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UNSOLVED: One specific book > YA: cave dwellers all blind. One Boy is born with sight.

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message 1: by SSabo (last edited Jun 24, 2018 05:45PM) (new)

SSabo | 5 comments Read approximately 1978 - 1981. Local author visited to discuss his book in Eureka, California.

Society lives underground in caves and navigates from point to point counting steps. Main Character is born without the horny covering over his eyes, doesn't realize he is different until he is a (young boy/teen). Once he realizes he walks from point to point outside of the prescribed way and is punished. Somehow he discovers his difference and the above-ground world. He convinces a female youth to allow him to drill a hole where the eyes are. Either she reacts badly, society reacts badly, - either way he leaves to adventure above ground. Thank you.

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SBC (essbeecee) | 989 comments This is too new but has very similar premise: Truesight. I just added it to my 'to read' list a few days ago so it came to mind immediately.

It is on a couple of 'disability in science fiction/fantasy' lists so you might find yours there?

message 3: by SSabo (new)

SSabo | 5 comments Thank you - looks interesting.

message 4: by bookel (new)

bookel | 2519 comments Might not be a match?
Journey outside by Mary Q Steele. http://www.librarything.com/work/2963...

message 5: by SSabo (new)

SSabo | 5 comments Another one to look at! In my "unknown" book, everyone in society was against the young boy and they were all born with some type of horn covering that completely covered their eyes. Now off to look for a used copy of your suggestion.

message 6: by SBC (new)

SBC (essbeecee) | 989 comments I don't know if this helps, but H.G. Wells wrote a short story called The Country of the Blind in which all the people who live in an isolated place are born with skin over their eyes. But it's about a man finding the place, rather than a child born within the society.

Maybe this was an influence on your story though?

message 7: by SSabo (new)

SSabo | 5 comments Thanks - I started this to find A book and so far have found new books!

message 8: by Gerd (new)

Gerd | 223 comments Not the one you look for, but reminded me of this one Dark Universe.

message 9: by bookel (new)

bookel | 2519 comments You indicated in the first paragraph the author is male and in California. Maybe their state library would list it?

message 10: by SSabo (new)

SSabo | 5 comments Thanks for the idea

message 11: by Kelly (new)

Kelly (khek) | 270 comments It reminds me a bit of William Sleator's The Beasties...

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bookel | 2519 comments More you can probably eliminate, that involve underground and blindness.
The lake at the end of the world by Caroline Macdonald
The Gnomids by W.C.H. Chalk
Andra by Louise Lawrence
The Beasties by William Sleator

message 13: by Rainbowheart (new)

Rainbowheart | 21140 comments It does kinda sound like Journey Outside, but I don't remember the drilling part.

message 14: by Rainbowheart (new)

Rainbowheart | 21140 comments Still looking for this one?

There's also Children in the Night, but it was pubbed way too late.

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Kris | 36590 comments Mod
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