the same time. "You're staying up with me tonight." Lena demanded as she unlocked the door with her own key and led them inside.

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((Thank you and agreed))

He moved into the house behind her and flipped on all the main lights in the kitchen and living room. "But I'm tired," he complained, even though he knew quite well that he'd much rather stay up and spend time with her than get some decent sleep. He walked into the kitchen and got out all the ingredients for his tacos. He also grabbed a bottle of white wine and pulled two wine glasses from his cabinet. "Taco or nachos?" He poured the wine and handed one glass over to her. "I've got taco shells and tortilla chips. So, whatever you want to eat, let me know." He liked to toast both in the oven. It made them crunchier and better.

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rimskur She closed the door behind them, following him into the kitchen. She had only recently gotten her own dorm at Groversdale. She had lived in this house during her entire time of living on this island. She really hoped that they wouldn' t have to leave once she graduated from school. She liked living on the island. Grabbing a seat on a stool at the counter, she gratefully took the wine glass in hand. "Taco, please." Lena requested with a smile as she took a sip of her wine. A satisfied expression rest on her features as she looked up at him. "Good choice." She complimented him.

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He got out a baking sheet and placed ten taco shells on it. They tended to feast on anything they ate here. So, he knew they needed more than two. He preheated the oven and started to cook the meat. "I know my wines. I always make a good choice," he smiled at her and took a sip from his wine. "Do you want blood cake for dessert? I can add some strawberries in there too." He drank some more of his wine and went back to cooking. The meat didn't take very long to cook. He shredded some cheese after the oven went off, and he put the shells in there.

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rimskur She loved watching him cook. It gave her a sense of normalcy seeing her older brother do such a measly task. Well, for him it was easy. She could never cook to save her life. She always wondered how Ky had learned to do so without their parents around. A cook book? Online recipies? Or were tacos just something everyone knew how to make? She swung her legs, daintily taking another sip of her wine. "Blood cake with strawberries. You know me perfectly." Lena smiled happily, waving her glass.around bfore pulling it to her lips again.

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"Of course I do," he said while mixing the cake batter. "I have to work tomorrow. I'm not really excited about that. I mean, I love my job, but I don't like morning shifts." He tossed a strawberry over to her and finished up with the tacos. "Make your tacos. I'm going to make the cake. Don't take all the meat this time or you're going to have to cook next time." He chopped up some strawberries and mixed in some blood while the cake was put in the oven.

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rimskur She swallowed her drink quickly, slipping off of the stool to join him at the counter. "How is it anyway? Your job?" Lena asked, leaning over to grabthe strawberry he tossed her. Placing it in between her teeth, she didn't bite into it until she gathered the materials she wanted for her taco. Tossing aside the leaves, she began pouring meat, cheese, and some vegetables inside of her taco. "Is that satisfactory for you?" She held up her taco,.maing sure she didn't add to much meat this time.

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"It's pretty fun. I meet some cool people each day. The music is bumping. I keep buying black lights for the game room. You should go check it out. I added three more today." He took a strawberry for himself. "I got shit faced last weekend with one of the girls that works there. That was fun. Oh, I bought you a shirt, but I don't know if you'll like it. It was meant to be sort of a joke." He looked at her taco and grinned. "Yes, that satisfies me." He made his own taco and joined her at the table to eat with her.

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rimskur She nodded her head along, happy that he was content with his job. It hurt to think of him with other girls, but reminded herself to push the thought away. She was surprised when she found out he was working at the store. But really, it was the type of things he liked. Rolling her eyes, she perched herself on the counter, holding a strawberry in one hand and her wine glass in the other. Without thinking, Lena reached forward and bit out of the strawberry in his hand. Shrugging her shoulders, she chewed slightly before swallowing with a smirk. "Depends on what's on the shirt."

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It would be wise to say that he paid no mind to her eating his strawberry. It would be wise to say that he got 'frustrated' it and 'yelled' at her for it like any normal brother would do. Except, that wasn't the case. He couldn't stop replaying it in his head. Her lips wrapped around his strawberry...It was enough to make any guy excited in the jeans, but for goodness sakes! It was his fucking sister. So, he wiped his hands on a napkin and drank a lot of wine. He wouldn't look at her because he was still freaking out. "Uh, something about having boobs so people will give you free stuff. It's on your bed."

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rimskur Reaching over the counter while he looked away, she poured more wine into her glass, filling it up again. She had no desire to emain sober tonight. Perhaps if she snuck a few drinks in during the night, she would be ablt to drink herself to sleep. But lately, ever since she was cursed, she would either be kept up all night with pounding thoughts in her mind, or she would be fantasizing of her brother in bed with her in her dreams. She adjusted the strap of her tank top, as if peeking down at herself with a nod of agreement. "People to tend to give me a lot of free stuff." Lenamulled over it as she took another long sip of her wine.

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He tried to think of any hot girl he had ever met or ever slept with. Love popped back into his head as just a hot teacher, but she wasn't a teacher to him anymore. Perhaps, because she seemed so innocent, he could be her teacher this time. Then, the idea of getting drunk again with the girl that he usually worked with came into his head, and he wondered why he hadn't tried to score with her or anything. Finally, the image of Lena eating that strawberry left his head and was replaced by other beautiful women 'eating' something else of his. He snapped his gaze over at her, almost coldly. "I don't like that. Are you letting guys see or do stuff to you just so you can get free stuff or what? You know that I have money and will gladly get you whatever you want. Don't let guys take advantage of you, and don't take advantage of their hormones either."

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rimskur Her eyebrows raised as she sipped her drink, almost amused by her reaction. This conversation literally took place every time they saw each other. He would grow defensive over her interactions with other males, sometimes ones that she hadn't done anything but spoken to. It was really starting to annoy her these days. She was old enough to no longer have a watch dog over her if she decided she wanted to hook up with some one. "It's mutual. They know what their in for. But I'm sure your familiar with that though." Lena alluded, hopping off of the counter with her glass, awaiting whatever argument he had.

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"Whoa! Hold on just a minute!" He frowned and stood up as well. "What the fuck are you saying, Lena?" The timer started to beep, letting him know that they cake was done. He ignored it out of anger and wonder. "You think I'm like that, huh? You think I just go around and give girls free shit or something because they have a nice rack. You are putting me under the same category as all those slime balls? Or what? What are you trying to imply?" His hands were balled into fists but not because he had any intention on hitting her. They both knew he wouldn't, but he wasn't against punching a wall or something. It wouldn't be the first time.

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rimskur She didn't regret what she said. She felt that she needed to say these things. While she could never admit her feelings for him, or that his crazy ex-girlfriend had cursed her, she felt he could learn a half truth at least. Her cheeks flamed as she set her glass down on the counter, the liquid waving back and forth in the clear glass. Standing right up in front of him, they were nose to nose as they argued. "You suck face with skanks and fuck random girls that aren' t even worth your time. They don't even deserve to be looked at by you." She pushed her hands against his chest, putting a bit of pressure behind her hands and making him move back as she stepped forward.

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As soon as he saw the glass smack down on the counter, he knew it was on. The argument would progress, and even if they both made valid points, Lena seemed to win more. This time was different, though. They were so close. It was very intimidating. Her words stung, but he tried not to flinch or anything and give her that satisfaction. Okay. Maybe he did kiss a lot of girls that would be described as "skanks"...and he did fuck a few random girls. Her last sentence made him wonder if they were arguing about them each being whores themselves or if they were arguing about how the other deserved better than what they were receiving. He took a step back each time she took a step forward. His expression changed slightly but was still angry. "Oh, but all these fucking pricks of yours deserve to be looked at by you?" Hmm, yeah. It sounded like they were arguing about how the other deserved better. Dammit. Why was she so angry about it? He was angry too, though.

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rimskur Ther argument was taking a new direction now. It was strange though as they seemed to be stressing the point that they deserved better yet they were still yelling at each other. She was angry. Angry that he was having fun with that girl who worked with him. Angry that he refused to let her live her life like she wanted to. Angry that Alaine put this stupid curse on her. Angry that her brother wouldn' t love her back the way she wanted him to. "I'm not some prize Ky. I'm just as low as them. I don't have a personality. I'm a terrible, rude person. I lie about fake friends I make. I have nothing going for me." Lena shook her head. What was her life going to be like when she graduated? "I've given up on finding love. It's lost for me, but're better."

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And just like that, his anger was gone. His face fell, and he stopped moving back. "Lena..." In a way, he agreed that she wasn't some prize, but he wasn't thinking the way she was thinking. He just thought that she wasn't something that could be won and owned. She was a prize, in the way she was talking, in his eyes. He wondered how none of the good guys had shown up and swept her off her feet. She was his favorite person. "You are pretty terrible and rude, yeah, but that doesn't mean you don't have a personality. It's okay that you don't have friends yet because I know you're going to make some." He wanted to hug her, but she was still simmering. He didn't want to risk it. "Don't you ever give up on finding love. Any guy would be lucky to be with you. I'm not better. We're in the same boat, and that's okay. I'd rather be in the boat with you anyways." He gave a half smile.

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rimskur Her shoulders slumped sadly as she knew he would neber recognize the point of her confession. He didn't know of hownintense her feelings were for him. How being this close to him made her want to reach her arms aeound his neck and kiss him senseless. She wanted him so badly that it made sense for her to love him. She felt her anger slowly fading. It was dimming down for her purposes but it would always be there, ready to be flamed again when the event arrived. Or perhaps even this converstion came up again. "You don't understand." Lena muttered to herself. Ne would never understand. Not telling him was probably the most selfless thing she had ever done in her kife. Or it appeared that ay to her. "I hope you won't be saying that when we're both wrinkled and stuck in a retirment home." Lena slipped up and allowed a small smile to rise on her lips. Things would be okay for now.

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((Dang it. You know what I just realized? That they were turned when he was eleven, but they have aged since then. Ugh. I don't feel like changing it.))

He wondered if there was more to this argument just because it sort of didn't make sense that they had been so angry about something sort of sweet. She looked sad. He didn't know if they were bonding right now and were about to watch some romantic comedy to cry and laugh together at. He wouldn't be entirely against that. He heard her muttered comment but didn't speak up about it. He figured that if he was right about there being more to the argument, which seemed very likely with that comment, that she would possibly talk about it when she was ready since she was bold enough to speak up. He took the opportunity to hug her when he saw that she wasn't angry. "We're vampires, dear. We don't have to worry about ugly wrinkles, and we have eternity to find love or just chill together." A smoky smell raised to his nose, and he looked over to his oven. "Shit!" He ran over, turned the oven off, and pulled out their burnt cake. "Fuck...Well, I hope you didn't really want cake..." He sighed and threw the burnt mess away.

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rimskur ((Haha, I forgot about that. And she would be six when she was turned.))

It wasn't fair what hadbeen done to her, but she was lesrning to live with it. It was extremely difficult when being around her brother for so long or when he would sporadically wrap his arms around her in a deep embrace. She loved hugging him. It was an intimate gesture she was allowed to do with him without appearing as though she really just wanted to mash their lips together. Her arms hung loosely around his frame as he hugged her, her head resring on his chest. She could heard his heartbeat loudly even without having to touch her ear to his chest. It was comfortable for her and soothedher frazzled nerves as their hug tightened. She felt the same cold shiver, only much stronger than before, when they hugged. She quickly retreated when he noticed the burning cake. Today felt like a new step had been taken in their relationship. "Well,that sucks. I really liked your blood cakes." Lena murmured looking at the burnt cake in the trash. Shrugging her shoulders, she returned to her wine glass, taking a long sip.

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((Hahah, if someone asks about it, I'll change it.))

He, too, had felt the weird shiver, but again, he didn't voice anything about it to her. "This may sound self centered of me, but I love my blood cakes too. They're so delicious." He scratched his chin and looked around for something to substitute the cake, but all he had was tacos. That didn't really sound good to him. "We could still eat the blood strawberries." He pulled two bowls out of the cabinet and poured them both some strawberries. He gave her more, though just because he tried to pamper her in ways when she'd let him. Speaking of which, "I was thinking about taking you shopping after I get off work tomorrow. I'll buy you whatever you want." He had felt bad for not helping her with her room in decorating it and buying the decorations. So, to make it up to her, and have an excuse to shop, he was going to spoil her.

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rimskur Her fingers dwindled on the uneaten tacos she had left on her plate. Their food had lay forgotten when they had been too wrapped up in their own argument. It didn't look as appealing anymore, but she knew that she shouldn't waste it. Besides it was Ky's cooking. He was an incredible cook. She loved mixing the two things together, srawberries and blood. She loved adding cake in there as well, but now they couldn't. "Whatever I want?" Lena questioned with a raise of her eyebrows. This could five her the chance to buy a few things she was hesitant about before. He had money, but she didn't want him to waste it on stupid things she may have wanted to boy on a whim. "When do you get off work?" Sne asked, taking her bowl from him, quickly inspecting the strawberries inside.

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He sat back down and poured more wine into his glass. He looked at the bottle with narrowed eyes and inspected it. He slowly allowed a sly grin to tickle his lips. So, his sister was sneaking wine, huh? He thought about calling her out on it to see what her reaction would be like. Instead, he stayed silent and bit into his taco. He really didn't feel like starting another argument or anything. He chewed thoughtfully, trying to choose his words carefully to her question. Once his mouth was empty again, he looked at her. "I forbid you from buying certain things at Spencer's, but besides that, yes. Whatever you want. I get off at four." He worked at Spencer's. He knew what was there: naughty and sexy things that she definitely did not need to own.

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rimskur She picked up her taco eventually and took a bite out of it. As usual, it tasted incredible with perfectly cooked meat, cheese, and veggies. She might just come here every night for dinner. It wasn' t like the school had anything against going into town after school hours. Was there? She didn't know. But she loved this house, loved her brother, and she wanted to come here every night. She schewed as she raised her wine glass, prepared to drink after she swallowed. The burn was always there when she first drank, but eventually it just faded away. She took a long sip, taking his hand with her unoccuppied hand and leading him out to the living room where the TV was, all of their food crowded in their hands. ""I could just go back and buy those things from my own money when you're not working." Lena smirked. Sne knew he wouldn't like what she said. That was the point though. Even after hearing about everything she did, he still thought of her as a little girl.

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((Special breed that allowed them to temporarily age for an unknown reason))

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((Thank you, dear
Slightly short post. Sorry!!))

He allowed her to lead him into the living room. He frowned at her and held tightly onto her hand, stopping her in her tracks. "I don't know why you're like this, Lena. Why do you always have to say these things that you know will upset me? Huh? Do you like to upset me?" He set his plate down on an end table, took hers, and set it next to his. He grabbed her other hand to make her look at him. He wasn't being rough, but he was being stern so she would listen and answer him. "Do you like to make me angry and worried and sad?" He didn't understand that.

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rimskur ((It's good.))

She frowned as he pulled her back. The point was it for him to realize that she wasn't a little girl anymore. Not to make him upset. She set her plate and glass down on the table, a scowl setting itself on her features as she turned to look at him. Her other hand was sternly pulled into his hands. "I think it's time for it to get through your thick head that I'm not a little girl anymore. I'll be eighteen in a few weeks. And I'm your sister, so stop trying to act like your my father." Lena finally answered him, a deeply annoyed expression on her face. He knew how moody she could be and on a day like this, she appeared to snap at him more often with scathing remarks.

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"But you're not eighteen yet, and you'll always be my little sister no matter what," he matched her scowl. Of course they would get into another argument. It seemed like they had been arguing a lot since Alaine left. There were a lot of things different between them since the breakup. Maybe he was the bitter one, but he felt like she always started it. "I don't act like your father. I act like your big brother. It's my job to take care of you and try to steer you away from trouble." He let go of her hands and snatched his plate back up, going to put it in the kitchen. He wasn't hungry, and he was no longer feeling social.

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rimskur Her cheeks were heated as she literally just wanting to pull his hair out. He was so frustrating! She gritted her teeth together, snatching her hands as soon as he let go. "Five years! We're only five years apart. I'm not little." She cried out to him, not bothering to follow him into the kitchen. She couldn't take any more drama with Ky anymore. "Well, you have fun with that. Because you just put yourself in a shit load of trouble." Lena scowled deeply, stalking off to her room in a path of anger. A loud slam signalled the closing of her door. As soon as she entered her room, she threw open one of her drawers and cut through the hidden area below one of the drawers. Under the side she had tapped a few fake ID's.

((I've got an idea, I think...))

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((What's the idea??? :O ))

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rimskur ((She could sneak off to the bar. While in the middle of a hook up, he finds her. They have a big, scary fight, but it ends on a good note. She could end up falling asleep in his bedroom out of exhaustion or something?))

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((Merrrrrrr, I like it.))

He frowned at his kitchen like it had started it all. He wrapped up all the food they had left out and his taco. Then, he arranged the fridge around and put everything inside. He had accidentally knocked a few things of the shelves of his fridge and caused them to crash down on the floor because he was so angry, he wasn't being gentle or careful with anything. He groaned loudly and kicked an apple across the kitchen that had fallen. He slammed the fridge's door and heard a few other things clank around and make banging noises as they fell. He didn't bother with cleaning up. His room was right beside the kitchen, being the closest room in the house to get to. ((view spoiler)) He didn't slam his door like Lena had. Instead, he left it open but slammed his bathroom door closed when he went inside. He was muttering to himself and having imaginary arguments with Lena. Why can't she just let me protect her and love her? It's like she hates me and blames me for every problem in the world.

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rimskur ((Any of your guys interested for a booty call or should we just make up a guy?))

She staggered to the floor as she lay the four cards down. Each had her face on them, but the ages and dates of birth too. Tonight, she would be twenty three year Jane Wilson. She picked the specified card up and dug it into her pocket before tapping up the other three under her drawer. She mentally reminded herself to snatch those back once she got back and take them back to her dorm with her. Huffing, she closed the door and peered at herself in the mirror. Her shorts were fine, so she just lowered the neck line of her top. Twisting her curly locks around her face, she slipped on her shoes and padded to the window. It would be cold outside, so she snatched up a jacket on her way. Attempting to be quiet, she unlocked thr hatch and opened both windows. Climning onto a stool and then the window sill, she easily jumped down onto the grassy floor.

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((Actually, heheh, Death is still sleeping with everyone...if you're interested. Or Norlem.))

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rimskur ((Lol, either is fine. Surprise me!))

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((All right! I'm going to wait and post Ky after they've started ;) ))

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rimskur ((To the bar!!))

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((Heh, this is gunna be fun))

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Ky walked into his house as soon as they arrived. She still looked like she was in a lot of pain. He was pretty tired from walking all over the town and fighting Norlem. So, he just took her into his room, since it was the closest room, and sat her on his bed. He rummaged through his dresser and tossed her his sweatshirt that she seemed to love so much. "Um, I'll just," he scratched the back of his head, "I'll just sleep on the couch..." He turned and moved towards the door.

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rimskur She muffled herself to a few sniffles as they returned to their house. Her body was shivering from the dropping temperatures. All of her clothing had been left behind in the alley way leaving her to travel back home in next to nothing. She was given a degree of some warmth as they entered their house and into Ky's bedroom. She rolled over and underthe blankets to warm herself and remained silent as she was tossed his sweatshirt. Feebly sitting up, she slipped it over her head and down her body. "I'm not going to attack you, Ky. Please, sleep in here with me?" Lena requested, her voice soft.

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His hand grasped onto the doorknob as soon as her soft voice rang in his ears. Damn that soft voice. It had this hypnotizing effect on him that caused him to cave into a lot of things. If she ever wanted something when she was younger and actually asked for it instead of arguing with him about it, she'd use that sweet voice. He would get her three of what she wanted. He still felt awful about their fights and about how he had technically caused her injury, even though he wasn't the one who punched her. He also felt awful about the things he thought while carrying her to his house, her beautiful body in its half naked glory. He cringed and looked back at her. With a swallow, he released the doorknob and moved into the bed. He was on his back, looking up at the ceiling.

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rimskur ((Are we going to have them fight or...?))

Her piercing eyes watched his movements as he stopped by the door. She swallowed, her breathing hitching in her throat as he made his decision. Now that she was clothed again, the realozation came over her. She had been carried home by her brother almost naked after he caught her attempting to have sex in the middle of a dirty alley way. That was progress is anything, she decided. It was definitely not the way to go at the situations, but se really didn't give a shit anymore. She smiked softly, but it quickly turned into a wince as her jaw clenched. It would heal soon, she hoped. As her brother moved into the bed with her, she turned to her side and stared up at him with a curious expression. "Are you mad at me?" Lena questioned, announcing the thought she had been mulling over on her walk to the Toxic Cauldron.

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((Maybe they should give the fighting a rest for the day? The poor things have gone through so much))

He frowned at the spot on his ceiling. If that was water damage, he was going to have a hissy fit. He tried not to focus on the discoloration of his ceiling as he heard her voice again. His frown dissolved into something unreadable, even to him. He turned his head and met her gaze. Even if he was still angry about their fights and the fact that he caught her behind a bar with some stranger while having sex, he wasn't going to let her in on that completely. He didn't feel like fighting anymore. "I think I'm mad at your age. I just...I just wish that I could go back and change things. Maybe put a brick on your head so you wouldn't grow up." It was an old joke he had heard while Lena was just a small child. He laughed sadly and sighed. "You're not a little girl anymore. I should have listened to you, but I want you to understand that I only want the best for you. I'm the one who took care of you when our parents died, Lena. I don't want you to get hurt, and tonight, you did. Maybe...maybe I should have just left and let you continue what you were doing with that...guy, but," he swallowed and looked at the ceiling again, "I couldn't. I couldn't just leave, knowing that you were being touched by some guy behind the bar...I couldn't."

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rimskur ((Alrighty, lol. There's a lot we can do with them anyway *winks*))

She breathed in familiar scent, the color returning to her features as she warmed herself in his sweatshirt. She wrapped his blanket around her body tightly, her legs tucking up below her. It was like sitting in a cloud. The fabric was so soft. Her arms wrapped across her chest as if she were still naked. The image on Ky's face as he walked into the alley was burned in her mind and she never wanted to see him so angry again. She knew it qaa her fault that he lookws like that. She didn't want to make him mad. She just wanted to prove her point to him. Her lips presssed together as her brother turned his head and looked her in the eyes. He seemed exhausted, annoyed, ready to give up. It was a mixture of emotions she didn't quite like seeing on his face either. And it was always her fault. Her lips rose slightly at his joke, her eyes flickering to her hands peeking out of the sleeves of the sweatshirt. Her chest clenched as he continued speaking, making her look up at him with surprise. "Why? I mean...I've walked in on you and some of your...girls before. He wasn't raping me or anything." Lena innocently asked.

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He felt a sudden feeling wash over him, one of guilt and sickness. She had seen him with other girls, and honestly, that didn't make him feel too good about himself. He didn't like seeing her even kiss guys. He wondered if she hated seeing him with girls. Maybe it was just that want to protect your siblings from harm or something like that... He scrunched his nose and sighed. "I'm sorry about that. I know I'm a freaking man whore. I'm just sort of taking the whole breakup thing with Alaine hard. Like, whatever. I don't care that she left me. If she can't handle the fact that I'll always love you more, then screw her. I'm just not good at being single. It's a foreign feeling. Maybe, if I can be good enough in bed for some girl, she'll want me as just more than a one night stand or a booty call." He pinched the bridge of his nose. "That doesn't matter right now, though. Lena..." He turned and faced her completely. "I want you to be happy and with someone that will treat you like a fucking queen. I...I don't want you to be miserable...and I don't want you to be with any of the guys that you choose or the guys that choose you. I'm starting to think that I don't want you to be with anyone, but that's selfish, isn't it?"

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She could see this conversation going in several directions. They coukd fight and argue about who was right and who was wrong. They would blame each other for mistakes of their own, for events that had been out of their own control. They tended to berate themselves more than they needed to. But it really was a habit needed to be shooken. Her self esteem had dropped quickly in the past couple of months. Especially after Alaine. It was hard to live and act normal around Ky after the events went down with her, but she had to live with it. Cursed forever. She could take advatage of it and use it to make a better relationship with her brother that wasn't based off of any romantic feelings but just ones a sibling had towards the other. Or she could draw herself away and snap at strings she still had remaining with her brother instead of attempting to mend all the broken ones. "I want you to be happy, Ky. A girl shouldn't have to only like you because you were good enough in bed. You deserve better than that." Her expression darkened considerably at the mention of all things bad happening recently in her life. Alaine. Her breathing quickened as did her heart beat and she knew that Ky would notice the change. She tried to cover it up with a rough cough, but it was too late. "I'm not miserable. I'm fine, really." Lena stumbled with her words.

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He wasn't so sure about that, him deserving better. Maybe he just felt sorry for himself, but he thought that he deserved what he was getting. Lena, on the other hand? She deserved everything she wanted and more. He inspected her like she was a science experiment. Had he angered her? It seemed like that was the only thing he was good at doing now. His expression changed slowly into something softer and wondrous. Maybe she was angry, but there was something else there too. What was it? He arched a brow at the cough and squinted one eye at her. " look more miserable than I've felt since my breakup. In fact, ever since my breakup, you've looked more miserable than me. You've actually kind of changed in your personality...Did she say something to you? Alaine? Did Alaine say something to you after she dumped me?" His brows furrowed. How had he not thought of that? She had dumped him because he had chosen Lena over her. Of course she would probably say something to Lena. Maybe that was why she had such a short-fused temper now and looked dreadfully upset at the world.

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