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──── decently sized, dante's household is composed of two bedrooms, one medium sized bathroom, a living room, a kitchen, and a dining room that he's fashioned into his personal workspace. the house itself is in disarray and dante isnt great at maintaining himself so his surroundings typically reflect that.

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Justin checked the small piece of paper he was given before he left for his new mentor's house. Address is correct. He shifted his duffle bag on his shoulder and set his other bag down before knocking on the door nervously, licking his lips.

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There was a distinct possibility that Dante had forgotten that today was in fact Tuesday and not Monday. Now that would be normal had he no particular event scheduled for Tuesday. But Dante did have an event scheduled for Tuesday. He had planned to clean, to maybe shave the scruff along his jawline, to make some food. He had done none of the above in preparation for his new roommate, or rather, his new apprentice.

So when the knock sounded on the door, Dante found himself in a state of alarm. Who could it have been? No one visited on Mondays. Grocery hauls were on Wednesdays. Weekly papers were on Sundays. How long ago had he received the weekly papers actually? At least two days right? So today was Mond-... Tuesday. "Shit" he grumbled, approaching the door and opening it with the faintest bit of apprehension.

Looking the boy up and down once, he wasn't much. He was cute really. Dante couldn't help but wonder if the kid even shaved yet. But then he realized that he himself didn't shave much, so that was an invalid argument. ".. Hey" he said, voice near monotone. He stepped aside, gesturing for Justin to come into the dimly lit apartment.

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Justin offered Dante a shy smile. "Hi," he replied before hesitantly stepping into the apartment. His heart felt like it was going a mile a minute, he even felt a little dizzy. All he could think about was not acting too weird. Make a good impression.

Justin scanned the apartment and immediately felt at home. His house had always been in complete disarray since his father was never home. He almost felt relieved at the sight.

"Oh, er, I'm Justin, by the way!" He quickly wiped any sweat that might be on his hand onto his jeans and held it out. "You're, uh, new apprentice... I guess." He furrowed his eyebrows and looked at the ground awkwardly for a minute. "But you probably knew that."

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First impressions weren't really Dante's strong suit. He followed Justin in and stumbled over a toolkit, nearly falling face first into the mess of spare parts and newspapers. But he caught himself, clearing his throat as he took Justin's hand and shook it firmly.

"Yeah, I figured but.. Didn't think you were comin till Tuesday. Turns out today is actually Tuesday" he released his grip, awkwardly brushing a hand through his hair. "You can just.. set your stuff wherever. I was gonna clean but like I said - thought today was not Tuesday. The name's Dante. You can call me "D" or.. Dante." he explained, idly beginning to pick things up and put them in boxes.

At one point he was organized pretty well... Not anymore.

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Justin's smile grew a little bit when he realized that he already liked him. Don't act weird, don't act weird. "Oh, uh, no, don't worry about that! I, uh... my house is always like this so it's kind of nice... actually." He awkwardly looked around before setting his stuff down next to a wall. "I get the days mixed up all the time, too, so no worries," he chuckled and shoved his hands into his pockets.

Without realizing, he looked Dante up and down and licked his lips. Don't act weird, don't act weird, don't act weird.

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Dante shoved his hands into his pockets as well and slowly nodded, a silence settling between them as he thought of what to say next, studying Justin. He was cute. Young, a fresh face in the industry. That was hopeful. But Dante was still suspicious. He wanted to trust Justin - but that's what worried him most. You couldn't trust anyone here.

When he realized he'd been staring he turned on a heel a little too fast, pointing into the direction of the spare room, "Right so, there's uh... Your room." he approached and opened the door, gesturing in. It was clean compared to the rest of the house. Mostly empty aside from the twin that sat against the far wall with the dresser and a little desk with a table lamp.

"You can do what you want with it, just don't have wild orgies past midnight, the neighbors can be assholes." he tried to joke but he was obviously quite nervous. He didn't know how long he'd be living with this kid - he figured that if they didn't at least tolerate each other, it'd suck for the both of them.

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<< in case you were wondering about his fashion sense
it's either unnecessarily formal -
casually formal -
or absolute trash -

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Justin stumbled after Dante and peered into his room. He'd definitely have to add some posters and color in here. He nodded and looked back up, offering a nervous laugh. Me, having an orgy? Funny. "You won't have to worry about that," he chuckled while rubbing the back of his neck.

He wanted to say more to Dante, create some kind of bond, but he was terrified at the thought of Dante not liking him. And he didn't even want to think of the idea that Dante might not be one of the good guys. What if they sent me here to keep an eye on me? What if I make a wrong move and they do exactly what they did to my mom?

"Well, uh, thanks for the room and everything. I'll, uh, stay out of your way the best I can. But, um, what are you gonna be teaching me?" His curiosity peeked and he momentarily forgot about staying quiet and not scaring anybody off.

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Dante stared down at him and raised his brows as he rubbed his arm anxiously, thinking for a moment, "... What I know" he offered up with a weak shrug. "How to build stuff, what you should know. But uh.. you can't tell anyone what goes on in this apartment. I'm sure you know the law and all but, don't say a thing." he explained. Though he didn't seem threatening. Just wary.

He cleared his throat, glancing back, "There's food in the fridge, just eat when you want to. Nothins really off limits cept might my guitar - just ask to use that first." he added. He wasn't great at ground rules but he highly doubted that Justin would be very troublesome. He looked clumsy and nervous. But then again, Dante did too. And he could be a hand full.

<< ty ty donald glover is a lovely creature.

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Justin rose his eyebrows, his interest peeked even more than before. "Yeah, yeah, right, of course." He held himself back from prying more. Dante interested him more than any other person he'd met; he wanted to know every tiny detail about this guy. It was taking everything in him not to burst with millions of questions.

Maybe I can go snooping at some point. "Mhm, you play guitar?" Justin silently cursed himself for asking another question. Dante obviously didn't want to talk anymore. He bit the inside of his cheek and looked down to hide a blush.

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He certainly wasn't annoyed by Justin's curiosity but the expression on his face remained just about the same - leveled and unenthusiastic. Even though in reality, he was actually excited to finally have someone to talk to. He wasn't often allowed outside of the apartment. He was settled in tier two because tier one would give him too much freedom and people would grow suspicious on the high tier.

He rarely got to go out to smoke or drink or just say hi to someone on the streets. He nodded though, glancing back towards his room, "Gets kinda boring around here when I'm not doin orders. I write songs sometimes, play for myself." he explained, leaning against the wall.

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Justin couldn't help but grin when Dante answered his question. He was used to people telling him to fuck off [[ is the f-word allowed oops ]] the second he started talking. "Really? What do you write songs about? I tried writing songs on the piano a few years ago but I was really no good. My sister even told me that I had absolutely zero talent, but it's okay cause she's my sister and I know she means well but she was totally right about the zero talent musically." Justin quickly closed his mouth when he realized how much he'd been talking. "Uh, sorry, got a little carried away."

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Dante listened to him and shook his head, ".. It's fine. And you can't be good at somethin if you don't work at it. So she's probably wrong. I write songs about.. stuff. Relationships I've never had" he let out a distant chuckle, hollow but most certainly there.

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Justin was surprised at the last comment. How on Earth has this guy never been in a relationship before? Justin did another scan of Dante; he was very attractive and mysterious, Justin tried to ignore the attraction he was feeling. He noticed his mouth hanging open and quickly closed it, clearing his throat. "Well, uh, yeah, maybe I'll give music another shot... At some point... If I find the time."

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Dante stood there silently for a moment before nodding slowly. "Well then I'll teach you how to play sometime" he said as though it were concrete, as though he weren't really giving Justin a choice in the matter.

He turned and walked into the kitchen, letting his jacket fall from his shoulders and somewhere onto the floor. He was wearing a white t shirt below. "You hungry kid?" he asked, rummaging through the fridge.

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Justin's heart skipped a beat and he grinned again. He also shrugged off his jacket and tossed it on the ground of his new room before scurrying after Dante. "Uh, yeah!" he replied as he eyed Dante in his white t-shirt. Stop, you're being ridiculous. "I'll eat pretty much anything. Do you need help?"

Justin glanced around for something to do, feeling uncomfortable just standing there and watching Dante get food out of the fridge. He shoved his hands back in his pockets and rocked back and forth.

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He got out supplies for sandwiches. He hoped the kid didn't have a peanut allergy because this was about all he ate. Along with some extras here and there. He wasn't very high maintenance. "uh... Nah, just stand there and be pretty" he muttered casually, not quite catching his own words until he had his back turned to Justin and he was smearing peanut butter over wheat bread.

Did you just fucking flirt with him you god damn idiot? he thought to himself, eyes wide. You did. You just fucking flirted with him. his jaw tensed and he felt his cheeks heating up. Silence fell over them again.

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Justin felt his cheeks heat up and his heart skipped another beat. Stay calm. Oh my god just stay calm. He licked his lips and racked his brain for something to say. Be smooth. "Good thing that comes easily," he answered as he sat down. That was so stupid.

He fiddled with his thumbs under the table while hiding a smile. He took another look around the apartment to distract himself.

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"I'll bet" he muttered and hoped Justin hadn't heard. He wasn't the greatest at keeping his mouth shut either. He finished the first sandwich and cut it into two symmetrical triangles, doing the same with the second.

The apartment was dimly lit but now as "night" approached, or more specifically, as the night cycle approached, the lights from outside became an odd shade of cyan. The monitors against the wall all displayed different things. Some were orders he had to finish up, others songs from the internet. Though overall there was nothing particularly off about the living room. Aside from the lack of a couch.

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Justin perked up a little when he could have sworn Dante said, "I'll bet." He waved the idea away, there's no way he would have said that. He just didn't hear correctly, obviously. Justin picked up half of his sandwich and looked sadly down at it. Just how Mom used to cut them. He took a bite into it and looked at one of the monitor screens which held an order.

"You like your job?" he asked through a mouthful of food. He realized it was a bit of a personal, random question to be asking, but he couldn't help it.

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Dante leaned against the counter and took a bite, shrugging as he thought for a moment. "The way I look at it - I could have it a lot worse." he explained vaguely. He didn't hate his job. But there were definitely times he felt like he could like it a lot more. Like if he weren't working for the government, a massive organization that aimed to keep the poor poor and the rich rich, masquerading behind that self righteous motto. "Bringing Light into the Dark" or something like that.

Dante thought it was bullshit but he didn't say anything about it. There was still the lingering possibility that Justin wasn't to be trusted. He'd stand by it for a little while longer.

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Justin nodded, he should have expected Dante's somewhat vague answer. He wanted so badly to peel every layer to find out all of his secrets. Slowly, Justin felt himself becoming more and more comfortable in his presence, more like he could be himself and not the quiet dork he invented at school. Which was strange because Justin felt like he didn't know Dante in the slightest.

"Sometimes I worry that what I'm doing is helping them hurt other people." He immediately winced at his honesty. He could get in trouble for saying that. He glanced around nervously then up at Dante's face for a reaction. "Forget I said that... Just thinking out loud."

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Dante's eyes widened as he stared at Justin. Agents didn't do things like that. If Justin were an agent he would have spent more time trying to talk up the government rather than openly questioning it.

He swallowed and glanced back at the monitors. That kind of talk could get them both killed. But he knew the place wasn't bugged. He'd checked multiple times. So he stared at Justin, slowly nodding in agreement.

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Justin cleared his throat, trying to find some way to change the subject. "I, uh... like... you're apartment," he said awkwardly while shoving more sandwich into his mouth. "It's cozy, reminds me of home... and stuff."

This is why people hated you in school, Justin. He slowly chewed and swallowed, staring fixedly at a scratch on the table and praying for Dante to not curse him out.

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Dante glanced around and shrugged, shaking his head, "I don't" he said honestly, finishing up his own sandwich and walking over to the sink to clean his dish. "It's pretty shitty. You're right. It's a shitty job. It's better to pretend you aren't helpin em. There's nothin I can do about it. Weapons are for hurting people, regardless of who uses em" he sighed to himself quietly.

The ironic part about all of this, he found, was that he was a pacifist. Wouldn't hurt a fly if his life depended on it.

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It was Justin's turn for his eyes to widen. He glanced out the window as if he were expecting agents to burst through with guns blazing. He swallowed and looked back up at Dante with a curious expression on his face. "How do you know there's nothing you can do about it? Have you ever tried?"

He stood up and walked next to Dante, his arm brushing against him as he also washed off his plate. He tried to ignore the tingles that ran up his arm upon just grazing Dante.

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Dante shivered at the contact and shook his head, "I haven't" he admitted, gripping the edge of the counter and staring into the sink.

He stepped to the side to give him a little space, biting his lip. "We shouldn't talk about this right now, right here." he added, glancing back towards the monitors. They needed a more private place for those conversations. Even if the apartment wasn't bugged, speaking about it openly was risky.

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Justin nodded, licking his lips and turning to lean against the counter. "Er, right... sorry... got carried away again..." He looked out the window again and thought about the possibility of this all being a trap. What if Dante was here to test Justin? What if he was sent away just like his mom was? Would that even be so bad?

He pushed himself away from the counter towards the monitors, gazing down at them curiously. What were these weapons used for? All of the questions racing through his head were making him feel a little dizzy.

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Dante furrowed his brows and suddenly turned to him, placing a hand on Justin's shoulder. "Aight lesson one homes, no sayin sorry got it? Quit apologizing for bein yourself. Got it? Good" his hand lingered there just a bit longer than it probably should have and settled between his shoulder blades. Jeez, the kid was pretty well built.

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Justin's stomach flipped over and he shivered a little under Dante's touch. "I, uh... sorry, I'll stop apologizing." He winced when he realized that he apologized again. He really couldn't help it, not after apologizing his whole life for who he was. After he found out he was going to be an apprentice and live with someone new, he completely freaked. He thought he'd finally escaped people constantly judging him after he graduated but then he had to be sent into a stranger's home for who knows how long. But Dante was nothing like how he pictured.

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Dante stared at him and sighed quietly, shaking his head, ".. We'll work on that" he decided finally before letting go and walking over to his monitors. "You wanna catch some z's? I don't know when you sleep but it's not like we've got much of a schedule to work around here. We get orders, we get em done on time. That's pretty much all there is to it" he explained.

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Justin felt almost cold without Dante touching him anymore. He shook the feeling off and shoved his hands back into his pockets. "Uh, yeah. Sure. I'm cool with whatever," he answered. He never really slept much, not that he didn't want to, he just couldn't. But Dante didn't need to know that.

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Dante gestured towards Justin's bedroom before retreating into his own and closing the door behind him without another word. He collapsed onto his unmade bed and sighed to himself, glancing around silently. He wasn't actually tired. He didn't actually sleep at this time either. He just wanted an excuse to be alone. He hadn't socialized for so long that doing it now felt surreal and offputting, no matter how charming Justin was.

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Justin sank onto his bed and looked around the room quietly. He really, really needed to add something to this room to give it some flare. He moved to his suitcase and rummaged through it before pulling out a few pictures of him, his mom, and his little sister. He hung up all the pictures above the dresser then unpacked his clothes and books, setting the books on the table. He settled back onto his bed and looked around the room.

Good enough.

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It took about ten minutes for Dante to realize that sleep was most definitely not happening tonight. He propped himself up against the wall, his bed was far too large for one person, it was lonely and daunting. So he covered it in pillows. He strummed at his guitar, humming notes under his breath and listening to the soft shuffling from the other room.

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Justin sighed when he realized he couldn't sleep at all. Nerves of sleeping in a new bed? Maybe. He rolled out of bed and into the kitchen for a glass of water, ignoring the unsettling monitors behind him. He always felt like he was being watched.

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Dante listened close and heard him get up. So he got up too, guitar in hand as he opened the door and peered out at Justin. "... Can't sleep?" he asked. Though his expression was knowing. He could relate to that completely. It was always difficult sleeping on the second tier in general. The bumps in the night, car horns and cars zooming off in the distance had become background noise, but he would never get used to the feeling of being watched even when he was completely alone.

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Justin jumped a foot in the air and finally calmed down a bit when he saw it was Dante. He swallowed and nodded his head. "Er, yeah, just... yeah. Sorry, did I wake you?" He could tell that he hadn't been asleep, but he felt weird not asking. He set his glass of water down and looked at the guitar in his hand, his fingers itched to play it.

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Dante shook his head and stared at the ground for a moment, "Nah, I didn't go to sleep..." he glanced up at Justin and followed his gaze to the stringed instrument, holding it up, "You wanna give it a go?" he offered.

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Justin widened his eyes in surprise and licked his lips nervously. "Wouldn't want to wake up your asshole neighbors with the sound of a dying cat... cause that's probably what it would sound like if I even touched an instrument," he laughed quietly and rubbed his knuckles.

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Dante shook his head and furrowed his brows, "Kid, really, stop that. The only one who thinks that way bout you is yourself. My neighbors can suck it up. Not like they're gonna be sleepin much either" he stepped out of the room and leaned against his desk, holding the guitar out.

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Justin let out a quiet sigh before walking over. He held out a shaky hand and hesitated for a minute before taking the guitar. He held it like he thought he was supposed to and looked up at Dante for further instruction. "Y-You sure? I wouldn't want to, er, break your guitar, ya know?"

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He entertained the thought and still shrugged, "I'd probably just buy a new one. Ain't that hard to." he pointed out, watching Justin before clasping his hands together. "Go on then, give it a strum" he instructed.

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Justin nervously cleared his throat and held the guitar all the more gingerly in his hands. He gave Dante one last questioning look before strumming his thumb along the strings. It gave him a satisfying rush that he hadn't felt in a long, long time. The sound was almost angelic, he never wanted to stop strumming his thumb along the strings. What was most surprising, it didn't sound like a dying cat.

His eyes widened slightly as he stared at the guitar for a minute then up at Dante. His shocked expression soon turned into a childish grin.

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Dante watched him and found himself somewhat entranced. Maybe it was the fact that Justin would be staying here with him for an undetermined amount of time, or maybe it was just the fact that someone like Justin existed at all that made this all so damn surreal. He listened and when the kid looked up with that dorky grin plastered along his lips, Dante couldn't help but smile too, "... You okay there?" he asked.

<< frickin cutie

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Justin strummed his thumb along the strings again as his giddiness grew. "Does it always feel like this?" he asked. "Like, it sounds so pretty and it's just... I don't know how to explain it," he laughed nervously when he realized how ridiculous he probably looked. He bit back another apology for getting excited over something as silly as strumming a guitar.

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Dante nodded and gazed over the instrument, "Yeup. I mean I haven't tuned it in a while but it usually sounds like that. You uh... don't hear a lot of music nowadays" he admitted, looking away bitterly. Music was a leisure - the mid tier had no time for leisure.

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